Teddy Hart rambles about his paranoid conspiracy theories for 70 uninterrupted seconds without taking a breath, as audio of a birthday party plays on his camcorder, and the Best Friends and a room full of other assorted wrestlers look on in disbelief.

Teddy Hart rambles about his paranoid conspiracy theories for 70 uninterrupted seconds without ta...

"I spilled by beer, I got nervous"

He was talking so fast and emotionless as if he was quickly skimming through lines, that had me cracking up. Also who's the guy sitting on the floor beside David Starr?

Probably both? I think Teddy legit has some mental health issues which is pretty sad and he's also done a good deal of drugs in his day and probably has more concussions then years I've been alive. Someone who willingly does double shooting stars off cages to the floor has to have some screws loose.

But at the same time he's known to be a compulsive liar and thrives off the attention he gets for spouting crazy shit. So who knows.

By the way this entire interview is just as bad as this clip. It's required viewing honestly, my heart rate was elevated for the entire 90 minute interview.

Here's a link, honestly worth the highspots subscription alone but when you factor in PWG and the other episodes of Best Friends it's a steal.

JT Dunn, formerly one half of "Death by Elbow" with Chris Hero. New England based guy, very good for how long he's been wrestling.

That one friend that brings down the room in the middle of a party so something awkward happens and everyone laughs anxiously to try and bring back spirits.

Trent was doing so well no selling all that until the beer spill

Really unfortunate when you consider how talented he is.

I just watched this one earlier after that Jack Evans post. I knew Teddy Hart was batshit crazy, but holy shit he's on another level.

About 5 minutes in to the episode Teddy blows smoke directly into Trent's dog's face and then goes on some tangent about PETA. Trent looked fucking pissed, as any sane dog owner would.

He's insanely talented and athletic and innovative but he legitimately believes that that's all it takes to be a good wrestler. He thinks the best wrestlers of all time are Ricochet, Kalisto, and Jack Evans. And his entire movset is apparently a bitch to bump for. I dunno, I like watching his top 100 moves videos and stuff but I really don't think he's a good wrestler overall.

Is this guy's brain completely fried, or did i get worked?

I dunno, seems par for the course for someone that's smoked a blunt by themselves. He's actually quite coherent, all things considered. Just so everyone knows, this is from early 2016, before Teddy started to clean up his act. He canceled the rest of his bookings for this year to deal with legal trouble from a DUI and othe...

He legitimately was the youngest guy ever signed to WWE. He could have been huge if he wasn't such a nutjob and fuck up

Fuck dogs, they won't be bringing in the money in a few years like his badass wrestling cats. Once Teddy gets them over their compulsion to land on all fours like bitches instead of taking bumps, he'll be the proud owner of a goldmine.

Okay I know who he is now, knew I recognized him.

A slightly better attitude and he would have done considerably better for himself. There are plenty of subpar wrestlers that made it much further than he has.