Sweden Final 7

Sweden Final 7

Thank GOD they didn’t choose Zebbosai

Luddee about to get more playtime in his first WC match than mendo in OWL

For those who can't access Twitter: here is Sweden's final 7

🛡️ Tank - Jonathan "Reinforce" Larsson - Free agent - @Reinforce

🛡️ Tank - Tim "Manneten" Bylund - Florida Mayhem - @Manneten

⚔️ DPS - Hugo "SharP" Sahlberg - GGEA (formerly OpTic Academy) - @SharPow_

⚔️ DPS - Kevyn "TviQ" Lindström - Florida Mayhem - @MisfitsTviQuE

⚔️ DPS - Simon "snillo" Ekström - Philadelphia Fusion - @snillo_ow

💉 Support - Ludvig "Luddee" Håkansson - Angry Titans - @Luddee_OW

💉 Support - Sebastian "chipshajen" Widlund - Dallas Fuel

I'm just here for the comments about their main tank selection.

Grabbing popcorn.

To be honest, I think LullSiSH is a better tank than both of them. But out of the two, Reinforce is better than CWoosH

Luddee Hell. The madman, he only went and got on the roster.

Let the Positive Anger flow freely through the roster.

I hope Jonny pops off and gets to live the blizzcon dream he was snaked out of. If he wants to make a return to pro play, he has to pop off. Do or die time for him

My biggest surprise is honestly that they took Manneten over Nevix, because the further the season went on the better Nevix looked.

He’s bad.

Manneten was arguably the best part about the Florida Mayhem. Similar to Zunba, he was just an extremely solid, competent off tank who always seemed to have his head on straight. Nevix is also very good though, so I don't really have a reason why one was picked over the other.

Manneten had a pretty poggers Zarya and he is consistent af.

Not a bad pick in my eyes.

I'm gonna play the devil's advocate here. This sub generally believes LullSiSH is a better tank and while that might be true, he also has his own contenders team and competition to worry about. He would have to balance practice time and different team structure. This is something that Seita, explained was the biggest determining factor when building team Finland. Therefore the trade-off for Reinforce might be worth it because he doesn't have any responsibilities with another team and would have and easier time building sinergy with the team and participating in other team activities like VOD reviews and fully commit to the team.

TL;DR: LullSiSH has other commitments, Reinforce does not.


Anything that's not the Florida Mayhem supports is a Pogchamp


I feel so sorry for Nevix tbh. He was really starting to come into his own with SFS, then ChoiHyoBin showed up. The guy deserves better than bench, whether it be OWWC or OWL.

From soldier main in TF2 to playing DPS in Dreamback to being known as a Mercy 1 trick.

Everyone has a player profile pic, and then there's SharP. Is he literally Tracer?

Honestly I’m quite surprised to see Manneten over Nevix. Manneten may have been an unsung hero on the Mayhem roster, but I didn’t think he was that unsung.

Dodged Zebbosai, good work Sweden

He is

Correction* to being known as one of if not the worst support in the league

Shouldn’t be

You think manneten is weaker than reinforce? I'm rooting for reinforce to pop off but he's the biggest question mark until we see them play. Manneten had a solid showing despite his team's struggles

Yeah, Nevix is better than him imo

Wrong Håkansson brother



Yeah he's switched through so many roles with ease yet hasn't gotten the team that would fit him.

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It‘s a family business afterall

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