Texas' Michael Dickson wins the Ray Guy award

Texas' Michael Dickson wins the Ray Guy award


He is legitimately our best player on offense. Kept us in games with our defense

Well, when your offense provides you with that many opportunities...

Just kidding Texas, congrats to the kid. Hell of a weapon.

Reposting but Michael Dickson's best game this season was against Texas Tech:

60 yards, fair caught at the 12 64 yards to the 11 returned for 8 to the 19 54 yards, faight caught at the 12 53 yards to the 3 29 yards to the 8 34 yards to the 1 67 yard Touchback 49 yards, fair caught at the 20 48 yards, fair caught at the 11

Average Punt - 50.9 yards Average starting field position for opponents - 12.3

And we lost. Somehow

I'm convinced Charlie Strong didn't practice special teams at all, so it makes total sense that Dicko wouldn't know.

He's winning the Heisman next year. Assuming he doesn't go pro. Do punters declare early?

Wait... So this guy didn't realize the defense can rush a punt in an attempt to block it?? His first ever punt was damn near out of the stadium because he didn't realize the "shield" was going to be heading right at him?

Why the fuck wouldn't they explain that to him before the season opener against NOTRE DAME in 2015!?

This is absolutely hysterical to me. But 4 straight for the Aussies so good job guys!

Dickson deserved it hands down this year. It’s just amazing that JK Scott, who will go down as one of the best punters in college football in the last two decades, never could win the damn award. He was absolutely butt-fucked out of it his freshman year, and I’m sure it’s because they thought he’d end up winning it at some point in his career.

Really sucks that JK never won this award. He's the best punter Alabama's ever had.

100% deserved. He was a game changer on the field.

Holton Hill was consistent

ly high.

In my own head he won the award for the Tim Beck is Gonna Lose Us Every Game Regardless of How Well The Defense Plays Anyway So I'm Just Gonna Smoke Dope and Go Pro Award.

And good for him. I'd do the same damn thing in his position.

Tim Beck


The only reason I believe this is because his special teams coach was Charlie Strong.

Nobody was winning this award over Michael Dickson. He is the Bo Jackson of punters. Unreal season

It's sad when our best offensive player was our punter...

JK had the single greatest game, I think I've ever seen a punter have that season against OSU:

53 yards returned for 0 yards to the 15 73 yards returned for 10 yards to the 20 53 yards, fair caught at the 5 59 yards, fair caught at the 23 65 yards downed on the 5 44 yards, fair caught at the 9 38 yards downed on the 5

Average Punt - 55.0 yards Average starting field position for opponent - 11.7

After the Ray Guy award was announced and they presented the trophy, Fowler mentioned how this kids first ever collegiate punt was an absolute shank in a huge game opening day against a good Notre Dame football team.

Dickson responded saying that the punt was his first ever in a competitive football game. He didn't even realize that the defense was going to send in at least a few guys to attempt to block it... He freaked when he saw guys heading right into him attempting the block and shanked it BAD.

I mean I understand the kid came from Australia and wasn't super familiar with the rules and all but you would expect he would have been told by the coaching staff that it's not just a snap and kick. The defense can and will in fact rush the punter for the block and a big play.

I laughed when I heard he didn't even know that's what occurs when you're a punter.

It's pretty rare, but Dickson will be declaring for the draft early.

I'd also put that on Sam throwing 2 picks in clutch time.

We've had a former player either on here or lhn confirm that during practice the coaches basically said "get out of the way and do your thing." Special teams were a gotdamn atrocity.

Meh not this year.

2014 though absolutely. The fact that he didn't win with his stats is insane

Sigh, there goes our streak.

Not this year he didn't. Dicko led all finalists in yards per punt, net yards per punt and # of touchbacks by big margins.

M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P!

Michael "Big Dick" Dickson showing how the Aussies do it!

Who on defense was more consistent? Poona Ford and that's it. Malik had great flashes, but not as consistent.

Same, but for Carlson and Field Goals.

Out punt the NFL as a freshman, lose Ray Guy. FeelsBadMan, may both have long successful NFL careers.

did you watch Dickson this year?

You literally just copy and pasted my own comment to me....

It’s happened like 19 times ever with kickers ever, but this may be time number 20

When he said he didn't realize the defense was going to rush, he was referring to his first kick in practice, hence the talk of the ball landing on Red River Street (the road immediately adjacent to the practice fields).

Dickson's first collegiate kick was 57 yd. bomb against ND. He knew what he was doing by then.

Just looked at his stats, incredible. Although he may have had more practice than everyone else... ;-)

It wasn’t a surprise that a special teams play is what beat them against a very good UCF squad this year