Team bosses name top drivers

Team bosses name top drivers

Top 10: 1. Hamilton 2. Verstappen 3. Vettel 4. Ricciardo 5. Ocon 6. Alonso 7. Raikkonen & Sainz 9. Hülkenberg 10. Bottas

10 Bottas


So thats, 2. Robottas

ITT: Redditors getting mad at team principals because they have different opinions than the fanbase

...but they didn't.

Because Vettel is better than Sainz.

Ocon ahead of Alonso

Raikkonen ahead of Hulkenberg, Bottas and Perez

No just no

Apparently F1 Team bosses have no eyes.. /s

You might not agree with them, but you can’t but respect their views on the matter. Besides, that opinion might not be universally carried by all team principals.

That said I also expected Kimi to be lower, however his clear deferential number 2 status might’ve cost him more points and positions than his point standing reflects, in the eyes of the bosses at least.

ITT: everyone who thinks their personal list is a better representation than the F1 team principals.

Get your heads out of your assholes people, you don't know better. Not agreeing with it is something else entirely than disregarding the validity of this outcome.

It's a blank canvas given to F1 principals. Please make a top 10 of all the drivers. They do and you end up with this.

You have no idea about the reasoning they used so there is no reason to list yours on why you think this list is bullshit and principal <x> is an idiot. He's not, otherwise he wouldn't be there.

Live and let live.

Ye, maybe even higher.

Raikkonen in front of Bottas is BS.

Shocked to see Sergio Perez miss out...

Ocon's talent is undeniable

Raikonnen in front of Bottas!??

There are 10 kinds of people. Those who understand binary notation and those who do not.

The Team Bosses felt that Hamilton was a more complete driver, and if not for reliability Hamilton would have taken his 4th title. Rosberg also had some very messy races, Monaco and Austria being two good examples.

Edit: Sorry the original post has been edited so I guess you were questioning their statement, -shrug-

Ha. I like how you've disregarded changes in points system to give a misleading picture, and then even despite that you had to just simply ignore Hamilton because he still scored more points on debut.

Dat Perez hate wow, it's a shame, I don't get it. We already knew Ocon was supposed to be a top prospect. I'm more impressed by the fact he managed to stay number 1 than the contrary.

I wouldn’t really say Bottas underperforms. He performed to the level expected of him.

No, I didn't. Good job generalizing a community with over a quarter million users. We're individual people, with individual opinions. This sub is big enough that you can find threads with directly opposing opinions.

And even whatthefat himself says his model is far from perfect. In Sainz case, the results are clearly skewed by luck and by the Red Bull drivers being relatively remote from other drivers. Vettel and Sainz are the only drivers in the last couple of years to be pitted against non-Red Bull drivers.

edit: Also: Really? Using Gold as an argument? Gold is given by an individual user. Some of the most downvoted comments on Reddit are gilded multiple times.

Seriously Raikkonen above Palmer! This list is BS.

against the irrelevant u/whatthefat's metric thing.

That you don't like (the outcome of) what he wrote doesn't mean that it's irrelevant.


Qualifying results...

thats not right Raikkonen should be atleast nr.1

No, Sainz is better. The whole of /sub/formula1 agreed with whatthefat making that absurd statement and even gave him gold

No we didn't. We appreciated his research and the valid insights he created with that. The ranking of Sainz is actually irrelevant to that.

Most of us wouldn't put Sainz at #1, even whattefat himself. That isn't the point of his article. The entire outcome of the ranking isn't the point of the article. His analysis however provides some very compelling insights in how (certain) drivers are percieved vs how they might compare in identical circumstances.

They probably take in account the lack of experience Ocon still has and measure him relative to that, and he's done one hell of job when you realize he only still had a handful of races F1 experience prior to this season.

Lol qualifying results and a calculator?

He's joking.

Kimi above Bottas? Really? I mean they were both underwhelming but Bottas got 3 wins and 4 poles.

So why did Lewis top it last year even though he didn't win the championship, whilst Rosberg was ranked third?

How the hell is Raikkonen ranked above Bottas? I'm sorry but thats so stupid, anybody with eyes would know that Bottas was way better than Raikkonen