SWLegion @ Salute 2018

SWLegion @ Salute 2018

I love all those imperial ships as terrain! I only see the a-wings and x-wing models used.

Saw this picture on a FB page I liked. I though it was pretty well done and wanted to share with you all. Im posting the link to FB below to give credit to them.

edit There are additional photos on the page. enjoy

FB Link

Is that Lambda one of the old Kenner toys or is it scratch built?

Nice, I've had a vision in my mind of doing something like this, I just lack the funds to buy ship models at the moment.

Any idea what the floor is made of?

I'd say both. But still looks cool.

Those TIEs are definitely too small. The cockpit gives it away, a Legion sized man would never fit in there right. the Lambda is also slightly too big, though it's closer than the TIEs. It's definitely very cool, I'm just a stickler for detail, and the Lambda is a monster and awkward looking when it shouldn't be.

Something is wrong here. Either that Lambda is way too big or those TIEs are way too small.

Have the exact same question on the floor.

Here's one other angle I saw shared somewhere. Not that it shows much more.

That's because they are relatively cheap and easy to find right now. Hopefully the Solo movie coming out means Revell or Bandai will put out another TIE fighter model.