Suicidal Horn

Suicidal Horn

Ladies and gentleman, "intelligent design"

It's a goat, I think it's thought process was more "geeze, my face hurts, imma eat some grass"

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Edit: Anyone below me that is upset by my post can relax, I'm just being a smartass. Jesus Christ.

The picture was taken while on a hunt in Pakistan with This Company.

This is a Blandford Urial and was shot and relieved of its misery by Mr. Corey (from USA) here in Baluchistan. According to the guide(Mr. Kaiser) : "Its the new pending world record when it will be soon certified by SCI."

Here are some more pictures:

The picture was taken while on a hunt in Pakistan with This Company.

This is a Blandford Urial and was shot and relieved of its misery by Mr. Corey (from USA) here in Baluchistan. According to the guide(Mr. Kaiser) : "Its the new pending world record when it will be soon certified by SCI."

Here are some more pictures:

What it feels like to chew 5 gum.

I swear, everyone in the south knows/knew a guy named Corey that looks exactly like that.

Since the horns would kill it so much later than it's mating age, it would be hard to evolutionarily select against this.

When do you suppose he knew he was in trouble?

I wonder if he grew up thinking "this thing is not growing at a good angle." Or, if he just noticed the bad luck when it was about a quarter inch inside his cheek.

And, was he terrified when he figured out was going to happen? Or, was he all zen about it like "this is what is. No use grieving over it."

Is he or was he ever conscious of existence at all? And/or, of his predicament?

Clearly you haven't played Goat simulator.

And now the circle is complete.

"And so the endless cycle of life comes to an end - meaningless and grim. Why did they live and why did they die? No reason. . . . For in the end, nature is horrific and teaches us nothing."

USA Sheep master race

A common thing among console peasants.

I'm from Michigan and I work with a Corey who looks exactly like that. o_o


Which part of Michigan? Up here the further north you go the further "south" you get.

I'm not sure why you got downvoted. You've perfectly explained why this can't be used as a case against natural selection.

Think about it like this. Though the goat's own horn eventually kills it, it grows too slowly to affect its reproduction.

On the other hand, a goat with the same mutation, in addition to super fast growing horns, would be quickly selected against. It won't live long enough to pass on its genes many times.

I feel like I should have one of those t shirts... "I spent $200,000 for a degree in biology, and all I got were these lousy downvotes"

Maybe it was retarded

🎤the circle of life🎶


Butthurt level: 10/10 sagans

Fairly accurate

Source: I Chewed 5 gum once.... once.

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Just like Florida!

That means the fucker lived long, I think thats a success story.



Nobody move or...


Usually Rocky Mountain Bighorn rub the horn on rock to wear it down so this does not happen...

Clearly this goat was built to slaughter itself so we can eat it! Bask in the power of the Lord!

Darude - Sandstorm

Can anyone tell us why the animal didn't "broom" it off like the sheep of North America would do.

I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure he killed it and then took those pictures.

looks pretty unlucky to me

It looks like he's holding himself hostage.

He chewed it and thought it was baaaaad.

My parents raise sheep. It's not uncommon for us to have a ram whose horn curves into their eye like this. When we see that it's going to happen, we have to hacksaw off the last few inches and repeat the operation every few months.

Another option is to cut it off at the base and cauterize the stump. This is often done with cattle to prevent them from hurting eachother with their longer, sharper horns.

We will live, they will die. FTFY

No the problem is that the master race circlejerk is too strong, so he ends up getting too many upvotes to go into the negative.

I used to hate hard on the master race. But then my xbox broke and I shelled out and built a nice PC and now I understand it.

That is a possibility, but in nature aren't retarded babies abandoned/don't compete for the mother's food with normal babies so they tend to die off? This would have to be one lucky retarded goat.

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Only -11 comment karma in 18 days? You gotta step up your game.

Dental plan!

Nah, it actually probably took it quite a while to grow.

That's prettttttty fucking metal.

Who said this?

The further south you get, Cubans!

This goat's horns are growing especially oddly. This may or may not have something to do with why the goat didn't grind down his own horns, I don't know.

Apparently, Futurama, Season 7 Episode 13

Only one chew? Is that enough to decide whether you like it or not?

No they do it for a vastly more elaborate reasons to be more interesting and publishable.

North American sheep (Dall, Stone, Rocky Mountain, and Desert sheep) all "broom" their horns on rocks and grind or break the tips off so that they don't do this. It has been said they do this when they get in the way of their peripheral vision so that they won't be easily susceptible to predators.

Lisa needs braces!

I didn't say it was a good sense of humor

I'm sure they do, I just wouldnt think that a goat is having an existential crisis as it munches on a can.

Ewe do NOT want to fuck with our American sheep.

Wow. I had a mother-in-law once, and that's exactly how it felt.

Looks they did the ram a favour, really.

The circle of life and death continues. They will die, we will live.

The creationist's worst nightmare, a non-beneficial mutation..?

Nature is a cruel mother fucker

I think this mutation could work against this goat and his offspring, and still demonstrate natural selection. For example:

Genetic: This goat might help contribute to the survival of his offspring (helps find food, teaches how to climb mountains, fights off predators). In that case, his children would be less fit, and therefore his genes would be less likely to pass on.

Epigenetic: What if the stress of feeling a horn digging into its skull causes epigenetic changes that modify his DNA, so that his offspring are less fit, if it happened to reproduce after the horn embedded in its skull? Many studies have shown stress in one generation can cause measurable effects in the offspring, or even in grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Physiological: What if a bone digging into his brain causes physiological changes so that the goat goes crazy and leads the herd off a mountain, or he goes into a rage and kills his kids?

Ethological: This goat may not be as "sexy" to the ladies because of this abnormality or lack of symmetry, or he may lose when fighting competitors, and he might mate less and produce fewer offspring.

Quantum Mechanical: What if this goat would have solved the grand unification theory and would have become rich and famous, but this horn offed him prematurely? His kids would have been set for life, now they're struggling to make ends meet, and have fewer children as a result.

Ok, that one's a stretch, but regardless I think there are a lot of reasons why this horn will be selected against. You could also reverse some of these and say that this mutation could be beneficial, such as the stress of having this horn causes beneficial epigenetic changes in his offspring, or maybe it's more useful in fighting off competitors.

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he was shot to put him out of his misery

Right around here.

I know that feeling. When I state science facts, I go negative within seconds.

Here it comes! Almost there! Wait for it...

God that would be a slow death.

Well at least down votes don't make it any less true.

There seems to be a whole lot of people on reddit that view science as as some sort of antidote for religion or thing to ponder while high, but aren't particularly interested in what scientists have to say.

Dental plan!

Bad luck Brian - Becomes Buddhist, reincarnated into Ram with self mutilating horns.

I love that when Michigan is mentioned in a thread all of us Michiganders crawl out of the woodwork. :)

TC checkin in!

"This'll really fuck with them. Lol."


Oh baby, you are so talented.

Can you elaborate/explain?

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metal as fuck

he knew what was coming. this is a complex joy

So, did this guy literally die from being too horny?

They're not supposed to grow into the head they're supposed to just spiral.

"C'mon baby, lemmie ram it, just the tip"


I read that first sentence as, "It's not uncommon for us to ram those horns curves into their eye like this."

Just like how rabbit's teeth always grow. Ram's horns are continuously growing.

horns 101

Well that got deep in a hurry.


unless it's downriver...

Whoever said mutations are supposed to be beneficial? The point of a mutation is that it's a mistake in the genetic code. Most mutations are not beneficial; not necessarily harmful, but not beneficial.

While I agree with your sentiment that hunting animals for the sake of pride is pathetic, I think that insulting people you disagree with does your cause more harm than good. Has someone ever told you that they thought that something you said or did was dumb or otherwise displeasing and you thought "well then, fuck you"? When you prompt someone to feel defensive, they have a lot more to lose by agreeing with you.

EDIT: I word good.

...mostly the fact that he tends to kill people who annoy him in rather brutal ways

Not true!

"It hurts to chew......I'm gonna chew some more grass."

Someone asked me if I ever wanted to go to New Zealand. I told them "no, if I wanted to see a bunch of sheepfuckers, I'd go to Wales - it's closer!"

Of course not, what do you think they are, Scottish?

You sure rammed that pun in there