Taylor Swift's Career.

Taylor Swift's Career.

Constant head trauma

This person has not seen a Mayweather fight.

Murdered by words? This sub has become: Lightly slapped by mediocre one liners

To be fair Mayweather don’t got much brain to traumatize anyway

That’s okay, he’s in a rare position of not having to look pretty or be smart. Just fuckin punch people and BOOM money falls from the sky.


What happened to this sub

Is it really murdered by words if it's just some snarky comment calling music bad?

Mayweather is a remarkably tactical boxer. While he maybe a nonce academically, he's definitely very smart at marketing himself and at boxing.

I hate that guy, don't get me wrong... but let's not be silly, that dude knows what he's doing.

Head trauma

Not really murder, kinda weak tbh.

Murdered by words? This thread has become: Lightly slapped by mediocre one liners


Fun fact..in the UK a nonce is a pedo.

yeah i got really confused haha Mayweather doesn't molest books if anything books molest him

No. The answer is no.

This subreddit is so shit now....

On the other hand, Taylor Swift could read this

Or in Mayweather's case, just hug them repeatedly.

DAE hate le pop music amitire!

Only time there is head trauma from a Mayweather fight is when its a domestic one. Fuck this piece of shit. If you're keeping score at home, he has pleaded guilty to 4 counts of battery, 1 count of domestic assault and 1 count of harassment, all against women.

2001: Mayweather punches Melissa Brim, the mother of his daughter, Iyanna, in the neck during an argument over child support at a Las Vegas mall. In March 2002, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he pleaded guilty to two counts of battery against Brim and received a suspended sentence.

2003: Mayweather is accused of punching two female friends of Josie Harris, mother to three Mayweather children, at a Las Vegas nightclub and chasing them out of the club. Mayweather receives a suspended sentence after being convicted of two counts of battery, according to the Las Vegas Sun. He’s ordered to undergo “impulse control” counseling. The verdict is later vacated and the charges “dismissed per negotiations.”

2005: Mayweather stands trial for felony battery after allegedly punching and kicking Harris and dragging her out of his Bentley after she confronts him about cheating. Harris changes her story on the witness stand and says she lied to police about the fight and Mayweather’s history of abuse. Mayweather is acquitted.

2010: Mayweather and Harris have split, but she still lives in a house Mayweather owns. Mayweather confronts Harris at the house for dating NBA guard C.J. Watson. After police head off the initial fight, Mayweather returns shortly before dawn and beats Harris in the back of the head and threatens to beat his children if they call the police, according to the arrest report. In an account given to Las Vegas police, Harris’ son Koraun, then 10 years old, says, “I saw my dad was on my mom and my mom said go to the office my dad was hitting her… my dad kick my mom and he told me to go in my room.” Mayweather, who contends that he was trying to restrain Harris, is charged with multiple felonies. He pleads guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault and harassment and is sentenced to 90 days in jail, the Associated Press reported. He’s released a month early for good behavior.

Source: http://theundefeated.com/features/why-floyd-mayweather-can-still-box-after-beating-women/

Yeah also in Mayweather's case destroying them in every fight

There is a big reason why he's undefeated and people only ever remember the one time he fought Pacquiao to sum up his career. Just take a look at his past and tell me he isn't dominating or that he doesn't deserve his titles.

/sub/murderedbywords /s

No kidding. The dude is probably the best defensive boxer of all time, and people want to boil down his entire undefeated career to one fight.

This is what happens when subs get popular

The only relevant difference for me between these two one-percenters is that he physically assaults his wife, and as far as I’m aware she hasn’t been violent towards anyone.

Dental plan

It grew to 200,000+ subscribers in 12 months. Like a gold rush, that many people will submit anything they possibly can to get whatever karma is out there in them hills.

This is weeeeeak. Plus, Taylor's singles have pretty much all been guilty pleasure bops this last year.


Fuck you. Seriously fuck you. I just laughed so hard I woke up my newborn and now I'm rocking her again and my knees hurt so bad.

I don't like her music, but she fact that she's making it, I respect that. Very much like sting.

May don't get got. May go get.

Legit kindergarden-tier shit

I feel like most redditors aren't going to understand athletetic/field IQ

that dude knows what he's doing Except when he has to read something

This sub went to shit in under a month. Pretty impressive.

This is the kind of joke that would get a laugh track response on a show like Big Bang Theory.

Yeah, who got murdered here? I'm sure Taylor is offended, especially with the millions of dollars she's earning with her new songs/album.


More like 3-1 since he's only been to jail once from all those incidents.

I always wonder how much boxing y'all watch, or if you just like to bandwagon hate

Lisa needs braces!

He might be 50-0 in the ring, but he’s 0 and 4 against local law enforcement

Cause most redditors are fat fucks that sit behind a screen all day and talk shit

Also she still has $280,000,000. The IRS probably aren't after her for taxes, either.

You know all of the pissing and moaning about the 1%? Those people are worth single digit millions.

What about the top 0.1% of Americans? That starts around $20 million.

Swift is -comfortably- in the top 0.01% of all American households—at age 27.

He's got to have one of the highest ratios of undisciplined flamboyance and nonsense outside competition to methodical conservatism inside competition of any major athlete ever.

A Kardashian for the dopes, but a Federer in the ropes.

He’s gonna be pissed if he learns how to read this

Well most Americans are fat fucks that sit behind a computer screen and talk shit.

So true, Never will there be a better man at not getting hit. I honestly believe he could make two people miss at the same time in his prime

It's bandwagon hate. The vast majority in here don't know anything about boxing and follow the narrative.

I'm sure you'd lose your ability to read for half the amount of money he's made.

Beat the shit out of women: you’re fine and celebrated by the media. Ask a woman if she wants to watch you masturbate: you’re a sexual demon and your career is destroyed

He wasn't really cheating fans out of money. Any one who knows boxing knew what he was gonna do in the fight, and he executed his plan perfectly. You can't really expect him to provide for the casuals that bought a boxing PPV for the first time and expected a Rockey-esq match.

Not really. Get a poll of all Reddit users (note: people who actually have accounts and comment) and there will be an overwhelmingly obvious demographic. Reddit is an absolutely horrible representation of people's views in general lol

Well, then don't cheat the fans out of a fight next time by treating the sport like it's nothing but a business.

New to boxing?

Man, you sheep believe anything. They were comfortable, but not loaded.

They owned a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. which he sold when they moved. Not 1% and especially not .1% money by any means.

1st response is way better burn than the second.

Here's a quarter billion dollars. You get it if you choose one of two conditions:

Some people think your music is bad.

You develop brain damage as you age.

If you don't choose #1, you might have brain damage already.


He’s the most boring undefeated fighter in history.

This never works out. The second sub gets reposts if the top 100 original submissions, after that it dies.

The masses ruin everything.

dae kanye = jeesus

somewhat intelligent

More like - insanely tactically intelligent, monumentally disciplined and posessing a mental fortitude that allows you to step into the ring ready to perform with some of the most dangerous people on the planet ready to hurt you.

Yeah, he can't read well. Lots of people can read. Not so many can be one of the best (not saying best because I don't want a bunch of dumb arguing) pound-for-pound boxers of the modern era.

Lots of smack talk from people who couldn't make it through a 30 minute cardio kickboxing class.

Her new single is catchy so this comeback makes no sense.

You have to be at least somewhat intelligent to hit people without getting hit as much.

Most people know this, and it still baffles me why he is such a big PPV draw.

People wan't to see him lose. That's why you watch the bad guy.


/sub/moviedetails deteriorated fast as well.

That... that dude hold up. That dude... knows what hold up. Hold up. That dude what he’s hold up. Knows what he’s doing hold up. That dude... knows... what hold up what he’s doing except hold up. Except when he hold up. Yo hold up. Hold up. That dude knows... what he’s doing except when hold up except when he has to hold up. Hold up except when he has to read something.

See: Chris Brown's now thriving career too

Part of the point of boxing is avoiding hits. Mayweather has perfected this. It doesn't make for a sexy fight but it does make for a smart one.

People expect every fight to be Rocky and Apollo. It was a shit movie but the fact that the boxing commission wouldn't allow Rocky to fight in V is real as fuck. There's only so much damage you can take before you're shot.

Mayweather rightly sees a limited window to earn money and maximized it.

Mayweather is worth $400 million. You could pay Morgan Freeman $5000/hr to be your personal reader if you wanted.

Just wanna point out kanye and kim were the snakes there, Taylor was clear as day it was never about the sex line

Also while in prison his lawyer filed a motion for his early release because the food wasn't good enough for him and his training. Adds a cherry on top to the scumbag Sunday.

Can I spend some of it on adult reading classes?

Let’s dispel with this fiction that Floyd Mayweather doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Reddit is the 5th most popular website in the US. "Most Redditors" is an absurd term that is statistically equivalent to "most people".

Don't worry about it. You're just feeding the troll. Probably a teenager who thinks they know what's best for parents to do. Sorry about the fussy newborn!

He also had to pay like.....90% of that to the IRS immediately.

Most people know this, and it still baffles me why he is such a big PPV draw. Any Mayweather fight is pretty much guaranteed to be a snoozefest with him dodging and running away the majority of the time.

She was born in the 0.1%. Her parents are rich AF.

Yeah I mean he is basically illiterate. He can kiiiinda read but it takes a hot minute.


It was a funny quip but that is about it. Not even close to murdered by words.

Actually he did not, he sold their Christmas tree farm when they moved. The record label was offered to her by a guy who had worked at Dreamworks, he said he wanted to start a record label and after hearing her sing he knew it was time to do it. Swift's dad owns 3% of the label because that's all he contributed at the time. Which if you know anything about business, could have been $6,000 if it was a $200,000 start. And only now is it $200,000,000, which makes his 3% worth $6,000,000.

It packs as much of a punch as Mayweather.

This is the shit that pisses me off. He's not boring. AT ALL.

Watching him box is like watching a grandmaster chess player. For the uninitiated, sure, boring, but to anyone who knows anything about it....no, it's anything but boring.

Oh let me help. Newborn is gassy and uncomfortable, she likes rocking in a chair, which I was doing for about an hour and a half, fuck my knees. Laid her down in her infant chair that rocks, sat down and opened reddit, laughed at joke and she woke up. Picked her up to rock with me in chair and and replied with one hand. Lucky for me she feel asleep quickly. Umm do you require a picture to see what my set up is?

Yea the only reason no one else decided to go undefeated is because they had too much pride to dance circles around the worlds greatest fighters. /s

Apparently you can't because that's not what I said.

Mayweather is a strategic genius. Specialization in one area does not mean youre an idiot.

Well the guy has bashed women repeatedly, got caught, and got off with barely any sizeable punishment. I'd consider that a 'win' for him as crude as that may sound

But she was murdered by words. Checkmate atheists.

Can’t tell if 🌊🌊 or not

More like, DAE Le Taytay since she won't take a public political stance, which means she's against us.

Her new album is garbage and I say this as a person who loved 1989.

Is it time to make a new sub?

Wallow in obscurity or become popular enough to become watered down.

Which Lil Wayne song is this?

singer uses this ONE trick to hit hard, boxers hater her