Tater Tot Grilled Cheese & Bacon Waffle Sandwich

This gif does little to help Europe's perception of American diets.

If you want to die happy immediately, this is how.

/sub/oddlysatisfying used to be oddly satisfying.

I think that's just sliced cheddar. It didn't melt like plastic cheese does.

I totally thought I was in that shitty food porn sub.

Also, watching this just gave me a heart attack

I thought it'd be too unhealthy until I saw the spring onion.

Look, when you're surrounded by either incompetence or corruption and occasionally both, you gotta eat your sorrows. This right here will make you forget aaaaaaaall about those silly worries, and Karen

That plastic cheese is appalling. The only place I can tolerate it is a burger, but this is far more like a pizza than a burger. Plastic cheese on a pizza is disgusting, and it looks nauseating here too.

Heartbeat intensifies

This looks so juicy

I know it's a joke, but trust me, don't do that. Your cholesterol levels will increase and you might get a heart disease.

That looks like the best shit ever

Well now that i know this can exist, I'm eating this every day, for every meal, for the rest of my life.

Where's your God now?