Still no agreement between RB Leipzig and #LFC over Naby Keita potentially moving to Anfield this month. In fact told there's been "no progression at all" following initial discussions.

Still no agreement between RB Leipzig and #LFC over Naby Keita potentially moving to Anfield this...

Literal lies can we just ban Pearce already he doesn’t know anything.

Shut up James. Keep shovelling.


Bad News Pearce long time no see

Bad News Pearce long time no see

Sorry, SegaDou>Hamez

To be honest I kind of have a good feeling about this. I feel like anything’s possible now after the the VVD shit

You jest but why reply to rumours that quickly lol? It seems clear they don’t want to announce before the game tomorrow

Don't listen to Pearce, he's just jealous that Amadou and Sega are leading the hype train!



petition to move Jimbo down to unreliable. Dude needs to update his sauces, no ketchup.

prob not, member how the coutinho transfer request shit happened

Ahhh I had a feeling this was coming FFS, you still didn't have to shit on it like that though, Jimbo. Hoping Sega and Amadou are just a bit ahead and Pearce is lagging behind.

Huh? Are you sure James? Has he actually been in touch with his Liverpool contacts in the 20 minutes since Amadou and Sega posted on Twitter?

Griezmann announce

Remember he was saying Keita wouldn't happen the day before it was announced in the summer? Pearce is great but he is not the be all end all of LFC news.

Someone post that damn el jimbo trap card.



They have been the whole Keita saga.

To be fair, Leipzig has a game tomorrow and Keitas supposed to play. If it's true, they are def not gonna announce it to people before then since it kinda looks bad

Ours is, think Leipzig play tomorrow

Sky were the only ones reporting it and I'm pretty sure that Coutinho's team fed the story to Sky before it actually happened. They were feeding stuff to Sky the whole time, "Coutinho doesn't get along with Klopp" etc.

I know James you're a beautiful man, but I don't really like you right now.

As we found out last summer, sorry el jimbo gonna ignore you this time

They really are pretty much Tier 0 for Keita stuff, memes or not. I honestly believe them over Pearce in this case. I think both clubs are trying to keep it under wraps for a bit longer, being that RB has a game Saturday that Keita is playing in, and that we have a big one on Sunday.

Well, the club could've just not talked about it to him, especially since all the leaks he's signed are coming from the Leipzig side

Pearce is out in the cold, in desperate need of a shovel and coal.

Even Indy trying to get in on the hype train😂

Shut your mouth James

Fuckkkkk James why you ruining my night?