Stop giving me lip

Stop giving me lip

Okay, from left to right: coldplay piano guy, bill nye, and prince harry. Just wanted to clear that up for anyone wondering

"If I had no lips I wouldn't able able to do THIS" drinks tea

Why does Bernadette Crumblecunt always look like an alien

spills everywhere

Tom Holland, new Spiderman.

Probably cuz he was performing an American accent pretty well

There’s a lip, it just happens to be a stiff upper British one.

I read an interview with him a while ago and he said there was actually a scene early in the movie (at the deli) where his accent slipped through just a little bit, so little that nobody in the production brought it up or asked him to ADR it, and he saw & heard it in like a rough cut or something and freaked out and demanded to re-record that particular line, fearing that that one little slip-up on one word was going to ruin his portrayal of Peter Parker. He really really loves doing what he does. He's going to be huge in Marvel but even outside of the MCU I think he's going to have a really amazing career to watch.


Wonder if he still keeps that frog in his mouth

Hey, now. Mr. Boombastic Curlyque is a fellow human and known biped. He blinks in perfect unison.

Hahaha funny! No but for real, who’s the guy on the right?

I didn't realize he was british when watching the movie

No one knows how to spell Blunderbuss Crunchywraps name

Personally I think Wimbledon Tennismatch is quite fetching.

I'd even say flawless

Actors his age don’t usually get a shot that big unless they’re really talented and really dedicated and you can tell he’s both. I really enjoy watching him perform


tries to make 3 oclock tea

spills British culture across half the globe

Spot the Altmer

I'd still love to sit on any of those faces

First time I've seen Wimbledon Tennismatch appear shorter than someone. Loki must be really tall.

Why was that where your mind went?

But there’s enough foreskin for 6 American men

Credit card chip readers

Tom Hiddleston is Altmer (tallest), Benadryl Childrensformula is Dunmer (those cheekbones tho), the other Tom is Bosmer (the shortest of the elves)

Tom Hiddleston with the "I'm not balding, you're balding" haircut.

Scrambled eggs with cucumbers is only six foot I think.

But yet we all know they mean Wimbledon Tennismatch

You be nice to Mr. Benadryl Thundercunt!

The other Spider-Man movies weren't part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So Tom Holland will be the Spider-Man in all of the Avengers and other related movies that include the character. Spider-Man has had some weird stuff with ownership that someone who feels like googling might be able to explain better than me, but basically the rights were (and maybe still are?) owned by Sony and couldn't be used in the MCU, like how X-Men never appear in the MCU now (those movies are technically separate - there's no crossover). But I guess since Disney acquired Marvel, they signed a new deal? I don't know all of the details, but there are reasons to keep remaking the movies with new people.

So there are 3 different Spider-Man movie franchises, and none of them are related to each other, so it doesn't necessarily affect the franchise too much. It's like how we've had like 4+ actors for Batman and Superman, but they still keep making movies with those heroes. The difference this time is that since Marvel created this whole MCU, Tom Holland is going to be Spider-Man for as long as Spider-Man is part of the MCU.

u mean fine af

Man looks like the Yee dinosaur

Nah he's like 21 but the character is 15.

Boogaloo Cooglebum

Why do do people always get Benito Cummerbund’s name wrong?

Bonaroo Cumbersome

Tom Hiddleston: educated at the Dragon Preparatory School, currently £6,483 per term. Benedict Cumberbatch: educated at Harrow, £12,850 per term. Tom Holland: educated at Domhead preparatory school, £3,874 per term. There’s been much criticism in UK in recent years that the acting profession has become dominated by those from posh backgrounds. Indeed many have argued that it’s too expensive for most young working class actors to get a start. I think all of these guys are truly fine actors but unfortunately they also represent the case in point.

Nah he is from Holland, so they call him Tom Holland

Is he British?

Wow I just looked him up and I had no idea. Props to his acting

Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Tobey Maguire

This picture feels like two proud gay dads with their son.

So wholesome.

Smh it's Bandito Cabbagefarm

Tom Holland

He's playing a 15 year old and Peter Parker has never been a big dude.

You’ve got everyone right except for the guy in the middle. That’s Beneduct Cumbarbotch.

Andrew Garfunkel

Yo that's old meta

Who's the guy on the right?

Bendabod clumbercatch

You're embarrassing me in front of my internet buddies...oh goooooooosh

Fuck that’s hilarious

Bentdick cucumbersnack

Are you trying to set yourself up for the role of one of Spiderman’s nemesis? That sounds like talk from a guy who is going to find himself pictured stuck in a web on the Daily Bugle’s cover in about two act’s time.

Honestly, I’m a 40-year old guy and never liked the previous Spidermans (thought they were too campy and I find Tobey Maguire unsettling for some reason), but the new one was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the fact that they made Aunt May a realistic age.

Say me fantastic, touch me in the back she say I'm Mr Romantic.

also yes

edit: and the fact that Tony Stark is shamelessly flirting with her is just perfect


Bennyhill Cucumber

The Impossible really solidified him as a great actor in my mind. His character features prominently in it.

I thought I was Bendydick Cucumberpatch?

Butternut Crispyshrimp?

That chapstick bill down to zero 💵 💰🤑

Benozyl Crambersnap

Beheaded coconuthead

Bendadick Cumonherback

. . . So Peter Parker all through high school?

Who the hell is that? You mean Belvedere Crumblecouch?

I think you mean Butternut Crinkle-fries

Are you sure it's not Benficial Connecticut?

This kills the European.

Which is exactly how he should be portrayed?

Your fucking name is hilarious.

Still makes me chuckle

Peter Parker

Benaffleck Cabbagesack

It wasn't until the new Aunt May that I thought, why is every other version (including comic) so old?

It's his mum or dad's sister right? He's like 15, and assuming his parents had him at like 25 that'd make them 40. Assuming their parents didn't wait more than a decade between kids, that means Aunt May could be anywhere between 30 to 50, give or take. Like she is in Homecoming.

Then you look at every other version of May and she's 60 or 70. Weird.

...ratio! He only has one face but owns several watches. This guy facetimes.

Funny I thought they were all Bretons...

Can't forget Kif Kroker

Can't forget

Poor Burlington Coatfactory.

Bandersnatch Cumberbund?

It’s those freakishly high cheekbones.

Don't you mean Battlefield Counterstrike?

Nah, left is NerdCubed

Hey, you get outta here with your legitimate answers! THIS IS MEME TERRITORY

Bombardier CuccumberPatch

Superman's British. Spider-Man's British. Batman (was) British.

It's the comics. Probably slapped together without much thought put into it. I mean no one cared about these things back then so hey whatever she's old don't think about it.

Like I'm pretty sure Superman's entire backstory was just one page and Batman hanged a retarded guy from a helicopter and no one gave a shit.

Benadryl Childrensformula oh my fucking sides

Brendalyn cucumberpatch

Jesus I’m dying!!! Hahahaha

That's funny

Actually, Benedict Cumberbatch had lip when he said "Try me, Beyonce."