China uses a flaming Tibet as a weapon?

MoloTibet cocktail!

Is this a reference to "Stick War"? Classic!

Is this a reference to ? Classic!

In David Attenborough voice

When threatened by a foreign power, the EU will produce a barrier of paperwork between it and the aggressor, giving it time to escape.

Whoa whoa whoa. You can't just march in here and attack the EU. To do this please fill in on official request for assault according to artickle 97 subsection c point two. Submit this request with seven official copies to our HQ to the departement of foreign relations, comitee for assaults, subcomitee for North America who will send your request to their office. Office will then within two weeks submit their proposal for the optimal specialit(s) to the subcomitte. It will then vote on the candidate and should it find him/her/other suitable the office may proceed to hire him/her/other. Together they will submit an offical statement to the subcomitte. Should the subcomitte require help it can hire an expert on the matter to provide his/her/other opinion. The subcomitte may elect to ignore his advice. Should a conscensus be reached it will submit it's findings to the comitte which will hold a discussion. If the delegates agree that vote should be held, they will then get two weeks to read through the proposal to get familiar with it. Each delegatw may also request an expert to give him/her/other his/her/other opinion. If the comitee agrees during the vote through simple majority, the depatment will then hire twenty independent experts and research teams to evaluate the response they formulated. Once the astronomy department confirms the correct alignment of planets. These experts submit their findings. If by some miracle at least three of them agree on anything a series os rainbow unicorns are disected and their hearts used as paperweight for the message (only of course if the hearts follow the strict rules about the amount of cholesterol in blood as stated in directive 1569b, section 7, subsection 42, point 87q). This message is then send to the Europian Parliament who hold talks about the message and discuss any potential modifications. If they manage to reach a decision, the entire thing then goes to the European Council, because fuck you that's why. And there it can be modified at will. However any decisicion made by the Council can be vetoed by the Parliament and returned back to the correct subcomitte. Expect spme sort of answer in two to three years.

the lack of Mexico in this comic is unacceptable

I shall make a retaliatory comic.

This is literally why I didn't include Mexico

The EU is using a baguette.

cry laugh emoji

For second I thought America was swinging a sickle around.

Well if your flag was easier to draw...

My all time favorite from this sub

The Superior weapon.

Don't ever underestimate yesterday Baguette.

to quote an european

Gotta love trumpers. Trump starts a trade war for no reason other than drumming up a little bit of local support and it's somehow EU's fault. We should all just pucker up our assholes, lube up and be grateful that the mighty USA even lets us exist. Fuck off with that bullshit.

Did your mama never teach you how to bullshit  difficult flags?

Comrad amreeka

At least trump supporters aren't hypocrites. They pucker up and take it in the ass with healthcare cuts, education cuts etc while trump's corporate butt buddies get massive tax cuts. They only expect us all to do the same!

Eh, yesterday's baguette can still be made into french toast, last week's baguette, however...

My mama certainly never taught me to make my balls that thicc.

China uses Burning Tibet as a weapon - Brilliant.

You forgot a stage when papers have to be translated into 24 languages.

Also, NSFW for Germans.

You forgot a stage when papers have to be translated into 24 languages.

Also, .

"Now I'll go and kiss North Korea on the mouth for some reason"

Italian dildo

So uncivilized.

It depends on climatic conditions. If it's wet, you're right, yesterday baguette is an uneffective weapon.

BUT if it's dry... No need to wait a week, and you can smack as many murican' you want all day long with it.

Clearly the highlight of tibets existence

it's somehow EU's fault.

Summary of the last 40-50 years of European politics

Sanders will also impose countervailing tariffs on imports from China and Japan until they stop dumping steel

That's not the same as slapping steel and aluminium tariffs on Canada under the pretext of national security. It doesn't have to be "all tariffs are bad" or "all tariffs are good."

Trump is an idiot and the tariffs are stupid, counterproductive and will do nothing but hurt everyone involved. That being said, remember when reddit was super into protectionism and tariffs? You know, back when it was Bernie Sanders who wanted to introduce them? DickRhino remembers.

Clinton recently signaled that she might seek modifications in the pact, but Sanders said that’s not enough. “I will not renegotiate the TPP, I will reject it. I will not send any trade deals to Congress that make it easier for corporations to shut down in this country and move abroad.”

He pledged to rewrite the worst trade deals of the last 30 years, including NAFTA. Sanders will also impose countervailing tariffs on imports from China and Japan until they stop dumping steel into the United States and stop manipulating their currencies.

wtf I love tariffs now

Trump says basically the same thing

wtf I hate tariffs now

The only consistent thing about Donald Trump is that he doesn't have any sort of consistent ideology, he just says and does whatever he thinks has the most benefit to him in the immediate moment (And whatever happens to serve Russia's interests for some unknowable reason). So it's funny when the left rails against the things he does that are usually applauded as good socialist economic decisions, just because it's Trump doing it. I mean it's the kind of anti free-trade, anti-capitalist, protectionist big-government strong-arming that the left usually creams themselves over. But hell, I don't expect people in general to be consistent in their political beliefs nowadays, on either side of the political spectrum. "Whatever my opponent's side does is bad and whatever my side does is good, no matter what they do" is unfortunately the name of the game today. I dunno, I guess critical thinking probably isn't taught in school any more.

"It's super effective!"

It's a play on words, "grass mud horse" sounds similar (different accents) to "fuck your mother."

Listen to my hot take: Trump is reducing inequality in the world. By destroying USA, they will become more poor like the other shitholes. Therefore, inequality indexes will be reduced. If he takes other countries with him, inequality will be fixed and all is balanced, as it should be.

The US will just eat the baguette

draconian gun law

Are you a assaultrifle-waving-murican?

throws away a pile of papers

Cannabis is verboten, because it is dangerous, and dangerous, because it is verboten, and only dangerous things get verboten.

Is italy holding a dildo?

I'll wait a few more hours, then sort by controversial.

But trump is in power now. Sanders lost he is unimportant to us non Americans.

Us non Americans are upset now, because current leader is putting tariffs. If it was Sanders doing the we probably would.be up set to.

That flair translates (roughly) to grass mud horse... what does it mean?

Drawn in 5 minutes after I just woke up, cut me some slack :(

Finalmente! Ein use for les alt, stale baguettes!

Next panel "Why are you picking on me with your tariffs?"

Almost effective as a Panzerkampfwagen.

“This is extremely unfair to muh’erican people!”

Want pop corn? Only 10 Soros bucks and that's cutting my own throat.

US drug policy irl

It ain't gay if theirs no eye contact

but wat if nokia 3310 ????????

The difference was that Sanders, while wrong, seemed reasonable and have a somewhat coherent, if flawed, argument for doing this. Also worth noting that Bush and Obama tried to impose certain tarrifs only to back out. And neither of them claimed their closest ally was a threat to national security and then mentioning the war of 1812 as pretext for it but then saying it was about dairy tarrifs...

Trump's approach reminds me of my son with a new water gun. Before the water gun he went about his normal life not spraying shit. But then he finds out this awesome thing exists and he starts spraying everything: me, his sister, the cat, all the plants, the windows, lightbulbs... The point is someone told Trump about tarrifs and now he's using his new toy on everyone and seeing who he can push around with it looking for a win.

That's a new take to accelerationism I guess

I for once agree with the Romanian!

yesterday Baguette

Can confirm bat-like hardness. I have been hit across the chest with a stale baguette once. Hurt like hell!

What do you prefer ? A small unbreackable death meteor, or a unbending stick of doom ?

I mean It works too, but a Baguette is more convenient.

Let's be honest Trump is just salty he didn't make the World Cup

Aaaaaaand it hit /sub/all. Have fun, Mods!

Why no, what makes you think that? ;)))

A not-so-self-immolating Tibetan monk.

This video

In Chinese, grass mud house is pronounced cao ni ma, which is the same as "fuck your mother". Actually it's not quite the same because the inflection is different. It is a phrase used by the Chinese to make fun of Chinese censorship and made famous by a song.

explains it pretty well with the song and English translations.

Wait a few more days and you can pierce a King Tiger with it

At least we still have our greatest ally on our side....Russia.

The weapon choice here is tremendous

Don't underestimate an angry dude with a baguette. Those things hurt.

Ok then, I'm going to try saying "grass mud horse" and making it sound like "fuck your mother" in English, obviously. /s

As a swiss who will soon have and use a gun, I think the EU laws are better. They have fewer gun deaths than we and already implemented these laws. Also, the EU laws just demand a use for the weapon, e.g. hunting or sport.

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Do you have the post link? I’d rather save that one.

The great "BURN ALL DOWN" strat

Eh, we all know the national security reason was a BS reason so he doesn't have to go to Congress. Just a day or two ago he admitted that the tariff is retaliation to our supply management system for milk.

EU coming with that Baguette

Look, mom taught us how to draw flags, she said nothing about eyes.

The proposed Sanders package has more of the tax burden shifted towards said corporations, the trump package has tax cuts for the corporations while the tariffs are increased, along with more shenanigans in the Middle East, and health, education is cut.

A weapon to surpass metal gear

I'll toss the the nokia in air, you'll hit it with a baguette

I'm almost quoting the federal German drug person, Marlene Mortler.


I said it in Spanish, Unión Europea, that's why, yuo smarties pants.

That seems like a pretty simplistic interpretation of things, especially coming from our great leader dickrhino! IANA economist so I have zero educated opinion on whether Sanders's proposal would've worked (gut instinct says probably not), but at least I can kinda agree with an attempt to change the balance of power in our current democratic/political/economic system. His protectionism and proposed increase of social programs was all part of a consistent plan and ideology.

Trump on the other hand just does random shit to benefit himself and his cronies, as you said yourself. Taken in isolation a few of his actions might superficially look similar to what a socialist government would do, but you know they will not have the effect of a socialist policy because they were never intended to! Trump only intends to enrich himself and that's the most likely result of his actions. How are the leftists supposed to applaud that?

How this this affected by GDPR?

Yo why is there some green inside Mexico's right eye?


Pain perdu? En anglais, "French toast."

If they manage to reach a decision, the entire thing then goes to the European Council, because fuck you that's why.


God bless Automoderator and the 200+ unflaired comments it has shielded us from

Love the tariffs represented as batting.

I think it sounds similar in chinese

I have been hit across the chest with a stale baguette once.

1) Where in Quebec do you live?

2) How...?

What could go wrong ?

Calling Finns Swedes could very well go wrong.

Remember that most of the Bernie Bros were about as clued in and consistent as Trumpers.

It's the same movement, just a different side of the coin; reactionary bollocks centred around a deified figurehead.


Isn't constantly drunk

Something doesn't add up here

Bud, it's a Polandball. Literally all about generalizations.


cutting my own throat

Suddenly I don't trust your popcorn

I seem to remember some here in Norway warning about the dangers of cannabis, where the top danger was getting in trouble with the police.

Pretty much everything the tangerine typhoon says is BS, so that's a given.

The EU needs to develop the Panzerkampfbaguette. Unstoppable.

Its missing a shield. A Belgian waffle.

They hurt, but they're also delicious. Sounds kinky

At this point, might as well.

As long as you pay for it, then sure.