teacher picks on student [wholesome edition]

teacher picks on student [wholesome edition]

Not the same, but still a nice teacher. I was sick and our school has shit tissue paper. My Spanish went out and bought me Kleenex so I wouldn't have to hurt myself nose

Look, it's not cool to call them spanishes. We call them Hispanics.

Nope! The majority of teachers in the US are white, and the difference is especially stark in low income (often majority black and hispanic) schools. The way I read the hashtag it's saying 1) more black people should consider becoming teachers 2) more schools should make sure that qualified black teachers are being recruited and considered for teaching positions 3) Sometimes having a teacher who has something in common with students allows them to come up with something helpful for a student that might not be quite as obvious for a teacher from a different background. In this case, recognizing that a pick could really help a kid's self esteem.

We ain't found shit!

Thanks amigo

I don't think this is as much about hair as just having an adult that "gets" you. If you start making a big thing about textured hair, learn all about their hair and talk with them about it...that's just going to be uncomfortable for everyone. Everyone has different textured hair, across lots of races and racial mixes. Downplay it. It's just hair, we all have it, doesn't matter, let's get back to photosynthesis.

It's my pleasure, Spanish!

That's awesomely wholesome ☺

This is going to come off as really ignorant, but what does a pick like this do? Is it like a comb? What makes it different? I've never known.

"It's just hair, we all have it,"... speaking for a lot of middle aged guys, this one hurts.

Did you read it? In 2012 15% of students were black while 7% of teachers were. According to the census (which disproportionately undercounts black people) a little over 13% of the US adults are black.

That means we have almost half as many black teachers as you’d expect to have.

Edit: if you look at their source, in 2012 there were 231,000 teachers that identified as black out of 3,385,000 for 6.7%. If teacher demographics matched the census, 13.3% (census percentage) * 3,385,000 = 450,000 Black teachers.

That means we’re missing 220,000 black teachers.

My husband taught at a really rough district - underfunded, kids didn't eat, parents didn't give a shit, and yeah almost 100% black. The kids fucking hated him. He's the sweetest man you'll ever meet and just wanted to do right by them but all they saw was a white man and they did their best to make his life hell. It was infinitely worse for the white women who taught there - rape threats literally daily. That whole district breaks my heart. The school needs money. The kids need better parents. The parents needed better parents.

All that to say, your SIL might suck but she might also be performing the hardest job ever. Cleaning up the mess made by years of neglect is enough to turn anyone into an asshole. And I fully agree that black kids in shitty areas do need black teachers in their lives. They're battling shit a snotty white woman can't comprehend and the kids know that.

This is actually really nice. When I was growing up I’d get made fun of for my natural hair regularly. I had giant Afro puffs that my mom would put into two buns on my head and I’d get make fun of :( I started relaxing my hair early as a child but regularly. I didn’t learn how to take care of my natural hair until recently and it’s been about 2 years since I’ve cut it off to start over.

Thank you for sharing this c:

That’s amazing! Teaching is such a hard job because besides academics, you are also responsible for being a role model and teaching kids to know their value as people.

My sister teaches in a high school with a mostly black and Latino population, and she is just constantly judging her students for being “scary” and “ghetto,” and it makes me so upset. It’s such a missed opportunity to grow in empathy and to love the kids for who they are, as well as provide them with a sense of strength and pride in themselves when some don’t have much support in their lives.

I just know that as a very “basic white girl” who doesn’t see the value to be had in understanding and nurturing cultural differences, she would never do something like this for her students. I could list many more reasons why, but YES, black kids need black teachers!!

Edit: I should have said that her school isn’t actually “ghetto” at all. It’s a nice school, it’s just kind of a rural town with some disadvantaged students. The point is she refuses to relate to her students simply because they are black, and her heavily Fox News-inspired outlook on life means that she perceives them as “criminals” with no potential.

Afro picks are pretty iconic in black culture, something that would be pretty easy to learn about and understand. Unfortunately, in her mind it’s a waste of time to educate herself about black culture. If white teachers are going to choose that mentality, that is one reason for the need for black educators and role models.

White guy here. Back in high school (junior) year I was struggling in math and would go to my math teachers room after school for one in one tutoring. He was a black man from (if I remember correctly) Barbados. Nicest guy ever. Would make lame jokes that were funny because if his character. He would alway bring himself and I a few pops to drinks while he tutored me.

Honestly if it wasn't for that man I would probably have had to be stay in school another year.

They're coming to school to learn science and math etc, not to be a teaching opportunity for white kids

This way of thinking is detrimental to progress.

Schools have always, and will (hopefully) always be places of broad learning. There is rote data to be gained, yes, but students (should) also learn how to be fully-operational, hopefully-not-shitty interpersonal humans.

In labs, we learn teamwork. In the library, we read stories written by people who've lived lives that are not our own, or read about conceptual ideas that other people have. In team sports, we (hopefully) learn to work together for a goal regardless of differences and, hopefully, learn to accept these differences and extend that social interaction beyond the court or field.

I fucking hate hearing "it's not my [or anyone else's] job to educate you." This is basically saying "I believe that, in this society, it's cool for [me or those I gatekeep as 'okay'] to take without giving!" If you're so fucking "woke," you got that way because somebody (most likely many other somebodies) helped you get there. Pay it forward.

Didn't take this as the teacher bragging, rather using the story to make the point that black kids need black teachers. It wouldn't have been effective without the story.

Idk the original comment, but black people say natural hair, because it describes our hair without relaxers and other chemicals that alter our hair texture. My hair is natural. I wear the texture that I was born with. My homegirl's hair is not. She gets a relaxer every 6 weeks so that her hair is permanently straight.

Comb the desert!

Um yeah, obviously. Whoosh!

I think you need to take English instead of Spanish

Malcolm Gladwell actually gave a whole lecture about this at UChicago last summer. Here's the episode of his podcast where he gives a similar speech. The final thesis is "hire more black teachers"

A prize bag is a giant bag of goodies for students to choose an item out of when they're rewarded. So it's the student's choice if they want it or not.

I'm sure you have lovely eyebrows

A metal pick would have been better. The metal prongs disperse static electricity while providing a better detangle.

Just realized I should throw some of these in my prize bag for my students. Thank you.

It'd look silly, cuz there are very few white kids without at least one white teacher. There are many black kids without at lesson one black teacher.

I would like to hear people educating one another about cultural and phenotypic differences without prejudice, malice, or exasperation.

As I said, anyone who is "educated" got there because others educated them [very few people are true autodidacts]. So I am equating not being willing to educate others, in turn, with "taking without giving back."

Sounds like that's a problem with your sister. Black kids need empathetic teachers, of any race. In fact all kids need empathetic teachers.

Professional conclusion jumper I see. The previous posts mentioned saggy jeans and bandanas. That’s thuggish. It’s not black culture, it’s gang culture.

I recently listened to an older episode of the Revisionist History podcast. I strongly recommend it -- it addresses the result of placing the onus of integration on black children. Black teachers lost their jobs in droves, because white parents didn't want their kids taught by black teachers, especially those with superior educations by HBCUs. All kids lost out when black teachers left the classroom, but especially black students.

For some reason I was trying to figure how that would look on a boy.

Next: teacher arrested for grooming children


My sister teaches in a high school with a mostly black and Latino population, and she is just constantly judging her students for being “scary” and “ghetto,” and it makes me so upset.

I just know that as a very “basic white girl” who doesn’t see the value to be had in understanding and nurturing cultural differences, she would never do something like this for her students.

Okay, so there is a very stark difference between going out to buy someone a special comb for their hair and embracing "scary" "ghetto" behavior. Having an afro won't keep you from getting a job. Your jeans dragging around your ass and a bandanna around your neck will. Ghetto, thuggish culture isn't a culture to be embraced or endorsed in any way shape or form.

I can't speak for your sister, but I would be happy to buy a young kid a pick for his hair if he needed it. I also would tell those "scary ghetto" types to wise the fuck up.

What a good hombre.

Malcom Gladwell is biased as hell and so are the statistics he references.

So you're telling me you don't fastidiously curl your eyelashes?

So you’re research as to why the op is so important. Here you go. http://releases.jhu.edu/2017/04/05/with-just-one-black-teacher-black-students-more-likely-to-grad...

I'm not suggesting that every marginalized kid needs to be the one person responsible for educating their peers; I'm saying that it is everyone's job as community members to educate everyone in the community about understanding and accepting differences.

It takes a village to raise a village.

You sound like a great teacher and I'm sure you will be fine. Kids really just need people who care, it doesn't matter what color your skin is.

its a bag of random stuff for everybody that they can pick from chill out

teachers cannot breathe because of people like you

"Natural hair" is how black people often describe their hair because they are a race that has been most often the ones to chemically alter their hair. Whether it be with Lye products in the early to mid-20th century to even straighteners now, there has been societal pressure for black people to "look presentable" meaning "look white" with straight hair instead of keeping their natural style (which often results in afro or dreadlock hairstyles in both men and women). While there is definitely still societal pressure to make the hair more "presentable", it's now also a fashion choice.

I think he meant to say Spanish teacher

It's not like they're posting a picture of the kid and sharing their reaction like some youtubers.

Why you gitta hate and brung negativity to the wholesomeness

That stereotype exists, but wasn't what I was talking about. Black culture isn't thuggish or ghetto. But there are thugs in the ghetto.

Did it occur to you that calling the kids ‘scary’ and ‘ghetto’ has less to do with the kids, and more to do with the teacher’s preconceived notions of people of color?

There are some people who label something ‘ghetto’ or ‘hood’ because it’s a person of color doing it, or because it reminds the person of behavior they associate with people of color. It sounds like you and this teacher might get along.

You've never talked to a black person in your life, have you?

I don’t know. I was a white kid with curly hair and I used to use a pick all the time.

Reddit can be a dick sometimes.

When people dress a certain way and act a certain way we begin to associate their actions and demeanors with their clothes

Ghetto, thuggish culture isn't a culture to be embraced or endorsed in any way shape or form.

the problem comes from the stereotype that black culture itself is "ghetto" or "thuggish"

God forbid someone share a personal anecdote about a subject that’s close to his heart.

Sounds like you would make a better teacher than your sister

Teachers look out for their children. It makes it easier when you understand the cultural nuances of why things like hair/hair care are so important for black students.

You picked the right pick

I don't get the hash tag? Is that saying that black kids should only be taught by black teachers or something? Isn't that segregation?

Everyone has natural hair that can then be straightened, curled, blown-out, permed, or s million other things. It only sounds weird to you, no use trying to be offended on others behalf.

the numbers he gave in that were staggering, crazy how much of a difference it made

you can say black people hair.. saying natural hair makes it seem like all other hair is unnatural and it sounds weird as fuck

Man I wish any teacher was like this when I was in high school

Or maybe, just maybe, they're reinforcing the idea that children of color should see adults of color in their everyday life and it's important to them to have those positive figures in their life who are of the same race? I mean, idk, I'm just thinking out loud, this probably isn't a hot enough take.

I agree. Taking the picture removes some of the value away if you're doing it for internet points, just do it because it's the right thing to do

Yeah this sub has basically just become “Hey a black person did something that wasn’t bad.” This is not wholesome, it’s cringeworthy attention seeking nonsense. Why even take the picture? Just give the kid the brush, I hate People seeking social media praise for “doing the right thing”.

This one I kind of understand because it sounds like the teacher is trying to make people more aware that there's not enough black teachers.