Teens get probation for livestreaming of Chicago sex assault

Teens get probation for livestreaming of Chicago sex assault

Probation, what a fucking joke.

So much for the movement to take sexual assault and the degradation of women seriously.

Modern day America. Not to mention that they fucking gang raped her with 4 other males. And they get PROBATION.

At least it's a joke Chicago tells consistently. Remember the woman who live-streamed her crew abusing a disabled man didn't get jail time either.

The video, posted in January, shows the four — who are all African-American — cutting the 18-year-old white victim's scalp with a knife, punching and kicking him and laughing as he was bound and gagged in an apartment on Chicago's West Side.

Social media ban 200hrs community service Prohibited from contact with two co-defendants (presumably not the 3rd co-defendant, her sister) warned that if she violates these restrictions "she may face jail time"

Reuters does not name the victims of sexual assault.

Nor the assailants either apparently. If they're being ordered to register as sex offenders then that information is public knowledge.

Having to register as sex offenders is minor compared to what they have done to this girl. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-facebook-live-sex-assault-charge-met-2017040... It makes me want to puke reading this thread where everyone is "OMG their lives are ruined because they have to register as sex offenders". Read what they did. Think about the fact that they ARE sex offenders and ARE a threat to society. Think about what the victim went through and continues to go through with the harassment she received after the attack and the fact that there is a video of it that could crop up at any point throughout her life.

They deserve to be on the registry. They also deserve a decade in prison. Regardless, they weren't punished enough.

"Cook County juvenile court judge Patricia Mendoza sentenced the two 15-year-olds on Wednesday and ordered them to register as sex offenders, said Tandra Simonton, a spokeswoman for the district attorney."

Being on a sex offender list is tantamount to being ostracized.

Not saying they don't deserve it, but that is far more punishing then you realize.

And not a single hate crime charge was to be found.

TIL sexual assault is barely illegal in Chicago.

They sexually assaulted a person and live streamed it. I'm thinking these rocket surgeons weren't big "rule followers" from the get go.


They were originally charged with aggravated sexual assault and manufacturing and dissemination of child pornography.

And the pled down to pornography. That's such bullshit.

it is obvious it was a hate crime. They did it because he was white, but oh no, not with white guilt existing

Another part seems to be the murder mentality

They're just kids, they didn't know that they couldn't do that /s

Probation? Wtf

Do you think these guys give a shit about being that list. And that list doesn’t stop or really deter them from doing this again.

They literally recorded themselves saying "fuck white people" while LITERALLY torturing a white person for being white.

Oh my fucking God Chicago is a cesspool

They are being charged with aggravated kidnapping which is a Class X felony which means if convicted they are facing 6-30 years.

What the hell, Chicago?

Do you think these guys give a shit about being that list.

...considering it affects their entire life, I imagine so.

You really should look up the amount of stuff they are no longer allowed to do. I imagine if someone took your internet away for life you wouldn't be too thrilled.

I don’t think you understand the gravity of what they did to that girl.

...they LIVESTREAMED this event. This list is nothing, they could care less. If they tried to hide it that is one thing, but they said "hey come look", so a list is nothing

neither is being a felon in possession of a gun

Might as well lock them up forever before they gang rape another girl.

Jesus fucking christ

In california, it's a misdemeanor to knowingly give hiv through intercourse without consent. So rape with a biological weapon is almost legal in California

When will the "Pussy Haters" demonstrate in Chicago?

Source on that? Actually asking. Story just says assaulted

yeah, but minorities cannot be racist.... /s

I believe it's because they're minors (15).

I think some of those provisions are explicitly enacted by a judge on a case by case basis. Plenty of sex offenders are still legally using the internet.

Probation is great for non violent crimes, live streaming sexual assaults I think deserve some real time behind bars.

Yes, it has gravity to people trying to live a normal life. It's not enough for thugs like these kids.

So you really believe that they won’t be using the internet on a smartphone. They were suppose to not rape someone but that rule really didn’t deter them very much.

Because they were such a great part of it before.

I know Linda Sarsour is organizing a protest right now as we speak!


Jesus Christ the neighborhood began to threaten the family afterwards to the point they had to be moved. Wtf is wrong with people.

Then they should have thought about that before they gang raped someone.

couldn't it be possible that they haven't yet registered

That's a wonderful achievement in tolerance /s

It's not like they were ever going to move into a "good neighborhood" with this type of behavior. It won't affect them at all.

Would you go as far as to call it a "shithole" ?

Probation....fucking seriously

A big part of this is the no snitching mentality.

I think 15 is plenty old enough to know that what they did is wrong and will have life long consequences for their victim.

Gang rape is sociopathic behavior. Perhaps they can one day appeal their offender status, but for now, these young men are a danger to society and should be treated as such.

Federal prosecutors should step in and file civil rights charges

"one of the most serious cases that I have seen." -Judge Patricia Mendoza

If this is how she treats the most serious cases she’s ever seen that terrifies me....

Oh I don't know, maybe impose a sentence that adequately punishes them for the horrific crime they committed? Or is that too much to ask of the justice system?

And register as a sex offender.

Prosecution in Cook County (Chicagoland area) is notoriously lax, hopefully some nation wide shaming within a few years will turn the tide, but stories like this and armed robbery, carjacking, violence are exceptionally common and the sentences are a joke like this one.


Hiding something?

Torturing a disabled man while yelling "F*ck white people" into the camera is called kids just being stupid in some cities.

That's because they're acting as if these kids are white, from good neighborhoods, and had a future that's now not possible. Reading any of the details of the case and knowing anything about Chicago would lead a reasonable person to believe that they were black, in terrible neighborhoods, and their future was prison after their 5th felony if they weren't already dead.

So they're not being charged for the sexual assault that they obviously committed?

Hope these kids get shot

Depending on the state you're registered in, you could be barred from living in entire cities: residency restrictions in California in 2006 covered more than 97% of rental housing area in San Diego County because they barred registrants from living within 2,000 feet of any public schools or parks. (source)

Local restrictions can also bar offenders from being able to approach churches, pet stores, movie theaters, libraries, playgrounds, tourist attractions or other "recreational facilities" such as stadiums, auditoriums, swimming pools, skating rinks and gymnasiums, regardless of whether publicly or privately owned. (source)

By who? Prospective employers?

In North Lawndale? Not a chance.

The victim was very good student at one of the best high schools in the country. And these turds wanted to destroy her and have hounded her family since.

But no matter to these shit judges we have.

Rape is called sex assault in some cities

Its pretty intellectually dishonest to make that distinction when it comes to something you cant get rid of and has a high chance of killing you. Like you could win the legal argument but the moral one says you're still a piece of shit.

The biggest downfall of the list is where you can live/disclosing it to every neighbor. That won't affect scum like these monsters so it's a pointless penalty.

At least four males who streamed their sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl live on Facebook lured the acquaintance into a basement, slapped her several times and threatened to have a dog attack her if she tried to flee, Cook County prosecutors alleged Tuesday.

A 14-year-old boy, the first of two to be charged so far, told the victim she could "have sex the easy way or the hard way," Assistant State's Attorney Maha Gardner said in court.


They also only solve 20% of murders

Typically yes, but if they're forced to register as sex offenders then that information is public record. I would've assumed that happened right after sentencing.

Tribalism is a big one for starters.

I'm not saying you're wrong. I had a neighbor in my apartment who went to prison for assault, was in a gang. He stated the no snitch mentality comes from gangs providing justice that they can't get from police.

I'm not stating it's right or wrong. It just is that way.

Dude. I'm glad you don't practice law.

Tolerance is not only about races. And you are trying to make this about race, that's true.

This is worrisome that people actually believe this

Nah its legalese and you know it. Again, that works in a courtroom but you cant convince decent people that not disclosing something like that isn't a move only a bastard would pull.

Did the other guys get jail time?

You need help.

If they are caught they might go to prison

Wow... I'm sure she won't remember the assault after 5 years