Stupid liberal.

Stupid liberal.

Alternatively, they blame the cali fires on Trump's withdrawing from the Paris agreement resulting in catastrophic climate change that caused the fires........


I live in LA area and traveled through the murrieta fire on my way home. Can’t stop listening to Los Angeles is burning by Bad Religion lol. One of my co workers is in an area that’s being evacuated. He is a fellow Trump loving patriot. Can we get some love and prayers for the deplorables?

Thank god california has never had wildfires before Paris.

I am still angry that the Sierra Club successfully ended logging in Cali through a paid army of nutbar useful idiot protestors and a MASSIVE fake information campaign that reached all the way to the school systems in Canada. I distinctly remember the fake bullshit lies they taught about forest fires in relation to tree propagation as one of their tools to regulate logging to such as high degree that it's next to impossible to manage the forests properly in Cali and hence the forest fire. And all for real estate prices. Such a waste.

Never mind that Hurricane Harvey hit the bluest parts of Texas.

Doesn't help when the fake news and climate alarmists fudge the data and claim it is due to climate change and the frequency or intensity is increasing when it is actually doing the opposite

It's not called "global warming" anymore, it's "climate change" you stupid Russian. Also, I just went through your entire post and comment history and found stuff I disagree with, which makes your argument completely invalid.

Very true.

And to be fair....California needs a new coat of paint anyways.

meanwhile 4.5 million centipedes occupy california....

I have been breathing ash this week.

don't be like liberals and be ok with the suffering of others at the expense of allies

I think Chelsea Clinton is in New York.

Catastrophic Climate Change = some fucking hippy that threw his cigarette into dry shrubs.

Fuck off in the most respectful way possible.

I'm not leaving, I was born here and I will die here. I'm tired of people telling me and other Californians on this sub to leave and let California burn. You're all okay with losing a piece of America?

I thought we were trying to Make America Great Again not Let's Make (some of) America Great Again.

Really spits in the face of the millions that went out to vote for MAGA despite knowing that their state will almost definitely go to Clinton.

Prices about to get reeeeeeal now!

I hate that the consequences of stupid choices is pain. But you're absolutely right about the forests. Use or lose them....nature is like the Trump brakes!

It's not smart to build a multi-million dollar home on a mountainside of unchecked kindling....oh and while you flushed billions of gallons of stored water into the ocean for a fake minnow cause...

Hunkered down here pedes, voluntary evacuations are nearby but not yet for our area, fully packed with cars gassed up and ready to go to a friends place away from the fires at a moment's notice. Luckily there's little wind in my town tonight.


I do feel bad for the horses though.

Seriously. There were some ugly posts last night/this morning. I reported them and downvoted them and didn't look back.

Hope you're safe and stay safe.

But, wait! Me, me, me, this affects me, that makes it totes magotes different!

When this is all over you will pray that you too were also flooded.

Great observation

We need to throw an "LA Is Burning Party"