Summer Robin, by @pokezuizui

Summer Robin, by @pokezuizui

Wish I pulled her, Summer Tiki or Summer Corrin. Was pretty unlucky and didn't get any summer units over the two banners.

Art looks great tho!

What, afraid to get arrested for Summer Elise?

And now you're distracted because you can't stop thinking about the belt


Imagine being on the beach and some random girl has a belt on her thigh

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In the middle of wi- you know what, I'm not complaining

Nah, its just that OG Elise is superior in art style and playstyle now that staves are broken AF

Yea, if I look at Summer robin that's definitely why I'm distracted.

S.Robin is always hot.

S.Tiki can help her cool down with her melons.

Still wondering why is she wearing a belt.

It's not like i hate it

Yep. In order of when I obtained them:

Eirika (she's really just a buff bot, so it doesn't really bother me)

Jakob (don't use him, so I don't really care)

Jaffar (makes me sad because I would use him if he wasn't -Atk)

Spring Lucina (don't use, don't really care, would fodder her for Swift Sparrow but I only have one and won't do that)

Spring Xander (would use him just because if he didn't hit worse than a wet noodle)

Eldigan (with the Fury 6 thing possible, I will consider using him now)

Like three Camillas (I have since foddered them off either for Brave Axe+ or Savage Blow)

Minerva (the character I was trying to get off the Wyvern Rider banner, obtained only after seven Camillas and two Berukas--I was a bit of a whale at the start of this game, I'm not anymore)

Takumi (I pulled a -Spd Takumi first, so basically I've never had a good Takumi)

Lilina (since merged into a neutral one, and will eventually be merged into a +Atk one as I recently pulled a four-star +Atk one, just waiting on the feathers)

Genny (she's the only one I have, so I have no intention of foddering her Wrathful Staff)

Ike (pulled a +Atk one on the CYL Voting Gauntlet banner though, so naturally I merged this one into the +Atk Ike)

Hinoka (I have since pulled a not -Atk Hinoka, so this one is either going to get merged into her or her Hone Fliers will be foddered off, haven't decided yet)

Sakura (she's a healer though so it doesn't really matter)

The Nowi I already mentioned

Summer Robin (still extremely upset about this, but the weapon forge is helping me be able to use her)

Summer Gaius (pulled immediately after the Summer Robin and also has a Res boon)

Seliph (he pity broke me on Nohrian Summer when I could've gotten Summer Leo; unlike the pity breaking Hector I also pulled on this banner, he makes me really angry)

Elincia (she's at least +Spd though, and has access to Flier buffs, so it's not so bad)

Shigure (yeah he's a dancer so he shouldn't really see combat, but his tome's whole gimmick is Breath of Life so he kind of actually should see combat)

Deirdre (I don't care about the bane, I still use her right alongside my Sigurd)

Halloween Sakura (pulled after a +Res -Def one, so this one will be getting her Kittie Paddle foddered to Felicia whenever I pull a good IV Felicia)

Not one but two Halloween Jakobs (this one I'm actually mad about because I love Jakob; at least one of the two is +Def so he'll make a good wall on Armor Emblem whenever I'm done building him)

Ephraim (just like his sister, haha; I'm still going to use him though, since I'm putting together a Sacred Stones team and I don't have Lute or Tana to be the blue unit on it)

Last but not least, Hector (pity broke me on Legendary Heroes in a session where there were no red orbs; I immediately foddered his DC to Amelia out of anger; already have a +Atk one built so why would I want a -Atk one?)

So not quite 30 -Atk units, but enough to make me pretty angry at constantly getting bad IV units. If I added in the few -Spd units I have, that would definitely be the 30 bad IV units.

Edit: I totally forgot that my Halloween Henry is also -Atk. I still use him, though; attempting to go either Gronnowl or Gronnblade because those tomes can help fix it.

Now that is a fishing trip I could go on despite hating fishing trips.