Tempe Town Lake is draining after rubber dam bursts.

Tempe Town Lake is draining after rubber dam bursts.

They could have hired some of the nations unemployed, but that's nothing like a tax break for the rich.

Emergency Broadcast System kicked in on 92.3 FM announcing the flood. That's the first time I ever heard an EBS that was not a test. Fuck, at first I thought we were going to nuclear war with Russia or something!

My first thought after I read "rubber bladders" was : "how have these not been vandalized by every punk with a knife within 50 miles already?"

Nope. Anytime water just sits it's gross. Never swim in a lake that doesn't have a strong current in and out.

It's okay, Tempe Town lake is (was?) disgusting anyways. Maybe when they fix it/refill it, it will be cleaner?

These bladders are like water filled balloons...filled with water(SCARY VOICE)

The bladders were supposed to be maintained or replaced by now, but the project was pushed back because of the hefty price tag.

Good job, government!

just when we thought things couldn't get any worse in phoenix...the dam burs---oh, never mind

I turned on my TV this morning to catch a little news about this... wow morning news is just as awful as I remember. I got nothing.