Swamp Thing and Etrigan Would’ve Headlined Guillermo del Toro’s Cancelled ‘Justice League Dark’

Swamp Thing and Etrigan Would’ve Headlined Guillermo del Toro’s Cancelled ‘Justice League Dark’

A canceled Del Toro project? That’s a rarity.

I honestly would love a Swamp Thing/Animal Man/Rotworld pseudo-trilogy. Give them each a solo film then do a crossover for Rotworld. Of course, I just happen to love Animal Man, so obviously I would want this. It might be commercial suicide from a more general perspective.

Nooooooo!!! Swamp Thing AND Etrigan?! That would have opened up SOOO many doors for the universe! Bah!!

I think it might be because he doesn't budge. he has a vision to tell and he intends to tell it exactly how he needs to. In his AMA he said at the mountains of madness was cancelled because he needed a big budget and an R-rating and they wouldn't give them that. Even though james cameron and tom cruise were both attached to the project.

As sad as I am that his movies get cancelled a lot, I'm glad he doesn't budge.

R.I.P. Haunted Mansion movie

The demon warrior has been rejected

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I mean, with another director, maybe. If anyone could make it work, it's Del Toro.

Why not? Lovecrafts work doesnt feature gore, nudity or even strong language. there is nothing in Lovecrafts work that couldnt be PG-13.

Honestly, as a Lovecraft fan, I'm kind of glad his AtMoM movie didn't get made. If you read the script the movie completely loses the thread and has a big action showdown with Cthulhu (who isnt even in the actual story) at the end. It would have been the same mistake they made with the mummy. Taking a tight horror script and turning it into a Tom Cruise action film.

There's still a JL Dark movie in development but not with Del Toro, he left years ago.

He chose to leave to do other projects, WB didn't run him out.

I think it works better for obscure characters, because you have more leeway and can change them with fewer complaints.

Groot and Drax are extremely different from their comic counterparts, for instance, but nobody cares because almost nobody even knew who those guys were before their film.

Sure, Suicide Squad did it poorly, but it did basically everything poorly. Del Toro could pull it off.

I mean, I get that Del Toro is going to tell you to go fuck yourself sideways if you don't want to do it the way HE wants to do it, but I would THINK that his fucking RECORD speaks for IT-FUCKING-SELF.

Jesus Christ! Give the guy some money, some characters you don't give a shit about, and let him make some fucking magic!

I'd like to see Morrison's run on Animal Man get adapted one day.

I liked the latest Justice League Dark animated film they did. Etrigan was a surprisingly strong character. Actually a lot of the animated films are pretty well done (Killing Joke aside).

Either JL Dark or Assault on Arkham could have been straight adapted as live action for the DCEU.