/sub/NFL Imperialism Map, Pre-season & Week 1

/r/NFL Imperialism Map, Pre-season & Week 1

How many more of these are we going to get this week?

i say you guys should just fight to the death over it.

Honestly I liked your presentation better

It's keep getting better with each map. Waiting for a 3d version..

This is the best one so it should stay

This is neat but jesus christ can we keep it to like a post a week or something on tuesday or wednesday instead of every hour on the hour

Yea, I didn't realize someone had already taken the mantle. I saw the request last week, took a few nights to figure out how to map it, and got it posted when I was done -- didn't realize I'd been scooped. Point taken; any follow up I post will be in the comments of the main post.

There are some exceptions to the Primary/Secondary color scheme in an attempt to avoid redundancy. One examples is SEA's tertiary color replacing its primary due to its uniqueness. Another is CIN's primary and secondary being reversed to avoid confusion with CLE.

New York was a unique situation to map -- whereas the Chargers and the Rams are playing in two discrete stadiums, the Jets and the Giants share MetLife. As a result, in this case, I used the Giants' Corproate HQ (located in East Rutherford, NJ, right next to the stadium) and the Jets' Corporate HQ (located in Florham, NJ, 18 miles west-southwest of the stadium) to divide their territory. This results in a fairly small area dedicated to the Jets simply because there's much closer competition to the south of the stadium in Philadelphia than there is to the north (Buffalo and

Proximity data is, appropriately enough, approximate. Location data for each county was calculated by generating an "average coordinate" -- a sort of centerpoint -- using this CSV of ZIP Code latitudes and longitudes. Those averages are compared to this set of Stadium lat/longs (with updates for Atlanta, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Louis, and the aforementioned NYG/NYJ).

These averages may not exactly represent the county geographically; for example a high number of small zip codes in the south a theoretical county, offset by a single very large ZIP code to the north, would skew the "average" coordinate heavily south. However, the large number of ZIP codes in the south would imply population centers, so while it may not do a perfect job approximating geographical centrality, it would likely be representative of actual fans.

These "average coordinates" are compared to stadium location data, as noted, but for simplicity's sake I'm comparing them as though the world is flat, using the Pythagorean Theorem, rather than accounting for the curvature of the earth. This should only cause issue with counties that are just on the boundaries of one fandom or another. One specific error that I found was Wyoming County, PA -- it's 105.65 miles away from MetLife stadium, and 114.96 miles from Lincoln Financial Field. However, per Pythagoras, the distance from Wyoming PA to MetLife is 3.83 "degrees," compared to 3.01 to the Linc. In any case this is irrelevant because the Jets' HQ is closer than both MetLife and the Linc, but it's possible it happened elsewhere -- I'm just not going to check every county by hand. Again, this should affect edge cases only, and frankly this whole exercise is silly and ignores things like State Boundaries and how they may factor into fandom, but I thought I'd lay out any possible sources for error.

And if you're curious,I wrote a Python script that utilized Beautiful Soup to draw information from a CSV file to color the map, using this as a rough how-to guide, and then overlaid the logos onto each map in InDesign to avoid confusion of similar colors.

Well, thanks. Seems you're the only one, but that may be fatigue (it sounds like there have been a lot of these in the past ~24 hours, which means I guess everyone took about a week to figure out how to mimic the idea the guy at /sub/cfb had.

I'm all for the more "realistic" war-like scenario that the guy on the front page submitted, but I worry that it's gonna get muddy once the season really gets underway. Like, half the league has the same shades of Navy, Red, and Orange -- even incorporating secondary colors my Northeastern section of the map is difficult to parse without zooming in -- and I don't know how well it's gonna read when a team has only one or two counties to their name.

Oh well!

This is basically the champions cup in map form that resets each year.

Yea all the map makers should work together and make one good map and post it after week 2 so that way it is the best map possible and there is only 1

Excellent presentation, not sure how I feel about using closet to the Stadium; but I get why you would chose that. Awesome post, I wouldn't mind if your series won out!