/sub/Europe for the past few days

/r/Europe for the past few days

Past few days? It really was only one day and for a 100 year anniversary that seems fair.


Ssh. Let us have this. I am sure we will have calmed down by tomorrow.

Finland is now 100 years old

They grow up so fast. 😢

Wrong. You've started a Finnish fire that will burn for a thousand years.

I'm sitting in Europe (for now) and I have no idea what's going on here.

Oh no, I was just about to come here to post the Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish congratulation videos I saw :D I guess I'll skip it then. But guys you need to understand, we have been so touched by all the countries and people from all over the world not only noticing (torille!!) us, but being friendly. I mean christ, we are a country that goes fucking nuts when Conan O'Brien mentions us, how do you except we can handle all this?

But seriously, this is a once in a lifetime event, next even a little similar to this will be in 50 years and by then we have recovered from this. If we are still using reddit that is. Which somehow sounds very sad btw.


I, for one, welcome our Sauna Suomi overlords.

Unless you count Brexit, but I have a feeling there wouldn't be any karma to be had celebrating that here.

You underestimate our love for schadenfreude

It would've been appropriate if the mods changed the stylesheet of the sub and increase the spacing between posts. Just like in real life, a nice and safe distance between everybody.

No independence day for us :(

Unless you count Brexit, but I have a feeling there wouldn't be any karma to be had celebrating that here.

Sure, but... let's face it: Finland is the Homer Simpson of Europe.

Source: I'm a Finn.

They need to Finnish what they started.

Apparently I know two people who are older than Finland.

The Dutch still beat Finland at everything anyway.

You are now moderator of /sub/cirkeltrek

Just remember: coconuts are not spices!

Mitä vittua sanoit minusta, sinä pikku narttu? Sinun kuuluu tietää että olen kouluttautunut suomen maavoimien huippujoukoissa, olen ollut osallisena useisiin salaisiin raideihin, myös parissa Al-Qaida tehtävässä, ai niin ja minulla on yli 300 varmistettua osumaa. Minut koulutettiin sissi sodankäynnissä, ja olen koko suomen paras tarkka-ampuja. Et ole minulle mitään muuta kuin uusi kohde. Minä tulen pyyhkimään sinut vittuun täältä sellaisella tavalla jota ei ole ennen nähty tällä planeetalla, muista minun vitun sanani. Luulet pääseväsi eroon tästä kun sanoit sen internetissä? Arvaa uudelleen, runkkari. Kun me puhumme, olen järjestämässä salaisia vakoilijoitani, ympäri suomea ja sinun IP-osoitteesi on paikannuksessa juuri nyt, joten sinun on parempi valmistautua myrskyyn, mato. Myrskyyn joka pyyhkii pois sen pikkuisen pateettisen asian jota kutsut elämäksesi. Olet vitun kuollut, lapsi. Voin olla missä tahansa, milloin tahansa, voin tappaa sinut yli seitsemällä sadalla eri tavalla, ja nuokin pelkillä käsilläni. En ole pelkästään kalliisti koulutettu aseettomassa taistelussa, mutta minulla on pääsy koko suomen ase arsenaaliin, ja minä tulen käyttämään sen koko voiman sinua vastaan ihan vain saadakseni perseesi pois alueeltani, sinä pikkuinen osa ripulia. Jos oisit vain tiennyt millaisen synnin uudelleen vastauksesi "viisaalla" pikku kommentillasi olisi sinulle suonut, olisit luultavasti hallinnut kieltäsi. Mutta et voinut, et tiennyt ja nyt maksat sen hinnan, sinä senkin idiootti. Minä paskon ympäri sinua ja hukutan sinut siihen. Olet vitun kuollut, lapsukainen.

I mean it's once in a 100 years, let them have their fun I suppose

The Dutch still beat Finland at everything anyway.

One day they are small saunas and the next thing you know is that they are building their own countries...

Yet more proof that the Germans are running this show.



Well Denmark my works, this will not end.

Norway, their neighbors would get jelaous.

Yeah, but Britain is responsible for 59 independence days, if that's not a world contribution I don't know what is!


What if we were to Sweden the deal?

Also i think this is a nice way of celebrating each other and our friendships between countries. Its kind of like one of your friends having a major birthday and everyone is happy for them and sends a congratulatory card.

Comon.. I know our Prez is pretty charismatic but he doesn't even have a mustache.

Don't go Russian into anything.

that would make Estonia Moe right?

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Wait a minute. There is something bothering me about this place. I know, this country does not have a NATO-membership against russian aggressiveness. Enjoy your death trap, finns.

Well that's it.

/sub/europe is Finnished.

"Back in the day, the tractor came around once a year for the harvest. We all got a ride around the town on a flat cart when it did. I liked that time of year."

I usually append "That all changed when the Germans attacked" myself 'cause I'm a nerd.

Happy birthday, Finland. We're not far behind you.

Well the people who are unhappy keep killing themselves.

Well, we would spell Schadenfreude correctly.

sinä pikkuinen osa ripulia

Username checks out

Finns aren't gorilla's mate. My aunt was a finn and she was no more hairy than a bonobo at most.

Sweden comes to christianize the Eastern paganlands in 12-13th century, brings a form of government and rule which replaces the ancient tribal kings and such. Majority language stays as Finnish, but even a tad more important positions are run as Swedish as lingua franca.

Next 600 years Finland is part of Sweden as much as current Swedish lands were, though the land was in such position that it was constantly pillaged and raped by on-going wars between Swedish and Russian empires.

1809 Sweden fucks up a war against Russia, and loses Finland to Russia. In order to keep things calm, Russia allows Swedish to be the language of rule, Finland to have it's own currency, some governmental institutions and so on. All in all Russia treats the Grand Duchy of Finland from decently to poorly, depending the Czar of Russia. For example, Alexander II of Russia, good. Alexander III, not that good -> makes room for Finnish nationalism in the late 1800's.

Russian Empire collapses, Finnish nationalism is awake at the same time, seize the independence while Russia is on the brink of civil war, fight its own civil war 1918-1919 (with Germans and Russians supplying different sides), Whites (German funded side) win, decide to become a monarchy like other Nordics with a German prince, Germany loses WW1 so cancel those plans and become a republic.

Conan’s visit to Finland is still one of the greatest things he’s ever done. I loved the running bit about him looking like Tarja Halonen!



I agree



I'm sitting in Finland and i have no idea what's going on here.

That's a little like celebrating Hitler because he killed Hitler....

A 100 years since your independence is a big deal. Why get upset about people enjoying themselves? Go Finland!

We do, thanks. Enjoy yours, buddy!

Damn wassup share some of that wisdom

Story of my life. I grew up in a neighborhood with tons of Finns in Sweden. They'd constantly switch back and forth between Finnish and Swedish.

Wat zyde gy tot my, gy kleine duyvelspecht? Ik beveel ge er kennis van te neemen dat ik met lof ende goedkeuring een kaapersbrief heb gehad van Willem van Oranje ende betrokken ben geweest by talryke geheyme offensieven tegen Alva en de zyne, en zelfstandig meer dan drie honderden Spanjolen heb omgelegd. Ik ben gehard by den Katergeuzen en ben den beste schutter onder den Nederlandsche vlag. Ge bent niet meer dan myn zoveelste doelwit. Ik zal u uyt myne gewest verwyderen met een nauwkeurigheid die de wereld nog nimmer aangechouwen had. Let op myn verdomde woorden! Gy denkt dat ge deze leuhgenpraat aan my kan verkoopen per postduyf? Gy had tweemaal moeten denken, cattengehspuys! In dezen tyd dat ik deze missive opstel, stuur ik opdracht naar myn geheymen samenstel van verspieders ende vloerduyven, verspreid door den Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden en wordt dezen postduyf gevolgd, dus ge kunt zich maar beter voorbereiden op den storm, rabaut. Den storm die het bedroevenden klyne ding dat gy uw leven noemt weg zal vaagen. Gy bent dood, kind. Ik kan overal, ten alle tyden zyn ende ik kan ge op zeven honderden wyzen doden, ende dat is slechts met myne bloten handen. Niet alleen zyt ik veelomvattend geoefend in den ongewapenden krygskunst, maar alsmede heb ik het voltallige arsenaal der watergeuzen ter myner beschikking ende ik zal dat benutten om uwer lamlendigen achtereinde van het vastenland te vagen, gy klynen schobbejak. Als gy had geweten wat voor eene goddelooze vergelding uw 'geestige' missive teweeg zou brengen, had ge misschien op uwen tong gebeten. Maar dat kon ge niet. Gy deed het niet ende nu zult ge de tol betalen, gy verdomde smeerkanis. Ik zal furie over u schyten en gy zult er in verzuypen. Ge zyt dood, hoerenzeune.

For those who don't get it.


Careful, they prefer to be called Swamp Germans. Big difference

But Moe has raised his prices recently, so now both Homer and Moe go to Barney's for cheaper beer.

Exactly, Czech yourself before you wreck yourself.

Finno-ugrics taking over Reddit

Post it





Another Finnish invention!

Painu kuuseen perkeleen hurri!1



Hi there, neighbour



Half of Europe will be also celebrating their 100 years too this year.

Look on the bright side, this is just a warmup for the 2018 celebration for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech republic.

At some point people will have to tune it down

No no no that's where you're wrong friend, this is time to turn it up for you guys!


Finland, Finland, finland. That's the country for me.


they prefer to be called Swamp Germans

You mean Dutchies? They actually respond to Northen Belgians the best.

The Dutch still beat Finland at everything anyway.

No they don't. Haha.. ha haha

The Dutch still beat Finland at everything anyway.

No they don't. Haha.. ha ha

Suomalaiset ovat parhaita!

You have been banned from /sub/suomi

We cheated and celebrated early

I’m from Mexico.

Hmmm.. that would make Sweden the Ned Flanders of Europe..


Edit: sooo would that make Denmark and Norway the Ron and Todd of Scandinavia? HAHAHA


Yes, she does.

Wait unril Estonia 100

On 2 November (15 November N.S.) 1917, the Bolsheviks declared a general right of self-determination, including the right of complete secession, "for the Peoples of Russia". On the same day the Finnish Parliament issued a declaration by which it assumed, pro tempore, all powers of the Sovereign in Finland.[2]

On 18 December (31 December N. S.) the Soviet Russian government issued a Decree, recognizing Finland's independence,[3] and on 22 December (4 January 1918 N. S.) it was approved by the highest Soviet executive body, the All-Russian Central Executive Committee (VTsIK).[4]

Faroe enough

We should totally do that, though


It's a reference to what Homer says in the scene in OP's image.

Second largest military manpower per capita in the world after North Korea yo. We’re good, at least if it comes to guerilla warfare.

puts on party hat

The greatest things in life are hot water, good dentistry and soft toilet paper.

You're onto something

Finland är väldigt nice.

decide to become a monarchy like other Nordics with a German prince, Germany loses WW1 so cancel those plans and become a republic

This is one of the sweetest near-misses ever.

We beat you Finnderlanders in the most important metric anyway; distance from Sweden.

Swede mother of Jesus, we're doomed!

We just celebrated our 100 years of independence from you guys last year. So that's sort of a 100 year celebration that you're involved in. I guess.

Maybe in other parts of the world, kindness towards other countries is a foreign concept. But in Europe, we're all classy. Well. Everyone except the Dutch.

Why tune it down? There's not too often a good reason to celebrate, enjoy while it lasts!

I just wanna plug my favourite Finnish cultural contribution: /sub/mysummercar. Perkele!

People from the countryside actually like it best when you call them 'hollanders'

I know. My GF hates getting referred to as "older than Germany".

Well, technically Germany as we know it today is only 27.

No, the Swamp German word is "leedvermaak", which is made up of "leed" (suffering) and "vermaak" (enjoyment). So it (almost) literally means the same.

Yeah, I have nothing against Finland. I am happy for them as well, it's just funny that most of the front page posts on /sub/europe are about them, haha

Half of Europe will be also celebrating their 100 years too this year. At some point people will have to tune it down