Sunlight through prismatic window film

Sunlight through prismatic window film

Imagine waking up with this in your face every morning

Very cool. Here you go, reddit.

Man if you were in that room on mushrooms or acid when that happened. ­čĄ»

This is where the hippie jesus will be conceived it has been fortold, man

Damn, $45 plus $10 shipping for a 2' x 3' panel!? I'm too poor for that but good for anyone who can afford it. rushed job, could have done it better but was rushed for time.

That's someone else's house.

Jokes on you! During the winter it doesn't matter because the sun is rising on my way to work, and setting on my way home! I never see it anyways!

Or, ya know, you sleep with the curtains/blinds shut like most sane people.

Pretty sure this is only how it looks in the daytime when they want this effect.

The O-face on bad acid

That's very cool. Nice room setup.

It is really awesome

It's what unicorn vomit would look like.

Reminds me of ET. When they kinda got a rainbow effect through the blinds

I'd love this for about an hour but then I imagine it would get old fast.