Stepping in front of my line and you will not be fine

That's A Flat Minor

So much better with sound.

Hm, not tubad.

The crash is perfect :D



Accidentally clicked your profile and saw your only post. Heavens

Eh, they were reaching for low hanging flute

Well you're a shitty father if you're letting your kid run through a marching band during a performance.

Keep it up and you're gonna get band

So I've seen this a million times. Every time I want to know what the consequences of that were. Because there's no way that guy just got away with that.

You wanna know what that kid likely never did again? Interrupted and distracted a group of live performers standing on blacktop. The kid didn't die, and the large circular trumpet player accomplished in one second what like 5 years of parenting didn't.

My father-in-law sent me that video 😄 I felt that Reddit had to see it. Fortunately for everyone other than you, it never appeared on the subreddit and stayed all lonely on my profile page.

You need to march those puns right out of here.

fuck the parents who let their kid run free in a band event

This reminds me of band camp! Only no one was tripped.

Instead, there were a couple of kittens that had wandered onto the practice field from a nearby barn. They thought the drummers' feet were fun to run around. It was fun watching them all try to avoid stepping on them!

And no, no kittens were hurt. But they were very determined to play with us :)

You guys need to drum up some better puns.

I had to click on your profile too, and god damn man.. That was unexpected!

I will make a note of that.

I will give you gold, if you can count how many rounds that was.. what the fuck!

America: Immediate outrage. Several parents gather in anger and approch the band leader. A news story emerges. Tuba player is fired and threatened with legal action.

Elsewhere: Haha! That's what he gets! Cheeky cunt!

What an absolute piece of shit she is, god damn.

EDIT: In another clip she literally kicks a little girl. What a fantastic human being.

Assuming they do some tricky formation marching, it would be like a musical shell game for the mum of that brat to give the offending musician an ear full.

Can't he, though? The kid got up afterwards and runs away just fine, the crowd seems to laugh a bit, and the tuba man does a little dip afterwards kinda showing off to the crowd

This is an example of shitty parenting. Grab a hold of your child. It isn't a playground.

Puns aren't my forte, but music is

Oboe he didn't.

Just for your effort...

large circular trumpet player

This is wonderful.

Patenting like this is why Harambe died.

Got me super good lol

The kid took his chances & lost out on that one. And learned a useful lesson.

You're right. He should have broke formation and tripped the mom.

Hungarian reporter who got a sentence for that.

There is another video where she kicks a fleeing refugee girl because my faith in humanity hadn't been destroyed quite completely back then.

Oh man. Brilliant

Thats a sousaphone

Maybe your dumbass son shouldn't be running through a performing marching band? I would have used that to teach my kid a lesson to not be a dickhead and have basic etiquette

Of course children that age do all kinds of shit. That's where their parents come in and tell them to knock it off. It's inconsiderate and selfish of the parents to let their kid disrupt a performance. Also, a tad dramatic with the death or impairment, the kid got tripped on blacktop not thrown down a flight of stairs. Sheesh.

Stop being a pussy.

Exactly! Fuck that kid

Kids need to learn that there are consequences. This kid learned that you don't just run through performances. Some lessons are funny to watch. Since the kid was fine, this was funny. If the guy had knifed the kid, it would still be a lesson but would be tragic.

I think she got fired, these are reporters covering some story in Europe about illegal immigrants. don't remember where but it was on reddit a few months back (could be a year).

Always nice to see a little shit get what's coming to him.

Respect is taught and sometimes it takes a village.

Possible brain damage 😂😂😂

Give it

It's not like he's using it anyway

I think the collective mentality is that there is a disappointment in the parents, as they should have disciplined him well enough that he wouldn't do something so blatantly disrespectful as what he did. Because they didn't teach him right, or even run after him to get him back when he ran off, it's logical to assume they won't be punishing him or teaching him how stupid he was. Therefore, the mindset here is that justice was only going to be served that day by a single hero. Someone willing to step up (and out) and give the kid the wake up call he wasn't going to get otherwise. Hopefully, that can also be a waskeup call to the parents, that they should keep control of their damn kid.

Am I the only one that thinks that guy is a dick for tripping a child?

So did I. How do I unsee it?

Actually he was right because the answer is 42

You are crazy.

That was a coda-k moment

This is in Katwijk, in the Netherlands! Grew up near there, I played in a rival band. This was years ago, never thought to see it here!

That is...Absolutely appalling.

As a person, that's fucked up. As someone who has been in a marching band I'm glad he taught the kid that that's not ok.

The kid should never have gone through like that. If they were marching, the kid would have been mowed down. Kid is lucky he ran by a tuba player, if it was a trombone player, would have been jabbed, those of the marching band persuasion do not fuck around.

You do weird things when you're horny?

Day 23, I learned a valuable lesson today. Never trust the trumpet warriors. I will worship the Sun God twice tonight, to attone for my sins.

lol try harder

I think he's in for a measure of rest.

She got fired and is on 3 years of probation for it.

I bet he will get in treble for that.

Or they think someone should have been looking after their child in public, seeing as that's part of being a parent.

That is .. .. .. perfect. I am a bad person. can't stop watching it.

It's so wonderful to know that no matter where you go in the world, every single tuba player has the exact same sense of humor.

Source: Mouthpiece is in my pocket, and I'd so do that.

It takes a village...

Saw this gif, remembered watching it with sound years ago, came to comments for the posted source.

Thank you. Just as good as I remembered.

Maybe they live in a culture that doesn't bubble wrap misbehaving kids?

Why did this have to turn into a nationality thing?

Come on, you would ruin this guys life over that. Charge him with assault and child abuse. I'm sorry to be rude to you but you need to get a grip.

Well if she's a reporter then she really shouldn't be getting involved. Reporters are supposed to stay neutral and not inject themselves into the story.

Don't worry, I texted it out to my buds. We'll get that lonely little post some attention for you. ;)

You're telling me this kid sprinted through this performance group for no reason without assuming any risk?

In all honesty, your comment itself is more representative of Reddit that mine.

My god 😧

Well that would be a revenge attack, so that's a bit different. But if the horn player ran through a play ground, then yes, of course he'd have what's coming to him.

He didn't, I just saw it

Well.. This is his biggest lesson in his life obviously. You can't jump around like that in the middle of a performance. Where are the parents? Some one need to step in, and that fine sir did it well.. really well.. When I was a kid, and if I did that, my parents would had told me that I deserved it. Like you can see in the video in the comments, the kid is on his feet quick and ran away. If it was my kid, I would have told him the same.. "You deserved it" let's take a look on those scratches and move on.

Am I the only one

Probably not

It's a crime if this isn't the top comment.

He might be.. I still laughed though

Did a horn player hurt you when you were young?

And 54 is 45 more than what is the answer, Martha?

Bound to happen bassooner later.

If had known it would only take tripping up a kid to get into Congress, I would have stopped sacrificing them months ago.

The tripper.

Fuck. Me too.

Let me tell you a tale of me old bones. One time during band practice I was in Pit, and I saw this tiny pupper shimmy it's way up to the band director. Turns out it shimmied it's way across the street where it escaped from it's fencing. Nonetheless it was really cute, and the image of our ultra serious band director carrying, and trying to find it's owner was so funny.

"This child has not been taught what is socially acceptable so I will kick it"

Think of the tuba player's as another person's child.

There's only four sousaphones though so really not

The consequences were high fives from the band. NOBODY goes through the band.

I suspect anyone that would allow their crotch fruit to fuck up a performance like that wouldn't know a violin from a saxaphone.

H.S. marching band alum. Tuba players are a... special breed.

He look pretty young so they'd probably grow back.

That's the problem. If not his, there should be some around him.

He found the missing mature judgment at the back corner of that formation.

Let's be honest here, this isn't assault... Its a homicide. I saw the kid's head explode into a pile of gore and I'm pretty sure the guy was going to do something sexual before the gif ended. What a mess.

Do some real parenting and dont let your kid run through a fucking marching band. That would be the "at all costs"

Just for your effort...

Effort is good but he was wrong it's 32 rounds

You know what a marching band does right.......? They kinda march around so probably not the best idea to run through the formation.

Maybe you could protect your kid by teaching them not to annoy the fuck out of strangers who might one day retaliate.

Parenting is about more than "I'm going to hurt anyone who hurts my kid", because that's some shit tier parenting. How about you protect your kid by teaching them to be a good person?

Cause this was posted 45 minutes ago

Angry parent should be angry at themselves. Control your spawn.

It's umm.... 32.33, repeating of course, chance of survival

And if your kid runs into traffic, what are you going to do then? Run over the bus driver?

If you don't want other people to teach your kid life lessons do it yourself. You're the reason gorillas get shot.

your father-in-law is cute

Clearly you lived a very sheltered life. I guarantee you the worst that kid got was road rash. A small price to pay for a very valuable lesson in humility and respect.