Surgical precision

This dog doesn't lack coordination. He's just ahead of his time..



Like, streets ahead.

Boom. Headshot.

All of the grace of this guy

All of the grace of

If you have to ask, you're streets behind.
the infamous Fritz

Reminds me of the incredible catching abilities of

Is he/she lagging?

That dog is okay

All Ahh the good ol' Noink. All dogs learn this at some point in their lives.

...opponent has disconnected

Good try. Good boy.

Boom. Headshot.

i LOLed at work.

My dog doesn't even try. He just lets it hit him in the head

Edit: for those who asked :)

He's dead Jim.

I LOLed on the shitter.

Fun trick: throw food to a dog but do it in an upwards arc instead of straight down towards them.

Because they've been trained to catch based on a certain flight time, they will almost certainly go too fast and get donked on the head.

When you want the treat but soccer is life.

I tried to LOL on United...

Name checks out

He is a Lab...I have a feeling his proficiency at catching food before it hits the floor will improve quickly.

i LOLed at home.

Boom. Headshot.

Are you ok?

Incredible, thank you.

Where is the reset button on this particular model?

You stupid child. Nobody's winning anything. Don't you see? This means we don't exist. We're not created by God, we're created by a joke. We were never born and we will never actually live.

I might have a dumb dog but we've always done the arc and she still hasn't learned the timing.


There was an attempt at trying to be a good boy.

So 1 and half labs

Can someone gif this for me please?

Aw shucks, he's still a good boy.

I'd name him Ivory, and if anyone said anything, I'd scold them for not being blind to his color.

we wanna see

Pierce can you knock it off ?

I would name this dog chocolate.

We can rebuild him, we have the technology!

Please tell me that dog is okay.

Chat disabled for 3 seconds

If it was playing soccer, this should count as near perfect header.


It's not as funny when you have to force it.



Stupid Pierce. He really Britta'd it.

He's still puppo. He hasn't evolved into doggo, yet.

Plus closing its mouth before the treat reached it. That probably had something to do with it too.

The immediate look of shame and disappointment when he/she figures out he/she missed is what gets me.

Snipin's a good job mate

we wanna see

All dogs are now blue.

This.gif is amazing.

But if we were made by a joke and that makes us jokes too then doesn't that mean it's okay to live a joke of a life?

Heard it's round back.


Have two labs, can confirm.

One is yellow and a quarter Husky, but she was the runt so she's only like 50 lbs (kinda counteracts the husky). The other one is a beautiful brown lab and a quarter Great Dane. She almost comes up to my waist.

A smol dogger


we wanna see

Not nearly as precise as ol' Buster over here.

Not nearly as precise as

It doesn't lack coordination. Their feet just don't work well on a smooth floor.

Watch as it brings his head up for the catch. The back of the paw comes off the ground slightly leaving only the front pads and claws. Not enough surface area to force ratio for linoleum.

Legs go forward, body and head come down = doggo disappoint

Goats go to Hell.

They have to be taking the food away after because otherwise that dog would be hooge

He definitely is, the little derp.

Swung early. Must have been a change up. Shame on you.

But not today apparently.

Ah come on. How you gonna do me like that??

Our breeding skills are still going strong I see. In the 21st century, we managed to breed a type of dog that can't get on the leather sofa and ruin it with slobber. We need to think of a name for this new breed of sofa-safe dog.



Whats a puppo? 🤔

Duude! That is so dope of you to come through like that 🤘👊 respect

Great headbutt tho

Squared it perfectly. Keeper has no chance.

Doggo forgot he was on a slippy floor. When he went to push himself to the correct height to catch the treat, his intended upward momentum became forward momentum due to lack of grip (see front paws).

I've never had a pet that didn't have a human name. Currently Svetlana and Edward.


The real LPTs were inside you all along...



slowly raises hairbrush

If its paws had not slipped, I think it would have caught it.

That dog eats better than I do and yet he's still skinnier.

No, this is Patrick

Air bud's cousin blackie fucking sucks.

"the pup... He was made a fool of..." - my wife

All dogs go to Heaven.