Terry Crews just stopped by in /sub/CrewsCrew to thank us for his support - thank you /sub/Television for bringing our sub to life! You've just reached Terry Crews!

Terry Crews just stopped by in /r/CrewsCrew to thank us for his support - thank you /r/Television for bringing our sub to life! You've just reached Terry Crews!

Terry's post is at the following link: https://www.reddit.com/sub/CrewsCrew/comments/7hmk56/thank_you_guys_for_all_your_support_the_reddit/

Backstory: The sub grew out of the /sub/television post about Terry last night, the sub is now just shy of 25k subs: https://www.reddit.com/sub/television/comments/7hcjp9/why_hollywoods_abandonment_of_terry_crews_is/

For those who are out of the loop, see this post to get caught up: https://www.reddit.com/sub/CrewsCrew/comments/7hemd8/i_am_out_of_the_loop_can_someone_explain_to_...

Come check out the post and say hi to Terry! You guys are the real OP here.

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Subscribe to /sub/crewscrew and join us in having Terry's back!

We need EVERYONE to join us. We want news media to pick up on how much support there is for Terry and when they start reporting on WHY we are supporting him they won't be able to just move on allowing Hollywood to sweep his actions under the rug.

How you can help:

Follow us at @Crews_Crew (Twitter) and @Crews_Crew2 (IG) Tweet and Instagram your support to @WME, @TerryCrews and @Crews_Crew or @Crews_Crew2 with #CrewsCrew #TerryTrain Today we are also tweeting @RobRiggle, one of Terry's alleged assaulter's clients. We will be tweeting at a different client every day. We will update via Twitter, IG, and update on /sub/crewscrew what we are doing on an ongoing basis

Huh. I never realized Terry Crews actually uses Reddit besides for AMAs.

I don't think he does normally

We're doing something special over at /sub/crewscrew. Come join and see/get involved!

Love that Terry Crews has a 5 year-old reddit account.

Its so sad that people believe men cant be sexually assaulted. Mr. Crews you have my support.

Thank you. The only thing I can offer is an upvote for the posts to get more attention. Terry a quality human being. He deserves as much justice as anyone else.

5 years ago was also when Terry appeared on The Newsroom, Terry was on fire in 2012!!

Whose idea was it to call the subreddit /sub/crewscrew?

It's terrible what happen to terry crews and lack of accountability, and it's still happening to both men and women in hollywood.


Did you see his YouTube videos where he builds a gaming rig? Man's a secret computer geek ;)

I thought of it based on the conversation that was being had in the thread

He was Jeff Daniels' bodyguard.

Wait what? Do you mean the hbo show? Terry was in that?

Tweet your support of Terry at your favorite star on this list. Let them know why you think they should speak up!

And he inexplicably disappeared from season 2, just like the rest of the online bullying storyline.

Terry Crews is the fucking man! POOOOWER!!!!

If it was a dating app for Cruiseships and other vessels it would be CrewScrew.

tho I get the impression no app is necessary for that...

I find it very disturbing that people think men can't be sexually assaulted

Because of the implication?

Welcome to competitive online game communities 👍

Are John Mayer and Seth Myers related?

Half the storylines when weird in that show. I remember Toby from the office came on and said the world was ending and Jeff Daniels just blinks at him like he's John Lithgow in nude spandex.

I went through the legal process of going after the person who sexually assaulted me. It ruined my last year of college. Fuck people who think men can't be sexually assaulted

He's huge over a /sub/gaming and has some followers in /sub/overwatch

How can we, as layman, best show support for Terry Crews?

It's terrible what happen to terry crews and lack of accountability, and it's still happening to both men and women in hollywood. in every field with power disparities.

I think you are a toaster.

The fact that he’s being chastised for being explicably honest about a previously rumored (now evidently obvious) issue is disgusting. This guy has more cojones than anyone. Props to Terry Crews. This is from a gay man who has been in a similar situation. It sucks and being quiet about it seems to be the norm. I didn’t seek help or tell a soul. Seeing him be vocal about this situation has been a true inspiration to me. It’s helped me more than he probably realizes. Stand by him 100%.

You're not the bravest toaster I've ever seen, but you sure are the nicest.

Did you see the videos where jayztwocents builds him a better computer after that.

Yall got punch and pie?

I was told there'd be punch and pie.

I am now subscribed.

Terry Crews is such a damned awesome dude, LOVE him on Brooklyn 99 and everything he's ever done.

I'm saying. 99 for life, though.


He's a fully ascended member of the PCMR.

generally it is because of a patriarchal society that men aren't believed when they're sexually assaulted. men are thought to be stronger than women so it's impossible to conceive by many that they can be abuses (they don't consider the emotional abuse that's behind all that). rad fems like that are pretty crazy but you'll find a hard time finding people like them irl unless you're actively looking for them.

Viva la résistance!

They need to develop a Terry Crews game starring Terry Crews as Terry Crews.

He posted on the Overwatch subreddit one time, when they were really trying to get him to voice Doomfist. He really wanted to do it, but they went with someone else. Hopefully Terry gets a different character!

You're aware that you're preaching to the choir here, right? And as much as I agree with you, it really grinds my gears when I see people hijacking conversations to draw attention to something else. Like, "Hey guys, let ME be the first to point out that...." or worse... a whataboutism tactic. I'm going to assume your intentions here were noble, but it's this type of shit that derails conversations.

Also, I'm not trying to clock you or be a dick. This is a social engineering tactic that needs to be called out when it happens by ANYONE during ANY conversation. Whether you realize you did it or not, you should ask yourself why.

Careful that the AC doesn't get you.

I forgot about that show, it was really strange honestly. It was a consistent 8/10, but there were so many 2/10 moments with 2/10 characters that it brought the show down. And I’m not talking episode-to-episode, these 2/10 parts would be sliced in multiple times per scene.

It honestly felt like the show was completely written by one person/group, then some dude sprinkled shitty-cliche-glitter onto the final script. Jeff Daniels, however, was still great throughout.

I just logged on to support Terry Crews and he is the top post. Maybe there is some justice. To the haters, if victim blaming him is ok, then it is ok to victim blame anyone. To stand up for one is to stand up for all.

Who else read this in Terry's own voice à la B99?


He bought parts to build a monster PC so he and his son could do it together. He had so much fun building it that now he's full-time PC Master Race and got JayzTwoCents to build him a custom liquid cooled PC.

That dude sprinkling shitty cliche glitter was Aaron Sorkin.

What happened to Terry was terrible. Whenever there's a article posted on Reddit about a woman accusing someone of harassment, there are highly upvoted comment calling them liars or attention seekers. You see almost none of this in the Crews post. I wish Reddit would treat all harassment victims with the same support the site gives to Crews.

I believe they invented Meyer lemons together.

I literally have serious PTSD from be sexually assaulted as a child, and I feel completely alone.

celebrities are just people dude. some of em have to be redditors. probably don't advertise who they are most of the time. I'm sure celebrities like being anonymous online. I sure as shit would. hell I do and I'm not even famous.

I love Jason Statham's reaction. Makes me think he'd be an awesome guy to have a beer with.

Are Terry and Tom Cruise related?

Sadly the overwatch sub has a lot of toxicity in it these days, I'm sorry that happened to you on behalf of the nice overwatch players :(

I had a women's studies teacher of mine tell me this was the case. I was so appalled I had her repeat it twice. Apparently there's a chunk of the feminist community which believes rape and sexual assault can only exist with the patriarchal institution behind the unwanted contact or sex. Genuinely couldn't believe that shit.

I would say it's a general fan page that is currently focusing its efforts on supporting Terry with what he's going through. Doing what we can to gain exposure on Hollywood's treatment of him and male victims of sexual assault in general. That's my take on it. But the only one who really knows is our brave toaster.

Yes, because of the implication

He got gas in the tank and money in the bank

Glad to see this, the problem and the good thing about these revelations is they get help other people to speak up, this means people feel less pressure but at the same time it means people can be overlooked. I can't say I would have predicted Terry to be the one who this happened to simply because he a mountain of a man and you'd assume that dissuade a shitty person to try to use abuse power but I knew we'd get a many male actors simply because there are lots of people that abuse their power and it is not limited to powerful men.

Fucking loved that show it's little flaws and all

rad fems like that are pretty crazy but you'll find a hard time finding people like them irl unless you're actively looking for them.

Very true. Been a feminist and activist my whole life, only met two irl (a radfem and her minion)- but she was batshit.

People suck, and assholes come in all flavors.

I know I’m a stranger on the internet, but you’re not alone. I’ve been reading these stories and talking to friends, and it seems like the tides are turning in regards to these issues.

I’m sorry for what happened to you and fuck the person who did it. If you ever need to talk, please PM me. I’m a little clunky with these things but I’m willing to bet there are many redditors who would love to listen too.

I wish you all the happiness in the world ❤️

That doesn't make sense. What is the idea that any sexual attention given to men is wanted? Even by someone from a sex you aren't attracted to? How deluded.


They need a new navigator on the Orville.

I don't think anyone believes they can't, they just don't take it seriously. The problem is that most men can't identify with being traumatised by unwanted sexual contact.

We're taught that women's bodies are sacred and that women are delicate flowers, so we can at least understand them being upset by it even if the same thing wouldn't seriously bother us.

But when a man gets groped we have trouble empathising. We project ourselves into their situation and, for the sake of our egos, we have to believe we'd be ok. We can't have men walking around being upset about things that we believe we are immune to, it's too confronting. That possibility is not one we want to entertain. We don't want new vulnerabilities.

I was raised in a macho-as-fuck environment, and if my sexuality hadn't forced me to examine what it means to be a man I might be one of the guys making fun of Terry Crews right now.

All of that said, the people who are making fun of him are doing it to defend themselves. That doesn't make it ok but by understanding that we have a better chance at getting through to them.

Yeah, yeah, sure, but can we get back to the pie?

Be brave.

There are a few active MMA fighters who are Redditors. Yes, they shitpost like the rest of us, Shane Carwin is known for it. This man punching Brock Lesnar in the face posts here, just take that in for a moment: http://cdn2.cagepotato.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Shane-Carwin-uppercut-UFC-116.jpg

There are a few active MMA fighters who are Redditors. Yes, they shitpost like the rest of us, Shane Carwin is known for it. This man punching Brock Lesnar in the face posts here, just take that in for a moment:

I've never acknowledged this and maybe it was just me not being able to come to terms with it and I still haven't but a couple of years back, so I was about 18 at the time, I was at a burger joint with some friends and it was late at night and I went to use the washroom because I was in a hurry and it's that typical one entry and somebody was there, so I was waiting outside and they tell me it's fine to use it, it's the toilet and the single booth type. At this point, I know the guy is drunk and out of his mind but I'd never thought anything could happen to me being a man. So, while I'm using the booth, I suddenly feel this guy pushing up against me and I rubbed it off as just it being a small space but then he was pushing hard against me and I told him to take it easy and then he is directly behind me and pushing against me and when I try to push him off me, he turns me around and tugged at my crotch hard and when I just tried to pull him off me and open the door but he stood in front of the door and pushed himself against me and I don't know, I haven't ever been able to recall what happened after that, I just remember some struggle and finally getting him off me and running out, we had paid the bill by then, so we just left and I didn't talk about, I hadn't thought about it for ages but with everything that recently came up, it got me thinking about what happened that day.

Rust - Amazing Kid Sings "A Thousand Years"

Seriously competitive online gaming draws a lot of bad people.

I've been doing competitive online gaming for 20 years (netWAR was my first competitive online game, 20 years ago) and I've seen a lot of dirty nasty shit from people in competitive games.

The amount of assholes in competitive games far exceeds what I experience in coop/casual games.

Any community of people is going to have bad apples but the competitive video games are filled to the top with bad apples.

Don't believe me? . This little kid explains how people are normally mean to him in a competitive video game (I'm not talking about professional competition, here).

Where did he comment? Not seeing it in that thread.

He is the OP in the link provided in the edit above