Surprising his girl

That is a LOT of panties.

It’s just... too many panties. It went from “romantic gesture” vibe to “creepy serial killer video” vibe when he kept panning and there was just more and more underwear, covering he entire bed.

This is shot like a crime scene video.

I kinda expected a sign at the bed "You're cleaning that shit up" 👌😂

This is cute and all but that bathwater would get cold real fast.

When I see stuff like this I feel jaded. Like, why brag and show off about this online. Seems like you were more concerned about likes. But it's a sweet gesture. And I'm probably just over thinking it but that's my opinion

It seems that way until you realize how much nice silk and lace panties and bras can cost

Man, this is romantic as FUCK. I would cry too if someone put that kind of effort into making me happy. Good for them!! <3

Maybe some women are into this but personally I'd rather receive a gift that wasn't basically like "so we're having sex, right?".

Panning over the dimly lit bed with a shit ton of women’s underwear laid out on it... I was expecting to see a dead body or a jump scare for some reason.

That was my reaction. Maybe some people are just over the top, all the time. But this still comes off as a little... artificial to me.

The ending would have been perfect with a puppy, not a bunch of panties.

... what’s with all the underwear? What am I missing?? I’d want to go to bed after that, not do a fashion show.

It seems like they were just so proud of their hard work that they wanted to show the world. It does feel good to have others affirm you in that way, but maybe it was more excitement-based than attention seeking.

My heart wants me to think they are fake petals. No mess and easy to clean up. If not, well at least he's gonna get some haha

Dude just emptied out her underwear drawer.

I thought it was going to be an engagement ring at the end.

You don’t want to put pedals on your carpet. They’re spiked on the ends to add traction to your shoes when you’re riding your bike.

But still I “ruin the mood” when I make bubbles.

Nah, just wants to fuck.

Yeah, same. This looks like he prepared the room for some hooker. Like „So these are the outftits I find sexy. Choose one and then suck my dick because you have to be greatful. Also: anal?“ Yeah, that would be a no for me. Treat me like a grown up female and don‘t try getting me into bed with something cheap like that.

definitely had a "I stole a lot of women's underwear to make a reddit post" vibe about it...

Those red petals are gonna stain that white carpet. It’s a nope for me.

Everything up to the underwear.

Plus, how embarrassing for this guy to post her underwear on Facebook.

Bubbles are actually supposed to be really good at keeping the heat in!

Came here to say this. But I suspect that even if there were no panties this would be over the top and off. Like what a thirteen year old thinks would be romantic or something ....

They’re probably gifts and not her already owned underwear? Why would he pull out what she owns already lol

Yeah, like - what'd I just watch?

My fav is when he pans to the LED speaker lol

[Tears] I can't find my allergy medicine

I feel like it’s crazier because of how much they cost. Like, I just bought two lousy Walmart bras, and it cost me almost $40.

So if I wanna do this I should get fake pedals?

No, he's just saying he bought her underwear for this occasion. Jesus Christ reddit

That's an expensive gesture! Those flowers are pricey, al that lingerie is pricey, and the wine and hopefully a maid coming by tomorrow...dang. I had to beg for a Valentine's Day card.


Yes get fake but realistic petals. Shouldn't be too hard to find.

I was expecting some pizza (:

It's a gift to himself, and the whole thing is just "I'm doing this all so you'll have sex with me". It's probably not a great idea to treat your partner like an object

It’s not treating her like an object. It’s treating her like all he wants is for her to have a relaxing romantic evening. And who says she wouldn’t want to have sex just as much or even more than he does? Sex isn’t the enemy

Hey guys, I did something beautiful and sincere that I would love to share with my family and friends. Here's all the rose petals and... I'm just gonna fuck her, yep, that's it.

He Shyamalan twisted all of us.

I was thinking he bought the lingerie for her to wear?

This is simply not true.

The best way my husband surprises me is bringing me Wendy's chicken nuggets, because he doesn't eat fast food and it's a rare treat for me.

Plus if he tried something like this our dogs would try to eat the petals, or I'd accidentally break the glasses and end up in the ER with glass shards in me.1

And by the way, clean yourself up first

Yeah it did turn into a slightly fetish vibe at the end there

Y’all need to lighten up. If they’re in a loving relationship this is some very thoughtful romantic shit no matter how old you are. People who are cynical about romance and love just like to shit all over nice gestures just because it’s also sexy. Let them have their fun damn

Yeah, this video. XD

I would hate that. All of it.

He did something wrong for sure. No sane guy does something this staged and then posts it online for approval for no reason.

Right?! Even if they’re not to put on in that moment she’s going to be stoked he bought her gifts

Maybe I’m a blank slate of emotions , but it seemed a bit too much from the beginning. Maybe I’m wrong and just like to keep things simple. But the panties were very odd. Lol