Sweet ride

Holy shit that thing must destroy everything it touches

Lived near the western part of Virginia, I've learned to never underestimate hillbillies.

Never underestimate their hillbillities you mean.

I understand that the snokel sticking out of the water is so the engine doesnt flood.

But how do they stop water getting into the fuel tank? If the fuel tank doesnt have a vacuum relief valve the tank will collapse in on is self

Inside the tank is a bladder full of fuel. As fuel is pumped out, the bladder shrinks. I doubt it would be warrantied for sucking up water instead of air to fill the tank volume outside the bladder, but it would probably work just fine for a while.

You mean that wasn't the point?

Well, it seems to be water legal.


Thaaaaaats not how steam power works.

Note to readers, that's not a common design for most vehicles.

It's steam powered, water IS the fuel!

Good thing the driver looks he doesn’t give a fuck about any of that, and we have this gif to watch.

Is that street legal?

That accent is either a lot more or a lot less Southern than I was expecting, depending on how you look at it

Not with that attitude it isn't

This gif degrades with each repost.

That's what she said.

New Zealand accent

Can confirm it's kiwi

When he says " bugger Rainbows end, this is where it's at " he's referring to New Zealand's only theme park.

Yes bogans. This is some sweet as New Zealand shenanigans right here.

The crankcase is sealed with a one way valve to vent excess pressure (that vents into the intake), power steering is a closed loop so no entry way, driveline breathers are either plugged or ran to the snorkel. Its really not hard to to make this work.

Fury Rd.

This. As long as you don’t shut the engine off there is positive pressure so nothing can go in

This guy buys a lot of duct tape.

And probably tickles catfish.

To me, this looks like a man who gives no fucks about warranties.

Depends on the street.

The bottom line is trucks aren't designed to be submerged in water like this. You can take steps to protect it somewhat but not 100%. Water will get sucked past seals, get in bearings, etc. You're either going to be tearing stuff apart constantly to clean out water and relube or you're going to have major damage eventually.

That's some full on redneck shit right there.

Is that a battery with open contacts sitting right under the passenger seat while the passenger holds his feet up to not touch the contacts on it?

Nope. Cause gators. And eels in my teeth.

Bayou Bathtime