Teenager who shaved head for charity put in isolation by school for 'extreme haircut'

Teenager who shaved head for charity put in isolation by school for 'extreme haircut'
Teenager who shaved head for charity put in isolation by school for 'extreme haircut'

They have cancer. And detention.

"....the need to seek permission from school.​"

No. In no universe does a parent need to clear a perfectly normal and pretty common hairstyle with the school. I'm a parent myself and I would have told them to go fuck themselves and made sure the local news stations heard about it. At the very least it would probably end up raising more money anyway.

The kid made a major sacrifice out of the goodness of his heart to help cancer patients and they stomp all over it? Ridiculous. Way to shit all over the kid for his kindness and selflessness.

That's not even extreme... Edit. What about cancer kids who lost their hair due to chemo.

Since I'm old, I remember when his new haircut was the preferred style and his former haircut would have been banned.

what were they thinking?

"I am the adult, therefore everything I say goes, no matter how stupid it actually is"

TIL prefects are a real thing outside of Harry Potter.

That depends on the school. I went to a private high school and we had very strict rules around dress code and haircuts. You had to wear your school blazer outside of school grounds. Getting caught without it on would result in detention. Having your socks down would also result in detention. An unapproved haircut would lead to suspension. We all knew the rules when we signed up.

holy shit this might be the dumbest thing I've ever read. what were they thinking?

Please excuse my son's haircut, he was only trying to CURE FUCKING CANCER and it will grow back in about 2 weeks.

Signed, Epstein's Mom

Thanks for reminding me of years 4-7 being told by prefects to pull my socks up or fix my tie. Hated prefects from day 1.

I laughed out loud legitimately.

I know so many grown men who shave their heads who are not in fact neo nazis.

There is nothing extreme about this at all.

Or as Danny DeVito would put it in Matilda:

Listen, you little wiseacre: I'm smart, you're dumb; I'm big, you're little; I'm right, you're wrong, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Although now with social media, many things are possible.

how is a shaved head an extreme hair cut? ridiculous.

I laughed out loud illigitimately.

"Are we the baldies?"

I was gonna say, the only fashion emergency I saw in this article was the "before" picture.

Remember children. Conformity is a mandatory virtue. We must never innovate. And dont talk to the no-star Sneetches.

Conform or be excluded: Society.

Went to a strict private Christian school.

The girls had a more difficult time of it with dress code bs than the guys did because they had to always wear dresses. No shorts or jeans allowed. Never did figure out what would happen if a principal or some shit saw a girl outside of school in jeans.

And we had to sign a statement saying we'd adhere to the code of conduct in regards to dress, hair style, language and music we listened to both at school, and away from school.

Not like it was their business anyways. Always amazes me the arrogance of institutions like that-thinking they can force you to adhere to their rules off their grounds. Especially considering that in my case-we were all minors signing this "contract"-and I'm pretty sure that means in legal terms that there was nothing legally binding about it.

Edit: it was Pensacola Christian Academy if you're curious. Don't send your kids there.

The correct response is for the rest of the student body to shave their heads in solidarity.

Am assuming white kid so they think nazi skin head

Well, it's kind of the agreement we signed up for right? I mean with public, you've GOT to go or you're declared truant. I went to private schools and remember my dean pulling me in the office one day. I was toeing the line on just about every dress code violation. I had a collared shirt tucked in, but it was a Grateful Dead shirt with skulls and flowers. I had a watch shaped like a serpant, a ball chain necklace, hair down to my collar (but not covering my ears) and I'd frosted it red because that's a 'natural' colour and allowed. The Dean just put it this way: 'We're going to make rules that only apply to you and you're going to ruin it for all the kids down the road who want to stand out in any way. Please fix this.'

The guy was super nice to me all the time even though we had to have little sit-downs about twice a month. I feel like he was some hippy who'd had to join the establishment in order to make a paycheck. I kinda miss that guy.

They think its a neo nazi political statement which is insane. There is literally no other reason to ban shaved heads.

I've met one actual nazi who shaved their head. The rest were just baldies.

I burped on the down low

Not guards. They were like middle management. They governed subdivisions of areas or military groups, with limited authority.

As a baldie, I say you should treat your hair as you would your grandparents.

Cherish them whilst they're there.

Because once they're gone...

That's not what haircuts do, is it?

That's patently absurd. I see men with bald heads all the time of all races and religions.

I'm big, you're little

-Danny DeVito, somehow

Schools are getting so authoritarian it's scary

Maybe she should eat helicopters.

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

– Mark Twain

Time for an educational Press Conference. It will be far more educational than anything happening at that school.

For fuck's sake. If the kid started yelling zieg heil then I'd understand. It's just a shaved head! My niece can't even eat a small bag of ships at school. We've gone from helicopter parents to helicopter schools.

My sister and I went to a catholic school growing up. Somehow she was able to force them to allow girls to wear pants instead of skirts in the winter because it was so cold and we were made to stand outside in the mornings. Its amazing how some schools focus more on the rules than practicality/the health of the students.

I shat myself.

If you have hair, you could be an old school Nazi.

Even if my daughter wanted to do this, I'd support it.

What kinda world we live in where one needs permission to radically change their hair to improve the self esteem of the ill?

I have a completely full head of hair. I shave it (no guard on the clippers but I don't Bic it) because it's easy, low maintenance, only need my fiancé to shape the back, saves moolah and I fucking like it. I would honestly laugh if someone ever presumed to tell me how to grow it.

Isn't "prefect" what they called the town guards in Ancient Rome?


Oh the irony, the school has a post on the front page of their website about how their drama teacher did the same thing.

"...hair down to my collar (but not covering my ears)..."

So, a mullet?

Parents chose, most likely. I went to a private school and most kids I knew there weren't exactly there by their own choice. I certainly wasn't.

Even the Army let's you abstain from shaving if you get razor bumps (and get the appropriate medical documentation for it). So... your school had harsher guidelines than an institution founded on breaking shit and killing people.

TIL I'm an extremist for shaving my head.

Guess I better keep the beard so I look more like a hipster than a nazi.

What I find hilarious is they punished this student because hey we're worried about their image. Now they have a huge PR debacle for doing the punishing.

Fuck he shaved his head to donate his hair to an organization that fucking makes wigs for kids who have cancer. And his school think's thats 'extreme'? Do they also argue with the parents of kids who went through chemo or are going through it about their "extreme" hair styles?

They should've been encouraging more kids to do that whole locks of love thing!

North Korea disagrees with you. They have like 3 approved haircuts and all of em look pretty stupid.

Having a shaved head is the most clean cut and easy to maintain haircut you can have. I have been shaving my head for the past 23 years and I have never been told by anyone, anywhere that my haircut is unacceptable. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Its weird, cause the only pictures of people with shaved head during that time are the Jews

He is now practicing Buddhism, give this kid detention!

Here in the southwest of the US it's extremely common for high school males to have shaved heads or to be nearly hairless. It gets into the triple digits (Fahrenheit) here while other parts of the country are suffering from snow, and having no hair is an excellent way too help keep from overheating.

"I have power over these children and I'm going to use it" useless cunts.

Oh, you mean the system they're trying to champion as a replacement for public school system?

Gosh, I can't wait to sign my kids up for the new privatized public option in ten years.

"Now Cartman, you need to apologize to Kyle for giving him AIDS."

"And Kyle, you need to apologize to Cartman for tattling."

I went to class this morning.

I betcha that Deputy Principal has something extreme going on with his appearance.

Fire him! Zero Tolerance!

We didn't have school buses so all students used public transport. While you are in school uniform going to and from school you had to wear the uniform correctly. Every student was an ambassador of the school and had to carry themselves appropriately. There was a handbook on how to behave in public. You could get reprimanded for things like not giving your seat to an elderly.

My dad is old too. He remembers being in school and having the teacher setup a debate about a banned article of clothing for women: pants.

I went to a private school with stupidly strict rules too. They insisted all the male students be clean shaven all the time. When i explained to them that i get really bad razor bumps and asked if i could just trim it really low they told me get used to razor bumps :/

They were stomping out individuality, because that's one of the main goals of modern schools. Minimize free thinking to make better drones.

Its called vodka

I don't think you understand how ridiculous some schools are with uniforms. And it's got nothing to do with pc culture. It's been this way for decades.

If your hair is 1mm longer than the dress code says it must be it's detention. Same with it being shorter. Or dyed the wrong colour. Or having piercings in the wrong place. Or someone wearing summer uniform when the school thinks its winter (even though it is forty degrees Celsius in the shade). Or wearing white socks when the uniform says black. Or wearing make up. Or girls letting their hair be loose. I've even heard of some schools having underwear checks.

our uniforms literally have hair halos on them

Sadly many genuinely only see a dominance game. "they're disrespecting my authority!!!" is the ultimate motivator for them.

You quickly notice that the worst offenders are the people who have nothing except "authority". The ones to aren't smart enough to earn respect, aren't likable enough to make people want to listen to them and aren't competent enough to earn admiration.

So all they have is "authority" and anything, anything at all, which hints at eroding that they attack viciously. Because it's all they can do.

You see a lot of them as teachers, low level bureaucrats, low level middle managers. The sort of people who'll never go anywhere and all they have is "authority".

Excuse you I think there's like 17

Your thinking of Praetorians which were the emperor's personal guard. There was also a position of prefect that was either a military or civilian depending on the period.


Ich bin ein neo-hipster!

my 6 year old son currently has long hair. like halfway down his back long. it's curly and gorgeous and grown women are jealous of it. But since i live i the South, we get a lot of shit about how long it is until i tell them baldness runs on both sides of the family-the kid has to enjoy being able to grow it out while he can!

Never attended the college.

However, we did use their sports center for an after party after our junior-senior banquet. Think "prom" but without dancing or fun.

They had separate stairwells for men and women. Same with the elevators it seemed like too. Sidewalks are whatever. Can't get into too many shenanigans out in the open.

But men and women had to go to separate beaches. If the men were headed to Pensacola beach, all the girls had to head to Perdido-a good 45+ minutes out of the way compared to Pensacola beach. The college sits right by the interstate and from there, it's maybe 15 minutes.

They also had completely separate dorms for men and women. The whole idea is supposedly to "protect women's purity", but in practice, it was all about abstaining from the appearance of "misconduct".

As a male who lost his hair during adolescence, the bullying and microaggressions were unreal. I used to get called a Nazi all the time whenever I sang the German national anthem, other students would steal my Doc Martens, and teachers used to give me failing grades whenever I drew an arrow to my final solution on my math homework.

We need to raise awareness in follicularnormative people about hair loss. It makes me hurt inside to think of all the teenage boys like me who had to settle for quick but ultimately empty flings with mid-30s teachers with a leather fetish.

I have a cousin who is a neo nazi, and none of his neonazi cohorts shave their heads. They all try to look extremely respectable as it makes it easier for them to get by and recruit people.

And the name of a space explorer from somewhere in the vicinity of Beetlejuice who skimped a bit on his preparatory research.

I mean, I could see it if we're talking 2 ft tall glittery orange mohawk, or Pipi Longstocking braids, that's what I'd call extreme. But a close shave is a completely normal hairstyle!

I've seen girls with bare legs waiting in line to go into clubs during winter (in Canada). What's up with that? Do you girls have cold immunity or something?

Which goes hand-in-hand with zero tolerance policies. I don't know how much those have caught on in Not-America, but here most public schools have adopted these policies and it's a fucking train wreck. It leads to disproportionate punishments, and in the very worst of instances it motivates school staff to ignore problems because they must respond to every infraction very harshly. (If they have no leeway in how to deal with a problem, they tend to not want to create a paper trail.)

Found a literal grammar nazi

What the fuck is wrong with schools these days. The kid gets isolated because he shaved his head? What if by some case he had early baldness or I don't know, his hair fell out because of chemotherapy treatments? You insensitive bastards.

Yup, I don't get this. Seeing pictures of actual WWII Nazis I don't see very many shaved heads.

Ironically, the internet hate machine has set it sights on this teacher.

Conform or be excluded indeed.

Result of keeping beard: "Oh god, the nazis are adapting!"

Our school even had prefect tests where you'd get a page of pictures of their faces and you'd have to know their name and what house they were in... Similar thing for rugby, cricket, field hockey, and water polo teams. Better not fuck it up otherwise you'd have to report to the person whose name you messed up...

Scared the shit out of me as a 13-year old

Well, only the BEST ones but, yeah, why not? Maybe my Alabama History class taught me wrong but I'm pretty sure the only reason we won the Vietnam war was because Senator Denton invented Morse code and Sgt. Barry Sadler's haircut... so I imagine haircuts can do at least half the work!

It's a crossover thing from England waaaaay back in the day. If you wore leather jackets, boots, and had a shaved head you were a working man's son. It was a counter to the rich 'Mods' with their outrageous suits and baubles.

It's nothing new, was the same when I was at school 30 odd years ago. There were rules for uniform, jewellery, haircuts, pretty much all UK schools do. Can remember a kid in my year getting suspended after he shaved his head.

Private. So not only chose but paid a tidy sum.

"I'm the duper; You guys are the dupees!"

Well, it's what we called it, but really I just brushed it out so it would never fall over my ears. Got in my eyes all the time and my face wasn't helping the image. I'm slightly less of a train-wreck today, but I can still get a baby to cry on a good day.

what were they thinking?

They weren't.

Oh sure, they were a British-only car that Ford produced for awhile. ;-)

The Dwight Shrutes of Roman Empire

This enrages me as a bald person on so many different levels.

Not only did some kid try to do something nice, but the teachers automatically assumed he resembled a negative stigma in society.

Okay, this is just wrong on so many levels. First off, what the kid was doing was for something positive. Second, the teachers automatically assuming being bald is something racist is prejudice. Third, being prejudice is just as bad as being racist, which is insanely hypocritical. Fourth, when did schools start booting people for having certain haircuts? Like does the kid go to a private academy? It doesn't make sense. I drop my friends kids off to elementary school, and kids have their hair dyed blue at the age of 5 these days and have mohawks. No issue at all.

You know who else is bald?

Patrick Stewart

Queen Elizabeth

Luke Cage

Seriously it's 2017. Chill out and stop worrying about other people and what they're doing. If they're not hurting anyone, leave them the fuck alone.

What the fuck was the point of that

This is pc culture being afraid hes a neo nazi. There is literally no other reason I could see to ban shaved heads. Fuck the kid looks far better and cleaner with that haircut.

Judging by the reviews of the headmaster he has strict codes on uniforms and looks as to not distract or offend anyone.

It's a boy with a shaved head.

I remember my freshmen year of high school I shaved my head and everyone thought I was a transfer student.

This kid has it a lot worse.

I said 'aww'... to my cat.

It's spelled "sieg heil" by the way. A German 's' sounds like an English 'z'.