Team SoloMid vs. Counter Logic Gaming / NA LCS 2017 Summer - Week 9 / Post-Match Discussion

Team SoloMid vs. Counter Logic Gaming / NA LCS 2017 Summer - Week 9 / Post-Match DiscussionNA LCS 2017 SUMMER

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Team SoloMid 2-0 Counter Logic Gaming

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Winner: Team SoloMid in 31m | MVP: Bjergsen Match History | MVP Poll

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B TSM Aurelionsol Leblanc Tristana Alistar Camille 60.2k 15 9 I2 C3 M5 CLG Caitlyn Zac Kalista TahmKench Taric 47.9k 6 0 I1 B4 TSM 15-6-47 vs 6-15-21 CLG Hauntzer Gnar 3 2-1-6 TOP 1-3-3 2 Gragas Darshan Svenskeren Maokai 1 1-3-12 JNG 0-2-6 5 Sejuani OmarGod Bjergsen Taliyah 2 7-0-6 MID 4-5-2 3 Orianna Huhi Doublelift Sivir 4 3-1-11 ADC 0-2-5 1 Ashe Stixxay Biofrost Braum 5 2-1-12 SUP 1-3-5 4 Thresh aphromoo MATCH 2: CLG vs TSM

Winner: Team SoloMid in 53m | MVP: Doublelift Match History | MVP Poll

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B CLG Syndra Thresh Tristana TahmKench Sivir 95.3k 22 8 B6 TSM Caitlyn Kalista Zac Shen Gnar 98.3k 19 11 C1 M2 B3 C4 C5 E7 B8 E9 CLG 22-19-64 vs 19-22-57 TSM Darshan Fiora 5 4-4-10 TOP 2-4-12 1 Maokai Hauntzer OmarGod Gragas 3 3-4-15 JNG 1-6-16 2 JarvanIV Svenskeren Huhi Taliyah 1 10-3-11 MID 7-5-7 4 Corki Bjergsen Stixxay Ashe 4 4-3-11 ADC 9-3-7 5 Jinx Doublelift aphromoo Alistar 2 1-5-17 SUP 0-4-15 3 Braum Biofrost Key G Gold K Kills T Towers I Infernal O Ocean M Mountain C Cloud E Elder B Baron

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CLG still didnt beat TSM ever since 2016 Spring, Game record now being 15-2 in favor of the latter.

I feel like I've seen Doublelift kill everyone bot lane on red side in a TSM vs CLG match as Jinx to win the game before

Someone should tell Biofrost that he can block Taliyah's wall with Braum's shield...


2017-08-06 22:44 UTC

no joke I thought @aphromoo was my teammate when he slowly walked up to me and pulved

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Did he just walk up slowly and downsmash!?

Overextending into Doublelift at the bottom inhib gave me flashbacks. "Rivalry of inches" is right.

Doublelift: How big of a hole should I tear in CLG's butthole?

Bjergsen: This big

Wait really??

Lustboy, ZionSpartan

That's something I haven't heard in a while

and jinx gets her passive and its over

Even the flashbacks call him ZionSpartan.

Not much of a rivalry anymore, now is it.

Yep, that looked extremely similar to his penta with CLG against TSM

The game record doesn't define a rivalry.

Sven checking her tits. Too good.

He did. He really did tho.

Don't worry, losing today WAS winning ;)

TSM #1 Baby

CLG saw the reddit post and knew what they had to do, they just couldn't make it too obvious.

wait what, wtf

clip for the lazy like me

Still waiting for Stixxay to become better than Doublelift...

Top 10 anime betrayals.

Yeah, you can

mfw new school tsm fans don't feel a rivalry against freelg

Even at the exact same spot on the map...

It's like LSU and Alabama. The longer the streak, the more the hatred grows.

Reminds me of another certain TSM vs. CLG game with DL on Jinx.

Same spot, same champ..

Doublelift is always so clutch when it matters.

B-Tier cause he'll always B there for you.

Team SoloMid finishes the split in 1st seed with 14-4 in Matches, 30-11 Games, 6-4 vs playoff teams, 15-4 Blue Side, 15-7 Red Side, 3-2 Bo3s Team Immortals will finish the split in 2nd seed Team SoloMid has 56/64 scenarios to auto seed for worlds, and is 100% guaranteed a regional/gauntlet spot Counter Logic Gaming finishes the regular split in 3rd seed with 12-6 in Matches, 27-19 Games, 5-5 vs playoffs teams, 12-11 Blue Side, 15-8 Red Side, 7-3 Bo3s Counter Logic Gaming has 10/64 scenarios to auto seed for worlds, and 48/64 to secure at least regional/gauntlet CLG needs to advance past quarterfinals or have FLY defeat P1 to secure at least regional/gauntlet

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it's a melee meme

They seem to become more and more interwoven daily.

He was looking into her heart obv

CLG vs TSM is a doublelift sided matchup

Good job CLG, you made it look believable ;)

Gotta ensure the highest probability of qualifying for Worlds

similar interaction with Yasuo

Yup, it stops as soon as it hits it. Can't find Braum video in particular, but here's .

EDIT: Here's Braum interaction, credit to /u/mdxchaos

Must've rehired those script writers.

Hauntzer late game item set lul

According to Aphromoo, he already did it in the middle of his 1st split :D :D

That's exactly what happened. DLift was just killing minions like it was a bot game and Aphro on Ali slowly walked under him, pulverized, then headbutted under tower.

Doublelift carrying CLG to worlds once again


and two members surviving..

Even the same Spot..

How the Tables have turned

how the turntables

I'll always see CLG as our rival, growing up and playing with them as rivals since S1.

Fucka Hotshotnidaleegg vs. Regikarthus

The rivalry is there but only to fans that have been with the org since its inception (or shortly after)

hauntzer never lies

1st seed, Team Liquid

Aw damn I didn't expect a LSU/Alabama reference here

Now I'm hurt :(

Source: LSU fan

Its mostly fans who joined S4+ ,so to them its mostly C9 v. TSM and thats not wrong nor bad.

Can't fault them for what they don't know, just be happy that you know League history. That puts us in the Top Fucking Percentage.

I loved Doublelift mirroring bottom lane teamfight as Jinx. This time on TSM.

Yeah, Aphromo was so cocky in the interviews while CLG was better than TSM. He made me dislike the team so much.

Ha, that's what the casters thought might've happened as well

The flashbacks were real

Doublelift B-tiering their buttholes all game long

Yeah I don't get the people who post 'lul what rivalry'. This was literally the lifeblood of NA in early seasons.

I fucking miss Rush Hour.

Aphro was the one who got DL kicked though...

Pretty crazy how they (mostly) always end up first

Hauntzer full tear buy in the end LUL

And this explains his earlier death. Some things never change, Doublelift.

I knew it was over when I saw Doublelift playing Jinx near the bottom inhibitor.


ah, the cursed sweaters appear again.

TSM tried their hardest to let them win aswell, although DL didn't make it really believable

But TSM still smashed clg most of the time even when double was on the other side.

Before the Best of 3 era TSM weren't that dominant in the regular season.

Ever since Bo3s were implemented though they've always finished 1st place.

The issue is that if you blow the shield on that, you can't block the arrow or the Gragas cask.

Despite losing, Huhi played out of his mind this series, especially that last game

this actually triggers me because i thought CLG was free that split especially after TSM 3-1'd the 1st seed Team Liquid.

Then they beat us again next split after we just beat the 17-1 IMT 3-0.

I used to be a fan of Aphromoo, but after I saw him kill Doublelift when he was afk i lost all respect for him.

Edit: Thought the /s for this would be obvious, but i guess not.

Almost brings a tear to the eye. Old habits die hard.

Yeah MSG fucking exploded.

sucks it was a 2-0 but damn huhi played out of his mind game 2

Double just freezes up near Alistar since he met Mata last year. Its a fucking trauma and we shouldn't joke about it.

Paid by Regi

Thank you Doublelift.

He tweeted that he thought aphro was a teammate lmao

100% winrate in pro play with that build, time to take it into ranked!


is braum stopping it

Never thought I would say that Huhi is the best player in CLG.

inb4 they don't even reach semis again.

Well, TIL

Are you seriously considering a mispathing to be an "oscar performance" ?

And then that ass right afterwards rofl

Could always be worse

Source:UT fan

I think the cockiness stemmed from the departure of DL, things seemed like Aphro was holding a grudge of some sort for a while after Stixxay joined.

What are you talking about? Bjergsen is only S tier, not S+ /s

So comfortable, though

I am Svenskeren, the Gentleman Thief!

Even though TSM won they probably still have stuff they need to work out for playoffs.

Leaving baron at 2000hp and having your jung flash over the wall to kill a sup? (game 1)

Bjerg tping in to defend a red buff while sven flashed out and hauntzer stayed farming top? (game 2)

Double dying to ali walking up to him and q-w into tower? (game 2)

Add to that a couple of baron tries that they had in game 2 that wasn't clean at all.

Hope they become more polished by playoffs.

What does exactly?

Bjergsen even just said in the interview he doesn't feel much of a rivalry against CLG.

4 comments pasted in the post-game thread. Is that a record for you? Usually I see you do about 3 and delete the shittier ones.

Lol it just doesn't seem real, does it

More important to have it for delaying Gragas' ultimate IMO. Especially since DL's flash was down for many of those big fights.

TSM had elder with 4 dragons, honestly insane that CLG made that teamfight that close.

Holy shit TSM has lost only 11 games

2015 flashback and still, Doubelift was amongst the last two standing.

Playing Jinx put him in the past, he thought Aphromoo was still his teammate.

Yeah and all like "we did it for everyone but you DL" still sits sour to me. Then he denies there being any beef after he said he peace and the damage was done. Just own up to it man