Taiwan says shut out of U.N. climate talks due to China pressure

Taiwan says shut out of U.N. climate talks due to China pressure
Taiwan says shut out of U.N. climate talks due to China pressure

You can't declare independence from yourself... it's literally against current Taiwanese government's own Constitution. If they attempt to amend it, it'll basically be a gesture that warrants war, since no peace treaty (or even any kind of cease fire agreement really) was signed between Nationalist Party and Communist Party, and the existence of <Anti-Secession Law> on PRC's side.

China PRC was stuck in limbo for just as long from 1949 to 1972 when Taiwan ROC prevented PRC from assuming China seat in United Nations.

Even Nixon thought that was bullshit that a tiny island can claim to represent 800 million Chinese.

It's an unresolved Chinese civil war. In a civil war, how are there two countries in a civil war? ? Both sides claims each other's territory, and both PRC/ROC claim to be only China.

Only way Taiwan can be considered an independent country of "China" (which it claims to be) is if Taiwan ROC declared independence from itself... That would trigger a shit show that even US is very against , that's why US doesn't support Taiwan independence.

To be fair, Taiwan has to declare independence first. It still considers itself the 'real China:. It's complicated, especially since the new Government is pro-independence...

It's a unresolved Chinese civil war, you cannot have "two countries" by definition under a civil war in which both sides claims each other.

The only way Taiwan can be considered a independent nation is if Taiwan declares independence from Taiwan ROC which even US doesn't support.

its time that world leaders acknowledge Taiwan as an independent nation state.

LOL. It's funny this came out of Taiwan. The current Taiwan government banned its latest nuclear power plant built during the previous administration and opt for coal power plant instead. There was a massive power black out in Taiwan during this summer because they can't generate enough electricity. Climate change talk is just not on the priority list under the current administration, this is just political whining about China

If world leaders were acting like adults, they'd all acknowledge that the status of the relationship between the ROC and the PRC are a domestic issue that they as foreign leaders should stay out of, which they do, for the most part.

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TAIPEI - Taiwan said its environment minister has been prevented from attending an annual U.N. climate meeting even with credentials as a non-governmental participant due to pressure from China.

This year, Taiwan was shut out of the health assembly, which the island also said was due to China's coercion and threats.

China has previously blamed Taiwan for its exclusion from international events, saying it is due to Taipei's refusal to accept the "One China" principle.

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If world leaders were acting like adults, they'd all acknowledge the obvious reality that Taiwan is a country

No, if the world leaders were acting like adults, status quo like the current situation is the obvious choice