SZA, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin Named RapCaviar’s Pantheon Artists

SZA, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin Named RapCaviar’s Pantheon Artists

Metro Boomin is deserved for sure. He's contributed so much to the trap scene and continues to inspire the hip-hop community both in the sense of listeners and creators.

With Spotify losing money every year you'd think they would try and cut costs instead of building a statue of fucking 21 Savage

Damn that's really cool

It's marketing, these statues don't cost them shit

I'm really glad Metro is there

video of the pantheons here

Maybe its a bad angle, but that looks nothing like yung metro :( still dope nonetheless

Edit: metro does look alot better 😀

How much could these statues realistically cost? $5000-$10000 maximum, they might have paid more money producing the video that comes along with it.

This article reports their revenue as $3B per year, and they have 50M subscribers

It's a miniscule cost, relatively, so if they think it's a cool idea that people might like, then it's really no big deal to build a few statues

She wrapped my heart up

This seems really cool but can someone explain to me what this is? I'm not really familiar with RapCaviar. Also I don't mean to insult her but I'm kinda surprised to see SZA included in this, I think she's good but I guess since she's not really a "rapper" (which I figured with a name like RapCaviar that's what they'd focus on)

I don't know much about it either but RapCaviar is the most influential playlist in hip hop (Spotify Playlist) Basically they made these Pantheons for honoring these artists More detailed article here:

What’s SZA doing there her music is decent but she doesn’t rap as far as I know

That's not what ghost producer means tho

Plus it's a piece of eye candy that promotes rap caviar, which has already proven to be widely influential and popular, and therefore might be a good point of access for new users. Honestly it's entirely possible that from an economic/marketing perspective it's completely justified.

Jake one , g koop, cubeatz, frank dukes

While it does seem counter-intuitive to do something like this, Spotify's longevity relies on the platform being different and appealing to young people. So it's actually more risky if they don't do interesting stuff like this

Is it bad that I want to know who his Ghost producers are

I get so giddy every time I hear SZA got recognized by some award or honour or whatever. That woman deserves everything in the world, I feel like a proud father.

Metro doesn’t have ghost producers, these people are literally always credited when they are used by producers

It's not like they had michelangelo come in and chisel marble, they basically just 3D printed these. What do you think it could cost

Issa Statue.

rap caviar is basically all the popular trendy rap songs that a lot of ppl who arent versed in rap or know much about it (so a lot of the general population) listen to. i have some friends who aren't really into hip hop but listen to it and find some songs they like. its just a handy playlist that collects good, popular, and accessible songs from a wide range of rap artists

It's not marble, and they just paid to take three 3D photos and rent machines to do all the work. It might be more affordable than you realize. but what do i know

St.Louis representing

Because a lot of music fans rely on curated playlists as a means of discovering new artists. A lot of people I know who use Spotify don't even play music by the artist but rather jump from curated playlist to curated playlist. As a result the team at Spotify who create these playlists exert significant influence as to what's trending and are responsible for millions of users discovering artists that are included in them.

It's almost like the editors who generate these playlists are the radio DJs of 2017.

Maybe it's just the image, Check the video it's looking way better

says who?

Labels are clearly paying Spotify to get on to their play lists, released for genres, and these promotions.

There's nothing evil about it but it's become a less intuitive platform for finding new music.

They make a lot of his melodies

We need a smino statue

21 and Metro Boomin definitely deserve it, they've been dropping some of the best hip hop of the past two years.

Is there a problem... the fuck?