Taught GF my hobby of finding accidentally funny license plates. She just sent this. So proud

Taught GF my hobby of finding accidentally funny license plates. She just sent this. So proud

And for Kevin Spacey... IB50-UB14

I saw one today that was supposed to mean "Fish Art" but it just said "FSHART" Also saw one for "Black Beauty" that was "BLK BUTY" Almost everyone in Maine has a vanity plate and a lot are just so bad.

And for white people:


ib6 ub9

My favorite still has to be this one.

My favorite still has to be

My fiance's old plate was 789-hah

And for UB40... RDRDWINE


Not exactly accidental, but I have to share this one my wife took after we'd seen him around town a few times. http://i.imgur.com/FDRgFqz.jpg

Not exactly accidental, but I have to share this one my wife took after we'd seen him around town a few times.

L84-ANL will always be my favourite.


Hello St. Louis!

Saw CNTYGIRL on a Virginia plate. Also ANALST.

I'm not so sure that isn't a vanity plate.

Fuck for pie, I think


Greatest of all time reaper?

That was not accidental, it’s a vanity plate.

Not according to Snopes


"The photo hasn’t been manipulated, nor is the license plate shown a personalized one"

Goat repair.


Vanity department is only open for one month

I'm not understanding the joke here...

And for Louis CK: SEEMEB8

goat raper?

It's not. In MO, all vanity plates expire in July.

Here is one I snapped a few months ago http://i1075.photobucket.com/albums/w432/wheels4tv/Screenshot_20171207-210623.png

Here is one I snapped a few months ago

I love Maine, but dear God. My neighbors is "RESPEK".

And for David Bowie... UB40

Ass orgy

And she hadn't even seen the license plate!

We here in Illinois keep our vanity department open year round :) What's that you say? The state is in complete financial meltdown? Welp.

Lol im sure he meant it to be read as goat roper, but probably has done the other thing a few times

You're a very literal thinker aren't you?

He picked the wrong skill tree.

Userface checks out

....what? Why?


Today i saw XQQQS U. I fuckin lost it.

I saw STPDLAM today and came up with "stupid lamb," but that can't be right, can it?

Stop Delamination. That's one pissed off skier...

It wasn't the pronunciation that bothered me

Sounds like a sweet job.

What the hell is fish art?

I hate those big Texas goats, with their goddamn mooing all the time.

Saw an Audi A6 in Canada with "EH6" as a plate...


Oh man, I didn't even notice... I've been away for too long 😢

What a tattletale!

Mmm nothin’ like an anus tart

Username checks out.

No idea. Its Maine. I only gathered this because he had tons of fish stickers on his rear window.


Wtf is a goat roper? Is that what gets done before the “other thing”

Yeah, that's what I was surmising. I guess that's funny?

I, too, still have my Photobucket.

the opposite of bird art


We have one round here RU 16 YT.

16 is the age of consent :s

The game my mom likes is finding ones with three letters and associating them with either Niel Patrick Harris, or Robert Downey Junior.

So, for example 123-DGF could be:

Dobert Gowney Funior or Diel Gatrick Farris.

It can get some interesting combinations.


STL Represent!

MO plates are organized so that the registration expiration can be observed at a glance. The year is determined by the color of the sticker. The month is determined by the first letter in the sequence. However, since vanity plates' letters are determined by the owner, they all expire in July.

Wrong thread dear

LMAO, I didn't get the joke until I read the white person version.


Thank you. I was thinking ass peachorgy or something.

Nebraska. Or Afghanistan.

So was the OP

I'm too punned to tell if this pie is baked?

1997 is a great time!

I'm too baked to tell if that was a pun...

69...I am 6, you are 9.


You taught your girlfriend to read?

Yo. Skinker and FoPa, I believe?

We miss you

Goat repair.

You taught her this? Dang.

That’s Roy Moore’s on his truck.

You'll never say something so egregious to break the record for most downvoted comment

It's not. MO vanity plates are never embossed. This plate is embossed.

For those who were wondering what Obama's Anger Translator has been up to...

I wonder if they were heading to Pi pizza?

Thanks for clearing that up

Ali G is pretty cool though., if that's what they meant.

Why not just go the extra mile and fuck 22/7

The only thing you can do in Misery...