Super Liked

Super Liked

Khajiit on tinder

skin flute

Oberlin? If it's a match ask her what instrument she plays

WTF I'm dying

Not now! JIAN YANG!

M'aiq knows much, tells some. M'aiq knows many things others do not.


Notice me, S E N P A I

Hello, Erlich Bachmann. This is your mom.

You are not my baby.

I hope you have nine lifes like her.

The person being super liked gets a notification that they've been super liked by that person. So I guess it just increases the chance of that person noticing/matching with the one super liking them. And therefore increases the chances of getting laid.


Stolen from Trixie Mattel, just FYI.

This is you... As a old man. I'm ugly and I'm dead... All alone.

That's cuz you're a math guy

Who's sucking my dick, the cat? Or the girl?

Super lifes

I haven't updated in a while, but tinder definitely tells me if someone has super liked me before I match with them. You'll just be swiping along and suddenly see a picture with the blue star, no notification.

Just a noob question what does super liking do?

I'm also swiping in that area. Not an amazing selection for a college town.

Assuming this is the Oberlin, Ohio one.

She won't be treated like a Khajiit though


Oberlin girls are fucking weird...

I have the coin if you have the wares.

This is Mike Hunt...

The person being super liked gets a notification that they've been super liked by that a person.

FTFY. It doesn't tell you who super-liked you. However, if you match with someone who super-liked you, it tells you so.

Yeah that's what I meant, if someone super-liked you, the app just tells you but it doesn't tell you who super liked you. You have to swipe to find out.


The more expensive the school the odder the gal is in my experience.

M'ayaq will suck dick for coin

/sub/tinder has taught me that if a girl has anything witty in her bio, it's copied from somewhere.

Super notice me SENPAI

And I'm rich

You were mislead and then the punchline was random yet relevant to tinder and funny. What is there to get broheem?

Maureen Ponderosa.

Okay hold up... plz explain


Shhhhh tell no one. 👀

Speaking from personal experience, absolutely nothing apparently!

Gotcha. That makes sense.

Ever see the rulebook for kick the Khajiit?

Oh am I famous or something?

There's nothing for you to be alarmed about, everyone dies at one point or another.