Stop! Ok no, do that again

i must have this


Ahh yes the flop to reverse sploot. Our Corgo does this from time to time for belly rubs.

Ok but also get a really good vacuum cleaner too, or get buried in corgi fur.

I am so envious

This gif is the definition of that sub.

Corgis are just the cutest

Can confirm. Have corgi. Bought Roomba. Wasn’t enough. Also bought Dyson. Using both daily.

Jelly legs

I too want to roll on my back with all my limbs flopping about while someone rubs my belly as I attempt to gently nibble their hands.

Have a husky. Can't be worse than that? Think I am Corgi ready and prepared

Happy Cake day!

Birds will love you if you put a little basket of the fur outside where they can get to it for being materials

This is officially one of my favorite things

Happy Cake day!

Thank you kind sir