Taken down in /sub/apple for being a non-informative pic... Kennesaw GA Skyline - remnant of an Apple Store from the late 80's

Taken down in /r/apple for being a non-informative pic... Kennesaw GA Skyline - remnant of an Apple Store from the late 80's

A shame the sign is damaged. I'd hang it on my house if I could. And I'm not even an apple fanboy

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I apparently live right down the street from this and have never seen it.

This store was owned by a friend of my family. My dad and I built the Fixtures for the store. :)

It was called Ricks Educational Products. He moved the store many years ago.

I've driven up and down Barrett Parkway hundreds of times and never knew this was just down the street. TIL.

TIL everyone lives near me da fawk.

Apple didn't have their own stores until after Jobs came back.

So, it's not really an Apple store then, just one of many independent retailers.

Looks like someone took a second bite out of it.

It was a tornado. It went through there a couple of years ago, killed some people, ruined buildings, stuff like that. Source: I volunteered for their disaster relief

It was just a wind storm, I was there bro.

It was just a wind storm,

We walk single file to hide our numbers.

By the Home Depot and Toys R Us

Holy crap, I have never even been in Georgia and I have never seen it either. Or also.

Holy crap, that's on Barrett? I've never seen it. Guess this weekend is adventure time!

Yeah I'm trying to figure out how a sign that high up gets damaged that badly. Too much damage for a bird. Maybe a pterodactyl? Yeah that's more likely

I go to SPSU, never knew there were so many redditors in Kennesaw

As a kennesaw resident I can attest to our pterodactyl population being somewhat of a nuisance

We all fail at observation sometimes - just like that old saying, "you are always within six feet of a prostitute at any given time"...yet, I never really notice them.

edit - I was just told is was spiders, not prostitutes...spiders...my bad.


Yeap. down the backroad towards depot though. It's hard for most people to see.

The battery malfunctioned?

As a pterodactyl in Kennesaw, I am truly sorry.

I hereby deem this comment: Legit.

Behind Rusans :-)


Wow the first thing I thought when clicking on the picture was ... this looks like Georgia.

Yeah, the great Apple of the late 80s that we all miss. Crusin' on the success of the Apple // and management just not getting the company anywhere or serving their customers in any useful fashion in the long term.

Graduated from there in May. Awesome school. Needs more women though...

Holy Shit! I can't believe that thing is still standing. I remember seeing that as a kid.

That would be awesome to hang up. Your pic is still up in /sub/apple.

On the left side of the road, right before the Home Depot off Barrett

Yeah, I'm at Tech now and it's a goldmine compared to Poly. Not even exaggerating, there are probably ~10 attractive women on the entire SPSU campus. Seriously.

Try a cross-post to /sub/abandonedporn

I go to KSU and have yet to see this.. Sad day..

No fucking way. There's no way you are not op. no way.

Hello from Cartersville! Drive by Kennesaw every day on my way to work.

Oh my I too drive down Barrett regularly. MY TOWN IS ON THE FRONT PAGE!!

don't feel bad. I've lived in the area my whole life and just drove by it the other day. Shame i couldn't get some of that sweet sweet karma....