Straight from god.

Straight from god.

Man... “white Jesus” always has the nicest hair and a perfectly groomed beard.

If/when the Rapture happens, there's going to be A LOT of Evangelicals wondering why they were "left behind" but their Muslim or gay neighbor wasn't.

Because evangelicals have been infiltrated by Russia with the explicit purpose of seeding division in the US and supporting a government which acts against the interest of the people.

They were the first target (before the NRA) because they were already on track and were best placed to launder money due to tax exemptions.

Lol nice good call

Kinda makes their “Well what if your wrong?” Argument seem a bit silly.

That's Supply Side Jesustm my friend.

If only there was an insane movement of people hoping the president will usher in armageddon... if only...

Political how?