Super Meat Boy on Switch is selling really well!

Super Meat Boy on Switch is selling really well!

Oh wow. I forgot about this due to the direct. I need to get it when I get out of work.

Sums it up

I picked it up. Runs great and is awesome to have on a system like the switch for all the obvious reasons.

Just dissapointed that the original soundtrack isn't there :(

I don’t know what happened between Danny and Edmund, but it’s a shame that they had to change the soundtrack.

Holy shit, that was possibly the most relevant/obscure Simpsons reference I have ever seen.

I grabbed it too, it's really great in this format. Because the levels are so short, it's perfect for those 5 minute wait times. And maybe this time I'll actually get beyond the early chapters!

That just killed my purchase, damn. Thanks for the info...

I don't understand the connection between how well a developer makes a game and suicide.

I didn’t know it was out! I can’t buy for another 3 hours...

It’s more a comment on the quality of/effort put into the port than the Switch itself.

Developer and composer had a falling out and he refused to license his work to new releases of the game.

Well Ubisoft made tetris work very choppy on the ps4 when it came out... so don't underestimate things like this, especially if the engine isn't ported.

Well, whatever you do, don't download RBI Baseball 2017. Your life apparently depends on it.

I think you’re not giving the soundtrack enough credit. It’s an important aspect of the game’s design, and clearly significant enough to turn people away for lacking it.

I doubt the game is loading data constantly at that rate that it induces input lag

That's the one reason I didn't bother with this port. That soundtrack was something else..

I could see why you would think that. Its based around and inspired by Newgrounds like platformers. But its honestly amazing. I personally think its the best 2D platformer since Super Mario World. Its amazing. Its tough but not just for the sake of it. Its hard to compensate for the very presise floaty controls.

I understand, and it's unfortunate that team meat had their dispute with the original composer. To look at it another way, avoiding the game for that reason is like siding with the composer and whatever his demands were, while supporting the game anyway is siding with team meat for making an absolutely great game. Believe it or not, the gameplay is identical to the original version regardless of the soundtrack.

I remember hearing about that and that’s why Isaac was changed. But nooo not meat boy soundtrack too. I loved the soundtrack enough to actually purchase the physical copy when it released.

What were the principles he stood for in this? I'm pretty ignorant of the situation.

I think I'm going for it anyway (though I still feel bad). If I want the original one, I can go back to Steam or just listen to it.

Really not great. It's not awful, it's just.. bland. And compared to the original soundtrack, which is stellar, it's quite a stepdown

Good! Loving it on my switch even though I had it before wasn’t much talk about it on here due to the direct.

Is anyone really surprised? A popular platformer coming to a popular mobile system. Yeah, its going to sell well.

i see

"Runs great" no offense but if a 2D Platformer from 2010 would not run great on the Switch I would probably hang myself