Stole this from the gay wrestling subreddit. I like it

Stole this from the gay wrestling subreddit. I like it

Sam “why aren’t they making a documentary about me” Roberts

beautiful and so just. Irony in its purest form. did you miss this embarrassment

When Sam "fights" the wrestler it looks like a lost Saved by the Bell episode where Screech gets temporary super strength from a science lab mishap.

at least virgil was in the ring

the arrogance of "last professional broadcaster" UGHHHH

set yourself up for this shit and deserve it all

Sam should have sucked his cock and then dumped him over the top rope in mid-climax.

The word gay is redundant here. All wrestling is gay.

Can you imagine the crowd having to pretend Sam picked a man up by his throat? I am embarrassed for them. They paid to live in this land of make believe and try so hard to keep in it way beyond the age they should've moved on.

not worth the money fucking with that retard

Although he is very arrogant and stupid, I think that's supposed to be self-deprecating. Look at me guys, I know it's stupid to try to make money in an industry that anyone can do for free from their phone.

I want him to fall as far and as fast as Opie. He cannot suffer enough. Everything about him fills me with hate.

Paging Dr. Sheik. Patient needs to be humbled.

Once he hits you with the ChokeSam, it's over.

Lonely Sam

How do you feel about the fact that he not only drinks a large soda for breakfast but is also physically incapable of drinking coffee?

My shitty memory says that Sam entered after this clip & was somehow even gayer than a chain of 12 men touching each others cocks.

Good effort but someone did this exact thing with Opie a long time ago

someone needs to register