Stone wall domino effect

Yeah that would have been an awesome youtube video. Two guys building a stone wall normally.

That was /sub/oddlysatisfying

That was an insanely long wall! Does this person hate their neighbors? The new wall seems like it's only a foot or so from the existing fence!

Totally didn't expect the second part when the bricks are self-locked into the place.

I have stabilized the video for you:

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Wouldn't it have been quicker to just lay each stone in position? I'm just thinking in all the effort and time spent making sure that each stone is at the correct distance, that it isn't at an angle, that it will hold itself vertically. Might as well do the job as intended and save some time and specially, effort.

Sweet payoff just as I was thinking "Why am I still watching this?"


That started out mildly boring, then went to very satisfying.


good god stabbot had a seizure on that one

Hence the /sub/unexpected

It ends too soon.

Might be a retention retaining wall that needs to be replaced

The return run was really fun.

I'd like to see a mash up video of two guys building a wall, with some paint drying and a bit of grass growing in there as well.

Dude watch the video again, it's like 3 minutes tops round-trip. A year would be like a zillion bricks.

Hey cut him some slack, he's gotta run at full speed while trynna avoid all the trash in that backyard


You left out the part at the end.

The fucking panic when they all started settling into place on the way back was hilarious. It was also kind of impressive. Sign this guy up as an Action Movie Cameraman.

So satisfying to watch.

Maybe they charge by the hour.


I feel like it should be made into a video with thwomp noises from Mario 64 as they fall