Studio Ghibli Sleeve [x-post /sub/tattoos]

Studio Ghibli Sleeve [x-post /r/tattoos]

Christ, I can't even imagine how long that must've taken...

You need to brush up on your history, new-friend!

Nausicaa - Release date: March 11, 1984

Studio Ghibli - Founded: June 15, 1985

Nausicaa was made by Studio Topcraft for Tokuma Shoten by Miyazaki and Takahata, before Studio Ghibli was formed. Their success with this film allowed them to go on and form Studio Ghibli afterwards, and they retained creative ownership of the movie, so it's an unofficial Ghibli film while technically not one.

No Nausica:(

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Full sleeve is around 5 sessions each ~6/7h.

Well, TIL. Personally though, I group them under "Hayao Miyazaki films" instead of "Ghibli films", but that's just me.

Context removed, unable to acknowledge if that's fact or not...

Only got so much arm.

I'm not your buddy, guy