Texas Illegally Excluded Thousands From Special Education, Federal Officials Say

Texas Illegally Excluded Thousands From Special Education, Federal Officials Say

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My dad was a special education teacher, and his biggest pet peeve was the system on how someone was assigned to special ed or not. It is called an "ard"(sp?), no idea what it stood for, but he would come home after those complaining that kids who didn't need it were put in just to make them eligible to play football (gets rid of failing grades by saying they're special needs). Meanwhile kids who needed it didn't get into the programs, and he had to work around the system to help kids who needed it but couldn't get into special ed.

Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Process. My profoundly handicapped sibling attended public school in Texas. My parents had to fight for scraps of services for my sibling while parents of lazy and insolent brats got lots of services. Unfortunately, teachers are caught in the middle of the process.

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Texas got into trouble years back for allowing numerous schools across the state to graduate kids who couldnt read or do basic math too. Man this was back in the mid 90s if I recall.

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Lmao if they really tried to crack down on that then literally every states' dept. of ed. would be so fucked.

Yup, that's it. The process is broken, because it's up to the school's management who qualifies for special ed, instead of actual experts.

Stafford Loans and Pell Grants. Nearly 100% of scholarship athletes are pushed towards super duper easy degrees and at larger schools may rarely if ever attend class. If injured while playing they may lose their scholarship and are responsible for paying for their treatment. Coaches don't care about their well being, my friends coach wanted him to go back in to practice after he got his bell rung - later diagnosed with concussion. Coaches: $2,000,000+ in salary Star scholarship athletes: 30-50k worth of annual education and living expenses (maybe more if ivy league) + maybe money under the table, but they'll be crucified for it if caught.


Of course there are some exceptions, like the dude who choose a Rhodes Scholarship over the NFL draft, and guys like Jeremy Lin, Malcom Brogdon, and Jaylen-Sports is a Mechanism of Control-Brown.

I'd like to point out that while the cap should never have existed, we Texans were quick to rectify our own mistakes.

After a local newspaper and advocacy group exposed the T.E.A.'s misdeeds our legislature repealed the directive and passed several bills to bolster special ed programs across the state. The directive has been out of use for over a year now, and this federal investigation has only confirmed what we've already known for quite some time. It'll take time for the culture of noncompliance fostered by this policy to be done away with, but we're well on our way to healing the sins of the past.

This investigation was the equivalent of someone telling you to do something you'd already planned on doing or, in this case, already done.

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I’ve lived in three states since having a child with Down Syndrome. I thought moving to a left leaning state, Washington, would mean better services. It was the opposite. Poor special ed, bad support, non-existent services. Thought it was the tax base. Moved to Virginia, better tax base, same problems. The school districts only serve after getting crushed in court. My present school district serves cognitively affected children poorly, but has a good autism program. The state has massive waiting lists for Medicaid coverage despite being under a federal order to reduce waiting lists.

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I am a SPED coteacher in TX at a charter school. My school is becoming overwhelmed with SPED students and not enough SPED teachers/coaches to meet the demand. These kids are definitely in need of it as well, no kids taking advantage of it for any extra curricular activities. One thing that also doesn't help are shitty parents, overworked parents, parents who have given up or parents who use us as a daycare. You wanna see someone passionate about their job, come watch us work with kids who have a plethora of issues. The amount of shit we have to put up with because of laws mandated by lawmakers that have no experience in SPED pisses me off.

Also, to all the Texas haters...fuck off you generalizing fucks.

Hey! At least we’re not Oklahoma

Texas teacher here. What I've found is that the prevention of services takes place well before the ARD, where yes, school personnel make decisions. However, that is a direct response to TEA's and district targets mentioned here. In order to qualify a student for services we must have to "really mean it." If we really, really do, then we can finally request evaluation by an expert. The process is long and drawn out.

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Worked in special ed for ~10 years as a mental health worker. Any parent who had a ed advocate in an IEP was head and shoulders better prepared for the process, unfortunately some folks abused the hell out of it. I had one IEP where it was 50+ goals, (Legally binding mind you) and I found myself sitting there on the 2nd day of it all asking, "Why do we have a goal for brushing teeth, I get its GOOD for you, but we don't have a single toothbrush in the entire goddamn school, why are we having this as an IEP goal for something that near exclusively occurs in the home, and has nothing to do with school?" Because their parents brought 3 lawyers to the IEP thats why. So yeah, we often got forced to do a ton of absolutely not school in school because people lawyer up and have more resources than the district.

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NY and maybe California and Massachusetts are probably your best bets for public education.

It's not because of the tax base, but because of the standards they place on teachers.

They had to loosen up some standards around the recession because the job openings dried up and freshly graduated teachers couldn't afford to get their masters degree which was mandatory within 5 years of experience.

And it's not even completely based on affluence of the tax base. The most affluent have smaller special needs populations so their available services suck. The poorest districts are full of special needs kids and the schools are run over. The schools with the best services are in between the bad neighborhoods and the richest ones.

I’m a School Psychologist in Texas (Licensed Specialist in School Psychology). This has political roots. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) sets goal percentages districts have to meet (PEIMS). If the district is off by too many percentage points, they are punished by TEA by monitoring, auditing, and possible loss of jobs. Districts are monitored in many areas including percentage SpEd, level of services (can’t have too many get too many services), percentage taking state test with supports, percentage of students who have been suspended, and all of these categories cut by ethnicity, low income, and other language speakers. Don’t know what drives the numbers for percentage of students overall (assumed it was based off national average but apparently not according to article) but the ethnicity, etc needs to fall within range of total student population percentage of that group.

The real issue is that these requirements came from the state (TEA) and the district have been required to try to meet them or be punished. I’m fairly certain money and politics were responsible for these standards. The disappointing part to me was what gov. Abbott said - “The past dereliction of duty on the part of many school districts to serve our students and the failure of T.E.A. to hold districts accountable are worthy of criticism,” Gov. Greg Abbott wrote in a letter to the Texas Education Agency, referring to the agency by its initials. “Such failures are not acceptable, and T.E.A. must take steps now to significantly increase the oversight provided to ensure our special education students are receiving the services they deserve.”

He blames the districts when the state (TEA) was the one at fault. Districts have complained about these numbers but it fell on deaf ears. Abbott’s solution is to have TEA (the guilty party) increase oversight of the districts (doing as they were told). Fun fact - the governor appoints the TEA commissioner that steers the TEA.

It is worth noting that these policies were in place before Abbott, but he and his commissioner were in a position to change the policy, unlike the districts. The Texas R-party has been advocating for private schools and charter schools lately anyway. People familiar with TX are probably aware that TX isn’t big on public services.

TLDR - Districts just did was state government made them do. Use your vote wisely!

In the school where I teach, almost any black kids who are failing get put into special ed. That way, their numbers aren't counted towards our regular failing population and the kids get an extra period or two a day where they can have assistants do their work for them.

Also, special ed kids are almost impossible to suspend so it keeps our suspension numbers way down.

It makes for some really shitty kids who are smart, but are told they're dumb so they don't try ...and know they can't get in trouble.

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The STAAR tests? Doesn't help much since the passing rate on these tests is like 42% and you can still graduate even if you don't pass them all.

We also don't receive nearly enough funding.

As quoted: "The order brought to an end one of the Department of Education’s most extensive reviews in recent history. Investigators spent 15 months holding public forums, interviewing teachers and visiting school districts. The letter represented the first major state monitoring decision approved by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who at times has been criticized for relaxing some special educations regulations.

“Every child with a disability must have appropriate access to special education and related services that meet his or her unique needs,” Ms. DeVos said in a statement announcing the regulatory action. “Far too many students in Texas had been precluded from receiving supports and services.”"

There are unions in Texas, but union labor is not mandated by the state.

Ok but how much money goes towards getting that one kid into a decent school?

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There are far better ways to get underprivileged kids into college than the massive, corrupt, resource-sucking system known as Division I college athletics.

Special ed students would be excellent football players. It's basically the final result, right off the bat.

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In El Paso, it was much more recent.

I think a point you could make from this is that it's sad when you can buy a gun or get a concealed carry permit without anybody standing in your way but getting your child the education they deserve has government officials blocking their entrance. I'm not anti gun, I'm just pro education.

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I can't get the article to come up. Did they mention any particular school districts?