Still one of my all time favorites

Still one of my all time favorites

I wonder how Steve is doing on those flashlights

This comic is old enough to vote, but I still giggle at it like a school girl. From the dizzy happiness of Santa, to the "I dun fucked up" look on Danny. I mean, Danny was going the extra mile, some had balls, some were easy to find in the dark. He was giving 110% on that task.

Ship them!

I wonder how Brian is doing with those nutlugs.

Dildo T baggins

I saw this on /sub/comedycemetery

I wonder how Chris is doing with those buttplugs

I wonder how Tom is doing with those blow-up balls

Put it back Ellen you're not fooling anybody, got one stashed in the corner, we know you're on toy robot duty.

I don't see any double ended ones... That's not 110%

It's not a trick, it's an illusion. A trick is something is a whore does for money.

Explains why the robot is smiling.