Take the time to love yourself!

Take the time to love yourself!


Does the damn Squirtle look depressed? That's right. Didn't think so.

And you completely despise human interaction

I love me and they cant take that away from me

There are moments like this, then there are moments where the crippling loneliness crushes my spine

Years ago when I had depression, spending a couple of hours by myself was excruciating. These days, it's my favorite time.

Squirtle knows my soul


I love spending time on my own. Feels like it gives me time to digest whatever's going on in my life. Allows me to reflect and be self aware. Then when I get to see my friends and family again I'm a slightly better version of myself then yesterday.

Countless human hotfixes and the occasional patch. Time to myself makes me enjoy the time I spend with my friends and family more. That's just me though, everyone's different.