Super Mama!

Don't talk to me or my son ever again.

Get your own fucking puppy!

No! I made dis. Is mine. NO TOUCH

OMG please what is the back story?

Please tell me that lil guy is not the last of her litter and she finally understood her owners were just selling off her pups to random idiots.

Stranger danger!

Well this just wrecked my world.

I do the same thing when I get a burrito


Why did you get downvoted into oblivion?

It doesn't add to discussion. Comments like "This.", or "omg so true" tend to be downvoted.

Wasn't this just on the front page like....a day ago?

That's how this always looks to me. "No you took all the other ones. This is all I have left."

You wag your tail?

Full Gif is not as nice.

Full Gif is not as nice.

Seek therapy.

You really need therapy.

Whose trying to pet your burrito

Nah, see that's clearly fake. Doesn't tug me heart at all.

Good try, though.

Is this like a puppy mill thing where she’s not willing to let her last puppy go?

Omg so true!

What a bitch.

Do you really think he deserves that though

Whose laugh do you usually laugh?

Omg this.

A was on /sub/aww the other day. Whatever happened, the way the guy with the yakuza hairstyle is interacting with the dog happened makes me think nothing good come off it.

can't not upvote this.

You make it sound like we stabbed him.

Is that what they wanted it for? No wonder the momma wasn't keen.

Oh the sads of this reality. Poor doggos.

Because it is now top comment. He probably posted that when the comment was smaller and not at the top.