‘Students have just had enough:’ Walkouts begin across the nation one month after Florida shooting

‘Students have just had enough:’ Walkouts begin across the nation one month after Florida shooting
‘Students have just had enough:’ Walkouts begin across the nation one month after Florida shooting

Oh boy do people have some opinions on this here in AR. I've been reading the facebook page of the local news and it's a huge clusterfuck. There are people calling for students to be expelled and arrested. There are people saying they are deviants. There are people saying they should shut up and learn their place in society (and that person didn't appreciate when I pointed out that's an eerily similar argument to the ones made during MLK's day about equality). There are people saying they'll beat their kids for protesting and calling other parents irresponsible or stupid (or worse) for "letting" their kids protest. There's people saying they can't protest because they aren't in charge (which is kinda the point of protesting, isn't it?). There's people saying these kids are just ditching class for no reason and none of them even know why they're doing it. There's people saying these kids are too stupid to understand what they're doing. There's people calling them all sorts of foul names and dismissing their actions because it infringes on their 2nd amendment rights (somehow).

Let me tell you, folks, I've read some fucked up shit in the last 48 hours regarding this peaceful, lawful protest, and I can honestly say I'm incredibly disgusted at the level of vitriol, at the unsympathetic and dismissive attitudes, at the juvenile name-calling, at the finger-pointing bullshit, and at the complete, utter, morally repugnant responses that grown fucking adults are slinging at these kids that just don't want to get murdered.

Can this be a megathread? I think the nation’s youth rejecting its leadership warrants a megathread. These kids want real legislation and just because the GOP sits on its hands, thumb in butt, doesn’t change the fact this is a special moment in time for this country. We deserve a mega thread.

I live in a red district in a red state. My kids are both in middle school and were planning to walk out (despite lack of support from the school district).

I watched the local news station's live feed at 10am...it covered another local middle school. The comments were absolutely despicable. Adults calling 12 year olds "thugs", "punks", "snowflakes", "cry babies", and "sheep". Freaking adults saying the kids' parents need to be beat. That the kids are brain damaged from eating tide pods. That they look too happy and are showing disrespect to the Parkland students who lost their lives. We're talking hundreds and hundreds of comments like that rolling in.

Lawyers are being dispatched to local schools in my area that have allegedly locked the classroom doors and physically prevented students from walking out. Schools that announced over the loudspeaker right before 10am that any student who walked out would be suspended for 5 days. Police officers were standing at all entrances and exists.

This is what it looks like in red districts right now.

Good. Join most of us millennials in being utterly sick of this shit. We've got time on our side at least.

I have a class of fifth grade students. We aren't in a large metropolitan area. We live in a smaller city (70k). We aren't near a major area, we aren't going to get coverage on national TV, we know that. But this morning my students did something that made me proud. Numerous students came up to me and asked if we were going to walk out. I told them that I could not officially tell them to, that this is their choice, this fight is for their future. I told them I would not punish them for it. And at 10:00, they did it. They walked right out the door and stood outside. I was more proud of them than if every single one of them had gotten the highest marks possible on state standardized testing. THIS means something.

Sounds like something out of 1984.

I'm watching MSNBC interviewing some of these kids and I'm absolutely floored.

If this is the generation coming into their own politically after the Millennials, we're looking at a massive shift towards progressive policies and I can't be any more excited!

Yep. Straight up authoritarianism.

In the same district, a friend of mine posted a video her daughter took of two high school students giving a speech. One of the articulate young women was in the middle of saying something to the effect of “we are not against the 2nd amendment, but our fellow students are dying...we need reasonable gun control” when an administrator cut the mic and made the girl stop talking (to boos and outrage from the crowd of students). It was surreal.

And then you come to Reddit, where every thread on the subject is full of asshats insulting these children for not wanting to get shot to death in their own classrooms.

"No way to prevent this," says only nation where this regularly happens.

I second this. Exposure is what they want. Let's help any way we can.

Schools that announced over the loudspeaker right before 10am that any student who walked out would be suspended for 5 days.

There isn't a college admissions board that wouldn't see that suspension as a badge of honor.

Register these kids to vote. I want to hear Chuck Schumer say it loud that they are trying to present a gun bill and the GOP is blocking them. I want these kids to learn that the GOP is standing in their way of what they want. This is a watershed opportunity to gain a voting base for a generation. I hope Dems don't squander it.

I agree. I told my son he will suffer no consequences at home if he receives a suspension. He's worried he won't be allowed to go on his big 8th grade trip for participating, but I'll take him to freaking Disney World if his school pulls that shit.

Revolutions will not be televised.

It's called being afraid. These people are afraid. Of children.

Both of my kids participated. The school helped organize the event, kept parents well-informed, and used it as a lesson on the power of democracy.

If even half of these kids register to vote (whenever they turn 18) and take their anger to the polls, the GOP would shit absolute bricks at the wave that would bring

Nope. Because millennials don't really watch tv. The Revolution will be tweeted, however.

Students at thousands of schools across the country began walking out of class at 10 a.m. Wednesday to protest gun violence and to mark one month since a mass shooting left 17 dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

The nationally organized walkouts, most of which were expected to last 17 minutes in symbolic tribute to the Florida victims, are unprecedented in recent American history. Supporters say the protests represent a realization of power and influence by young people raised on social media who have come of age in an era of never-ending wars, highly publicized mass shootings and virulent national politics.

I live in Rural PA and local parents are flipping a shit about this. “My child will not be participating in this” “my child knows better” “I told my child what the consequences were if they participated” Just bullying their kids because they are scared shitless they’re not going to carry their gun loving torch.

And their AllLivesMatter response to distract from this is “Walk Up not Walk Out” Walk Up to a loner and be nice to them. Parents want them to do this instead because it doesn’t attract attention to children dying by the hands of other children with guns. It was also their idea, parent approved, the kids certainly can’t be right with their silly walk out.

I’m just loving the meltdown these people are having. They’re seriously in for a world of hurt if they think telling their kids not to do something is going to work, especially when their lives are literally on the line.

The thing is there is so much evidence that responsible gun laws do work.

We know that background checks can make a substantial difference in curbing gun violence in America.[1] Action is needed to reduce the rate of gun violence.

Two recent studies provide evidence that background checks can significantly curb gun violence. In one, researchers found that a 1995 Connecticut law requiring gun buyers to get permits (which themselves required background checks) was associated with a 40 percent decline in gun homicides and a 15 percent drop in suicides. Similarly, when researchers studied Missouri's 2007 repeal of its permit-to-purchase law, they found an associated increase in gun homicides by 23 percent, as well as a 16-percent increase in suicides.

There have been at least 18 instances of firearms being discharged on school premises in the United States in 2018.[2] There is a clear and present problem that is not being addressed. Something needs to be done. Since Sandy Hook, more than 400 people have been shot in 200 shootings that took place on school properties.[3]

There have been studies that have found that the implementation of specific laws could reduce gun deaths by 80% in some states. Although this may not seem feasible, some sort of effort is needed to improve the sorry state of affairs, the goal should be to reduce the rate of gun violence.[4]

The study, published March 10 in The Lancet, suggests that three laws implemented in some states could reduce gun deaths by more than 80 percent if they were adopted nationwide. Laws requiring firearm identification through ballistic imprinting or microstamping were found to reduce the projected mortality risk by 84 percent, ammunition background checks reduced it by 82 percent, and universal background checks for all gun purchases reduced it by 61 percent.

Federal implementation of all three laws was projected to reduce the national firearm death rate—10.1 per 100,000 people in 2010—to 0.16 per 100,000, the study says.

I'd also recommend reading what the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence says on this issue.[5]

However, the Brady law only requires background checks by federally licensed firearms dealers. Research has found that states with more expansive background check laws experience 48 percent less gun trafficking, 38 percent fewer deaths of women shot by intimate partners, and 17 percent fewer firearms involved in aggravated assaults.7States with universal background check requirements also have a 53 percent lower gun suicide rate, and a 31 percent lower overall suicide rate than states without these laws.8This correlation is unchanged even after controlling for the effects of poverty, population density, age, education, and race/ethnicity.9 After controlling for these variables, universal background checks were associated with 22% fewer suicides and 35% fewer firearm suicides per capita.10

No one is claiming that gun violence will end with more regulations, however federal regulations would have a clear impact on reducing the rate of gun violence in America.[6]

The claim that gun ownership stops crime is common in the U.S., and that belief drives laws that make it easy to own and keep firearms.

But about 30 careful studies show more guns are linked to more crimes: murders, rapes, and others. Far less research shows that guns help.

Interviews with people in heavily gun-owning towns show they are not as wedded to the crime defense idea as the gun lobby claims.

1) NPR - Research Suggests Gun Background Checks Work, But They're Not Everything

2) ABC News - There have already been 18 school shootings in the US this year

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Conservatives once again proving their love for government, as long as they are in charge.

Good. These adults are scared. Let them keep telling these kids they are stupid and have no rights or place to speak up. Let them keep trying to suppress and intimidate them. These kids will vote and run for office and win and when they do, they may have the numbers to effect real change. A reckoning is coming.

My brother called me and said my high school was doing a walkout and he was participating. Super proud of him

Do you live in Georgia? Because I heard a local high school had cops standing at all the doors not letting kids leave the school. That’s absolutely insane. The first amendment let’s us have the right to assemble and protest so I would definitely be suing if they wouldn’t let me walk out.

This nation must embrace its roots of civil action.

Fucking terrifying.

That’s adults just being authoritarian and refusing to have their names on the good side of history in the making!!!

Millennials are at risk of being upstaged by post-millennials.

To be fair, most Millennials are just focused on surviving. We're the generation that's coming to terms with the fact that the American dream is dead. We don't really have a roadmap to follow that goes from college to family to home ownership to retirement. And a lot of us entered the job market smack in the middle of the 2007-2008 crisis so we're starting our adult lives years behind the curve.

It was always probably a little unreasonable to expect Millennials to weather that storm and fix all the problems. I'm just glad we can be allies for to Gen-Z.

Teenage Rebellion. Fuck yeah. Stick it to the old people.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” - Mahatma Gandhi

They're lashing out because they're scared of these children and what they represent. They know what's coming and they are terrified. Of kids.

I hope they get the exposure. What I'm concerned about is the inevitable inaction from our politicians that follows.

Most of them will at least be 18 by the 2020 election. We definitely need a 2nd Blue Wave because the census is happening.

Millennials are at risk of being upstaged by post-millennials. Being utterly sick of shit isn't enough... get out and vote, run for office, volunteer for a local campaign, etc. Merely being utterly sick of shit is the same as "thoughts and prayers".

At this point we can just call them authoritarians, nothing gets them harder than seeing the government put down people who don't look like them or agree with them.

“Walk Up not Walk Out"

The mere fact that they're pushing it as a replacement for the walk out really tips their hand. Kids could do both. But they don't want kids doing both, they don't want kids changing anything.

Idk this one feels different. I have a theory that this generation/movement can organize and spread influence much better than any before with the advent of social media. Hashtags, memes, and instant communication are very very powerful tools. I think younger voter turnout will increase as well until the social discontent dies down.

“We want our Congress to know that some of us will be old enough to vote in the midterm elections, and the rest of us are going to be able to vote in 2020 or 2022, and they’re going to lose their job if they don’t do what we want to keep us safe,”

Register campaign and vote - and tell them you're NOT willing to change till they stand up to the NRA. As they see Single issue voters appearing by the hundreds then thousands, that will force change.

Meet intransigence with intransigence, as GOP politicians see others being booted out and their margins cut, then they might change.

We can't afford to pay close to 100 dollars to watch hundreds of reality TV channels that are mostly commercials.

If your kids are involved, call the ACLU. If your kids aren’t but you know a supportive parent whose kids are involved, have them call the ACLU. I don’t know about all of those issues you mentioned, but I did get an email from the ACLU outlining the punishments, and 5 days suspension definitely counts. The schools are allowed to punish the kids for walking out, but no more than they would for skipping class any other time.

Your sons and your daughters / Are beyond your command / Your old road is / Rapidly agin'. / Please get out of the new one / If you can't lend your hand / For the times they are a-changin'."

Perhaps these Boomers who are attacking these kids would do well to listen to one of the songs they used to love as kids!

That's the spirit.

Yep. Georgia. A county in the metro Atlanta area.

Don't tell me what to do!

The ACLU has been contacted and is sending lawyers to the schools that are in potential violation of the law. I wish I could say this crap surprises me, but....

Hell, I'm in the middle of a stupid facebook argument with a member of our school board who just called my child a "radical leftist" for participating in the walk out.

Im a Gen X mom with three Gen Z kids. We are sick of this shit as well.

As I am watching the walkouts on various news channels, I noticed that CNN and MSNBC are covering these events heavily. On the other hand, FOX has not mentioned or shown the walkouts.

It's discouraging that the demographic that needs to see these walkouts is not.

"Fucking kids!"

"You rang?"

"No Roy. Not now."

"If you treat the crazy asshole nicely then he won't shoot you"

"Can we make it so they don't get a gun?"

"You're grounded"

Yep. I've got one in Cobb and one in Fulton. Cobb has completely fucked this all up. Lassiter and Sprayberry also had cops at the doors and several teachers were locking students in.

Freaking Fulton only caved after several letters/phone calls/posts on social media calling them out for their lack of initial support. Hell, I wrote a letter to the editor in the AJC myself because this is all bullshit.

Merely being utterly sick of shit is the same as "thoughts and prayers".

I just wanted to reiterate your excellent point.

/vote, motherfuckers

Good for them on doing this. I have someone in work right now who literally just said if they are doing this to honor the students killed its fine, but if they are doing it to protest guns it is not okay. Smh then she said guns aren't a problem, its all the violent video games that are the problem along with mental health.

They're afraid of being left behind. Becoming irrelevant. One day, these people will be shitting their diapers in retirement homes, and they'll be depending on these children to turn them so they don't get bed sores.

Yeah, get over it. That's how life works. Eventually you have to grow the fuck up and learn to pass the torch on to your children. My generation (Gen X) is currently dealing with this with our parents (Baby Boomers). They don't want to hand over the reins and let us start driving, but the sooner they get out of the way, the sooner we can steer this bus away from the cliff that it's heading towards. It feels like Gen X, Y, and Z are starting to politically unite against the boomers. Keep screaming, everybody. Eventually our voices WILL be heard.

Walk Up to a loner and be nice to them.

As a loner: Please don't.

Good for them. We cannot let politicians just shrug and say there’s nothing they can do about it. They need to listen to the kids who are being affected by school violence.

the inevitable inaction from our politicians the GOP that follows.

I'm not saying you meant to phrase it this way, but this is definitely an issue where both sides are not the same.

Also, the GOP should be more concerned about the motivated 18 year olds voting this year than we should about their (GOP) inevitable inaction.

Yeah and some on the right are saying that gen Z are much more conservative than Millennials LMAO They only say that because of a single poll of 1200 youths in the UK. I graduated HS in 2016 and we had a poll my senior year that had Bernie Sanders at 77% trump at 15% and Clinton at 8%. This is in a FL district that voted trump by nearly ten points. Can't wait for the Boomers to age out.

According to Strauss Howe, the Millennial (Y) generation came of age during the height of a crisis, and will begin the revolution of our time. The Homeland (Z) generation will be the ones to pick up the torch and see it through. It's crazy how many times this cycle has predictably repeated itself throughout history. And so far the rhythm seems to be holding true today.

Cobb? That’s where I am at and I heard almost all the surrounding counties did not allow the kids to walk out and Harrison high was the school that made an announcement and had cops at the doors.

The Gen z being conservative myth is quite silly. I know I'm not alone here, but fifteen year old me was conservative and attended temple weekly. 18 year old me was liberal as fuck and losing my religion. 27 year old me is just a more crystallized version of that and full on agnostic. Judging who people will be when they're still teenagers is a stupid game to play.

inb4 they pass legislation to raise voting age

I was in school during Columbine. I met some of the kids featured in these photos - recognize the signs they have - on the metro this morning. Teared up completely to see them. So proud, and I told them how important their efforts are. How much it hurts that they’re still dealing with this — but they’re an inspiration.

When they exited the train to head to the White House, I clapped to send them off. Thought it would just be a nice cheering gesture from one person. But then... The guy next to me started clapping too. Soon it was the whole train car. That was such an amazing moment to know everyone on board was behind these kids.

I wish I could have joined them - I had to go to the doctor or I would have been there. Talked to the guy next to me after... his fifth grade daughter was walking out today and he was proud too. This generation is giving me so much hope. Much, much needed hope.

I found myself in the middle of a walk-out in Philadelphia and it was an incredible experience.

They're trying to put all the blame on the victims when the next shooting happens. "Why didn't anyone reach out to them?!"

That’s another thing, please surround and corner the introvert, they love that. Make a spectacle out of them, it’s their one true desire.

morally repugnant responses that grown fucking adults are slinging at these kids that just don't want to get murdered

These adults are bullies. And they're the same adults who are calling for anti-bullying campaigns because it's not guns it's bullying.

These teenagers, even the preteens, see through that shit. And they're done with it. Good for them.

You shouldn't even need to say all this, but it helps that you do. Australia had one gun related massacre and they passed sensible gun control laws. Not only are people still allowed to own guns in a sensible manor, but they haven't really had a mass shooting since. The fact that people in the US still so desperately cling to guns is fucking gross.

As a gen-Xer with two teenage boys, I am so hopeful for our future right now. Almost everyone in my social circle was completely apathetic, if not ignorant to political activism. Now, that we are in our 40s, that is changing and we are engaging more and more. But, this excitement for civic engagement among our teenagers is something that I can't remember seeing for a long time. I will be reminding all of my teenagers' friends to register to vote when they turn 18. Their voices have an opportunity to move the needle for us very, very soon. If they vote.

Turning on the news during lunch, one of my coworkers remarked "all of these kids making a fuss about a few kids shot and now they're lying about it being a massacre while they overreact" I got pretty angry and told him that he was insensitive and that people march when they want change. No other coworkers in the break room said anything and he just changed it to ESPN without a word. Now I have a bunch of people I work with giving me the cold shoulder. Lovely.

I hope these kids can break through this insanely intolerant and heartless society.

I was reading about a planned pro-gun protest outside a high school some kids were going to protesting at in Illinois. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a lot of this.

When images start coming out of gun wielding white trash yelling threats and insults at school children (aka good guys with guns) from most likely many areas of the US I think we'll see a rather dramatic change.

Seeing some loon with a rifle yelling at your kid, even if you don't approve of their protest, will get the adults much more actively involved.

I feel terribly for the children, but I think they also are the perfect people to start this protest just because it'll make it harder to dismiss the violent rhetoric directed towards them by the gun-fanatics.

You're right about millennials, but don't forget that these students are Gen Zs.

I think most of the people who are acting like jackasses are the same generation who has turned the NRA and the various anti-gun groups into extremist political organizations unwilling to compromise.

We haven't had a more self centered generation ever, and they're still in power... for now.

Yes maybe but only if we flip more blue. We all know the GOP isn't gonna carry that torch. We need young, progressive liberal candidates who will step up and endorse policies to protect people. Like that Lamb guy who just won.

Same at our kid’s school, and I’m proud to say my child will participate and thankful for the schools response.

Yeah, only the young freshmen won't be 18. We're coming.

I have hope for our future yet. This timeline is fucked, but our youth might get us through this.

Somebody should make sure that person knows it's not their call to decide what's okay to protest and what's not. They get a voice. The kids get a voice. That's how real democracy works. Something tells me a lot of conservatives are going to get increasingly butthurt as they realize they don't get to call all the shots anymore. People are allowed to march to note their disagreement with positions that other people are taking. The horror. The fact that exercise of free speech is an inflammatory issue to them is telling.

These kids are calling bullshit on the insane belief that the 2nd Amendment means we "unfortunately have to live with these shootings."

My hope is that we're all about to learn just how much gun control is legal under the framework of Heller.

Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose: For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues. The Court’s opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.

Antonin Scalia, DC v. Heller

Yes of course they did. It was completely optional and not all students participated.

As we know the best way to win teenagers over is to tell them to not do something as you insult them.

What we need to get old people to pretend to be conservatives and go to schools yelling "don't vote you pieces of shit! Especially not for Democrats" and we'd have record turn out

Oh boy this will backfire hard, because nothing reaches teenagers better than their out of touch parents telling them not to do something.

That just shows you how scared conservatives are. They're taking so many loses

Come on kids, history shows this kind of action (especially if sustained) works.

Students at thousands of schools across the country began walking out of class at 10 a.m. Wednesday to protest gun violence and to mark one month since a mass shooting left 17 dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

The nationally organized walkouts, most of which were expected to last 17 minutes in symbolic tribute to the Florida victims, are unprecedented in recent American history. Supporters say the protests represent a realization of power and influence by young people raised on social media who have come of age in an era of never-ending wars, highly publicized mass shootings and virulent national politics.

In the Washington region, hundreds of high school students from local districts gathered at the White House carrying signs protesting gun violence and those who oppose gun-control measures. Just before 10 a.m. the crowd fell silent and sat with fists and signs held high. They sat in silence for 17 minutes on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House and planned to march later to the Capitol, where they hope to meet with lawmakers.

I don’t care about being upstaged as long as things get fixed. Someone younger than me has a good idea, fucking fine. I’ll give you my money and my vote. I do not care if history ends up saying millennialist are the worst, I just want it to get better.

17 minutes? That will end up being ineffective. Exposure is good, but this should be more like a strike. Don't go to school until gun control legislation passes.

Kinda have to repeal the 26th Amendment to do that.

I work in local news digital and social media. I read comments like those every day and it is one of the reasons I can't wait to get a new job. It really weighs down on a person. Last night I posted about Stephen Hawking and a huge majority of the comments were people saying "good luck standing in front of God after denouncing him for years" and worse. The man, who was brilliant and contributed so much to our society died and you attack him? It is awful.

I organized this for my school and am participating today. Exposure is what we need. Gun violence still is not receiving the attention it requires to be addressed properly. If the nation sees that thousands of teenagers are behind this and that we are together as a voice behind this movement, not just the few who are figureheads, maybe something will get done.

Did your school give the option to not participate? I think that's key. People fucking downvoting me over this but in some cases there is no option and I find it disgusting and very easy for proponents of gun control then to poke holes in these demonstrations.

I applaud these youth! Civil disobedience is always the best way to protest.

That's for the protest of the next mass shooting.

Why not? Apparently the only amendment that matters is the second; sometimes the first when we can use it as a shield for racist or genocidal ideologies.

The NRA Jedhi mind trick "More guns will solve the problem." is not working on these young people.

Don't go to Facebook. It's much worse there. It's like every baby boomer has ratchet up their crotchety grandparent routi today.

Holy shit that's terrifying

When I was their age, we weren't afraid of being murdered at school. It was a place where we were supposed to be safe, the only real threat was bullies. Now? I wouldn't attend these schools. I don't blame them. Authoritative negligence, lack of mental help, an "It couldn't happen HERE" attitude. Children killing children, adults killing children.

Concerned about it? The GOP is for sure gonna do NOTHING in response to this. They'll probably just make fun of the kids and get Betsy to defund schools even further and buy herself a second head with the profits.

This should be a protest wave. We should already be in the fucking streets screaming. We're riding the blue wave to vote the GOP into hell, now lets ride a protest wave and let our country know how fucking fed up with this bullshit we are. Donald Trump and the GOP are gross fucking garbage people who're literally destroying our country. Us adults are unfortunately bound to our shitty jobs to make ends meet, but kids have the freedom to do what we can't. We should fully support them in any way that we can, and go out and protest if we're able to our selves as well. I'm willing to be if we don't fight this battle now, the GOP is gonna figure out how to lock kids out of peacefully protesting too, just like they did with adults.

Not to nitpick, but the poem that line came from is about how change has to come from within, and that outside/media influences won't inspire people to actually take action. At least that's how it was intended. People incorrectly read it as a criticism of government. It's more so a criticism of slacktivism. You can retweet hashtags all you want, Coke can make commercials about unifying the country, we can refresh live threads to keep up with the protest, but none of that brings change. Support, sure, but not change.

My conservative area’s high schools allowed kids to participate. I think its great - regardless of the beliefs of those in administration, they’re allowed to express their disgust with what’s happening in the country and are allowed a voice. I’m glad they got to.