Take this!

Take this!

He's just a little puppy I know that he means well He's kind, (I don't feel threatened) I know just by his smell

The hooman puppy needs it Besides, he can't go fetch I booped it over to him So he wouldn't have to stretch

Dat snoot control.

Because dogs are awesome.

I used to have an American Bulldog who would give his toys to babies. He would just lose it whenever someone brought a baby around. He'd walk around with a toy in his mouth, whining and wagging his tail as fast as possible. He thought babies were the bestest thing ever.

I used to have an American Bulldog who would . He would just lose it whenever someone brought a baby around. He'd walk around with a toy in his mouth, whining and wagging his tail as fast as possible. He thought babies were the bestest thing ever.

What an extraordinary dog. My husky would guard that squirrel with his life. For about a day or two anyways, then he would rip its throat open and scatter the insides all over the house.

I cannot stop staring at the last two words of your question. Still. I’m still staring.

That was better than sort of ok


Is there a sub specifically for animals being nice to himself babies?

Edit: that should say human, but the idea of a dog playing with young clones of himself tickles me.

Reminds me of my dog, https://imgur.com/hpTPZ5c

Reminds me of my dog,

I'm a cat person, but I must admit, this dog is awesome.

To be fair, my cat would trip me but only so she could jump on my back and go to sleep. Best of both worlds?

He gave himself babies.

Our child sort of did also.

Sir Fluffington Edward Mouseripper VonSmythe IV never extended his claws when bopping our child, just smacked with the soft pads. Cats discipline their family members in the same way to teach them limits.

If our child hurt him though, with a tail pull or a hard smack, there would be the much feared lightning fast (but still clawless) two-pawed "multi-boop", which always startled but never hurt our child.

I think this was a good thing. Our kid learned limits, just in the same way that we taught them it was not cool to flail his hands across our faces.

Edit: Sir Fluffington thanks you for the gold, stranger. He grants you either exemption from, or immediate application of, one soft multi-boop, as your desires dictate.

At least he wouldn't do that to the baby.

My cat would have retaliated with a rapid series of bops.

Maybe see a doctor.

My son, as a toddler, had a healthy fear of our cat’s “smackin’ paw”.

my first thought was: these two words have never been put together like this in a sentence before. and now i'm trying to think of a sentence that disproves the point.

One of the very few possessions the dog owns. Might be his only toy. And he shares with a tiny human. We truly don’t deserve dogs.

Well hopefully not

He's the Ronaldo of the dog world.


Ohhhh aye-dee-die-dee-die-dee-die-dee-die-dee-die-dee-DIE!

I like the baby’s look at the end: “Thanks man”

He is number 4 of 4, correct!

The first was Mrs. F.Edwina.M.V, who had a litter of 3. We named them II, III & IV. 2 & 3 were adopted out when they were a few months old. We were about to adopt out IV when Edwina unexpectedly passed away from a previously undetected congenital birth defect. In our sorrow, we decided to keep IV (Fluffball, for short) to remember her by.

He is the funniest & most patient cat we've ever known. I mean he is hilarious and does hilarious things like sleep with just the front of his face smooshed up against the glass patio door, or get up on the bookshelf, knock off just 2 (and only 2) books so he can hide and gently boop us from the shadows as we walk by. One time he decided he was going to live in the kitchen sink. We'd lift him out and he'd just jump right back in. We ran the water, he didn't care, just sat there like it was a kitteh jacuzzi.



This reads like a justification from an abuse victim

It took down a colossus just to sleep on it?


That dog is a Lab. He's hoping the baby will throw his toy so he can teach him the amazing game of fetch.

It is dangerous to go alone. Take this!

checks out.


You have my condolences for the loss of such a kind soul, regardless of how it happened. That dog sounds genuinely wonderful.


It was even better than acceptable! Wow!

Sir Fluffington Edward Mouseripper VonSmythe IV

So did you have 3 more before him? Great name BTW.



/sub/animalsbeingbros ?

Humans, this is something called "sharing". We may wish to adopt the habit.

I'll admit I'm a bad person, I laughed.

The dog is too cute! :)

My name is dog I have a brother Although he looks More like our mother I teach him how To be goodboye And when we play I share my toy

Where is his rival, the Messi of the cat world?


14000 years of breeding and forced dependence. Not that im complaining. Dogs are the best.

To shreds you say?

DAwww looks straight out of a disney T.T

Ohh, I found one!!

The following afternoon, he tried to tell himself babies cried to communicate with their world. At least in part. After he scooped her into his arms from her crib, ...

from "A Match Made by Baby"

That awful title sounds like the only book you'd find word combinations like "himself babies"

Dogs are too good for us, what did we do to deserve them?

We didn't get them because we deserve them. We invented them.

FTFY: "Thanks dawg."

I have 2 chocolate labs. Can confirm, if we didn't stop them, they would almost definitely fetch until their paws bled.

Whenever I get the puppy urge I remind myself: dogs smell bad and you have to take them outside every time they need to poo. Or when they need to pee. Or for no reason at all because I guess they like to run around a lot.

Cats: a vampire's best friend.

Also a cat person. I have great respect for dogs and think they are in most ways the perfect companion. Too high maintenance though.

That's adorable. I'm a dog person, but your cat sounds great.

Yes, but we never extended our claws.

If you're scooping the litter daily or every other day your house won't smell at all.

It's like people who smoke. You think we can't tell, but everyone who doesn't can smell it immediately.

I don't really understand this, because the alternative is cats literally shitting in your house. Yeah, you make a dirt pile for them to use... which they (might) shit in, then track all over the house.

Isn’t that what cat ownership is all about?

All dogs go to heaven. Cats return to Satan.

If you're scooping the litter daily or every other day your house won't smell at all. Unless you have a cat that takes a dump and doesn't like to cover it up or something.

Why aren't the two combined gifs switched? Cat tripping and then dog comforting?? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

I have a bulldog mix that cries when she hears kids outside. She is a different dog around kids, gentle and cautious, she adores them!

To shreds you say?

Our dogs and cats and fish and such They're all so cute and love so much To treat our pets as one of 'us' The greatest honor (it's a must)

If lizard, mouse or rabbit then Regardless they're here to the end Their honor, we all must defend Our pets, our pals, our friends

I bet that kid pays the dog back a thousand times over in food "dropped" under the table. :-)

Dog is smart!

It means plenty of dropped food.

These are so cute! So full of love love love!

I haven't had cats for stretches and gone to peoples homes who took care of the litter and never noticed.

Conversely I've been to homes where they clearly let it sit for a week or two and change in one batch and wanted to throw up.

Depends on the work they put in.

Imune system +10000XP

That last one almost had me tearing up wtf

Well, how is his wife holding up?

Yeah, and then your house smells like cat piss no matter how clean it actually is

I am also a cat person, but dogs are slowly growing on me.

Because the dog's fairy-dogmother looked at you and decided you know how to love imperfection.

I love the surprised face of the kid afterwards - "What? Are you for reals?"

You lied to me.

Please tell us more about your thoughts.

I had to go back and reread it as the Whose Line is it Anyway pub song... 10/10 comment right here.

That's the main problem with them. They're like toddlers for a lifetime. Need constant exercise, stimulation, and toilet management.

That person is going to have to throw away that account soon and make “sort_of_good_poetry”

best of both worlds for your cat...

And the look the baby gave upon receipt... “for me??”

attacking prey isn't something dogs naturally avoid?

I have a defective one with no real prey drive. I’ve seen him stand there and watch squirrels run across the yard. I’ve seen him “chase” deer - he runs about 10’ and then stands there and watches them go.

I spooled him up and sent him out after a rabbit a couple of weeks ago and he ran to where the bunny had been....and took a big shit.

Why do I always get a warped one?

We made dogs .

My black lab is the exact same way! My chocolate prefers that we chase him though so I think some wires got crossed there.

Dogs are too good for us, what did we do to deserve them?

Soooo he wouldn’t have to streeeeeetch

They are, I'm immagining that for this kid this is maybe the first encounter with pure dog awesomeness

Perhaps you should try using soap and water instead.

That's a really weird sword, old man...

just in the same that we taught them it was not cool to smack us across the face.

by smacking him back?

and they have the need to scratch everything, its just an instinct to keep their claws sharp.

You did it!!!

I'll admit I'm a bad cat person

Mine (yellow) plays fetch until she's had enough, then rather than dropping the ball at your feet she comes close but darts away when you reach for it. The last part is definitely her favourite; every time she tempts you by bringing it closer before dashing off like an idiot.

Chocolate labs are seriously the best dogs in the world