Stevie Wonder sees it

Stevie Wonder sees it

He's a cuck. But he's right about that.

He may be but that's good for us. Sometimes the only way to redpill some people is to hear from someone on the left. They serve as a conduit for truth.

Is this like.. "Stevie Wonder, black music icon asks black communities to look inward"?

..or "This shit is so obvious, even blind ass Stevie Wonder can see it"?

Not about left vs right. Black youth will listen to black role models.

BLMs cause is so thin Stevie wonder can see through it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯

"This shit is so obvious, even blind ass Stevie Wonder can see it"?

I pray this is it. The inner city black community needs the red pill badly.

Because they’re much more racist than whites.

This is the exact message Bill Cosby had right before all the allegations hit him. Wonder what they'll dig up on Stevie

Considering it's socially acceptable to be racist towards whites. He's not wrong.

Firstly, he isn't judging any individual based on color; so his statement isn't immoral.

Secondly, generalities are not false nor fallacious. Using "that's just a sweeping generalization" as a counterpoint is akin to saying "at the very best what you are saying is only generally true - not universally true."

Unless you think he was trying to make a universal statement (i.e. all blacks are more racist than whites), then your comment is meaningless.

Spez: I wish the mods weren't so zealous about removing discourse. These discussions need to be had. We're all adult enough.

Everyone is black to Stevie. Just saying...

Talking Book is one of the best albumns of all time

Stevie wonder is a bit of a Cuck but that album is legit

I gotta say, here at the Donald we have some seriously good debates! At the end of the day, we all just want to MAGA!

Somebody is about to get blindsided with a rape charge.


Nah. Cosby is guilty as hell. The question is how many more celebrities have a similar history of aggressive sexual advances towards young female entertainers and models, but aren't called out for it because they fit in with the insider crowd in Hollywood.

We need to applaud truth regardless of who's saying it.

I really hope he's been keeping his nose clean, that message doesn't need to be marred by sexual allegations or something

He might be a shill but even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then.

Stevie wonder is a racist?

"This shit is so obvious, even blind ass Stevie Wonder can see it"?

This sounds like a Buzzfeed headline

I saw him at jazz fest a few months ago and he felt the need to give his political opinion. Just fucking play music

Some might already be redpilled, but sometimes I worry about redpilling them. They seem a little too "froggy".

His message is right...

But he shilled for hillary

He was making a general statement.

I'm saying that general statements aren't necessarily wrong factually or morally.

Takes a blind man to show the vision of truth to those that can see



I wonder how the musicians would feel if they had to listen to every politician sing before they gave their speech?

I wonder if they've been asking around all the female CoStars that Tim Allen has ever worked with, shopping for allegations against him.

And don't be surprised if we hear some shit about based Rob Schneider soon. He's turning into a bit too much of a red pill Pez Dispenser himself, these days.