STEPHEN KING's lack of self awareness is truly horrifying

STEPHEN KING's lack of self awareness is truly horrifying

Yeah only, one is trying to save a country and one is trying to maintain a regime

He hadn't had any self awareness for decades... Remember that movie he directed (Maximum Overdrive) because he wanted his material to be "done right" on the big screen? Turned out that the worst Stephen King movie ever made!

I actually really enjoyed Maximum Overdrive--probably not for the reasons Stephen King intended.

These people will root for NK in hopes for our US President to fail.

These nutjob leftists seem to want to see our country fail. They failed to overthrow our presidency, so now they're defending North Korea. Disgusting.

Never vote Democrat again. Always remember how they treated your vote.

I loved it because of that and also because it was so fucking stupid it was laughable.

Dude can write, he can write his fucking ass off. I love him as an author.

He's retarded when it comes to not writing though. He's also a little stupid when it comes to writing. He wrote himself in as a character in his dark tower series. It was funny and meta but I thought it was also pretentious and egotistical.

Anyway, he had no input on IT coming out soon, and he himself says it's one of his best.

The Mist, The Shining, and Shawshank Redemption are the best movies from his source material and they've all been put to film without his input. I hear The Dark Tower is garbage and he had a heavy hand in it.

Point is, fuck off Stephen King. Write books and shut up.

Same could be said for internet satire legend Maddox. Dude fucked up big league when he opened his mouth. Now he's broke.

Because AC/DC did the soundtrack?

I'm SHOCKED by how many of my once favorite celebs turned out to be dumb libtards... What a tough redpill to swallow... This past year has really opened my eyes...

Slacktivists wish we were repressed, because 'Muh Resist'

Although I virtually disagree eith Trump on most, if not all, of his policies that I know of, I find it uncalled for and not worthy to claim that Trump is any more crazier than a crazy dictator who silences his opposition, kills "traitors" aka people who just want a better life, and someone who brainwashes his people.

Sure, Trump isn't perfect, but god damn it ya'll in the US are atleast free to criticize and speak up against him and/or injustice, even if those who are in power disagrees with the message, which is something you can't do in North Korea.

Atleast that's what my opinion is thus far into the Trump presidency.

Maybe Stephen King should visit North Korea

Fucking leftist retards

Things I used to really enjoy: Stephen King, Stephen Colbert, Google. This war has been hard on all of us. God speed.

Honestly, I'm so fucking tired of these libtard elitists. J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, etc. etc. Acting like they know what's best for the rest of society because they have it so good. Makes me sick.

Stephen King is great at world-building, characterization, and creepiness, but his prose is weak and 90% of his stories completely fall apart at the end.

There is so much pedophilia in Hollywood. You can almost point to the loudest mouths and you know they are being blackmailed. Just look at a Certain late night talk show host and his friendship with Podesta.

He went from being a satire genius to a literal crybaby libtard. Why do you think that is? I am betting it has a LOT to do with pizzagate. Same with Patton Oswald and Keith Olbermann. We'll figure out their crimes. At this point, we're just waiting to figure out what it is.

They don't care about any of that. I would bet good money that more than 75% of liberals don't even know about the camps.

I'm right there with you. Stephen King has gone from one of my favorite fiction authors to an author who's book I wouldn't even pick up in a bargain bin at the $1 store.

I used to go to movies every weekend and had no problem forking out the dough for a flick. Ever since these asshole celebrities started hating on our country I've gone twice since January. That might even change to not going and only download if this shit keeps up.

Does King have some pizzas in his closet?

The thing that always gets me about King is that he absolutely hated the Kubrick version of The Shining, which is a cinematic masterpiece on so many levels. In my estimation that is the one case where the movie (Kubrick's movie) was better than the book.

Even as a kid when I read his books, I was always disappointed at the end. They all started with such great potential and just fizzled out at the end.

Trump derangement syndrome has affected so many people I used to respect.

I sometimes wonder many things regarding these incidents such as were they like this before trump and I haven't been paying attention, is this just a prolonged temper tantrum from the election or something permanent, and why do they not have a proper filter of what is acceptable anymore?

I am grateful to Donald trump for widening the Overton window, and exposing the deranged and hypocritical views of various elites in our society.

On one side you have Kim, a commie dictator who can barely keep his country from starving to death - threatening nuclear war on the worlds second greatest nuclear power and worlds first military and economic power. Then on the other side you have a democratically elected president in a free nation who - in response to the threat of nuclear war said he would defend our country and counterattack. There is no comparison, you are compeltely delusional.

I still love Stephen King's work. For me it's part of not mixing business with pleasure, if you know what I mean.

My main issue with him. Dude can not finish a novel sensibly.

I love maximum overdrive for new years schlock.

Honestly its a garbage movie but it was a family tradition for YEARS to watch that and Charlene back to back on new years. I don't know why though. Honestly it is a really really bad movie. Hasn't aged well and really does embody the super early 90s imo.

Probably. Stereotypical mindless out of touch with reality libtard author. Another jkr influenced by leftists to promote negative trump propaganda.


Probably hated the fact that Kubrick got more credit than him on the movie.

I don't know why you're getting downvoted but I totally agree. He chose to disassociate himself from the Kubrick film and couldn't stand when it became such a hit and a cult classic. Then, when he tried to rectify the situation and make the movie in his own vision, we were treated with that made for tv abomination that hardly no one ever saw or cared about.

Remember when he wrote a book with a child gangbang in the sewers that lasted 5 pages?

You are delusional. It’s clear.

They have earned the equivalent of a lottery ticket when it comes to book publishing, and they have adapted themselves to live among liberals for decades, while having a privileged childhood mostly free of struggles

People like that are spoiled as hell and are the modern equivalent of the royal/aristrocratic families of former ages

It's not even that. Don't forget that the Norks thought all other dictators ever were too soft or something, so you going against the government condemns all your relatives for multiple generations to (short-lived) servitude in the coal mines

They are literally pioneering new asshat techniques by the day. This actually goes beyond the lolrandom Hitlering

Although I don't doubt ICE deporting illegals is exactly the same in their minds.

Michael Jordan had it right.

"(asked a question that was something like) Michael why don't you get into politics and talk about black issues, etc, etc?"

"Republicans buy shoes too"

JK Rowling had shitty childhood. Let us not blanket label over facts.

If you want to know just how intellectually dishonest the partisanship has gotten, people on the left are actually defending a brutal dictator all because Trump has spoken out against him. Let that sink in. I'm not Trump voter or supporter, but speaking out against NK is the right thing to do. I admit that because I give a damn about intellectual integrity, and I despise brutal dictators. There's no asterisk on that sentence.

Fuck Steven King.

I just wish they would do the same. If I depended on a large audience I would do my best to not use my celebrity status as a conduit to spew political opinions and alienate or even insult half my paycheck. No one (sane) gives a shit what Cher or Whoopi Goldberg and the like have to say about Trump. They call Trump an inexperienced billionaire celebrity, his supporters horrible names, blah blah, but then act like their opinions are oooh so important. George Clooney, you got rich from playing pretend, no one cares about your opinion. DiCaprio, you bitch about climate change and jet and sail around the world banging underage models in international waters, keep acting better than us, like us 'peasants' care.

I still love Stephen Kings work and grew up loving Harry Potter, etc., and it sucks all these people are now insulting their own fans over politics. The people that got them so rich they can afford their own walls to keep out the people they demand we let in, the people that don't have to go broke from the ACA, the people that will never go hungry and enjoy a safe life due to the armed guards carrying the guns they so hate. Hypocrites.

Just like George Lucas.

Call these ELITIST, ANTI-AMERICAN, HATERS out ... every single time!! Every single time!!! 👍🇺🇸

I agree bro. I read through The Stand, which was a hot fucking mess.

(Spoiler alert, tho you're not missing much) King kills off half of his cast all at once, 3/4 of the way through the book because apparently he was fucking winging it and had no idea how to advance the rest of the story.

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Also the underage sex orgy in IT for no reason unrelated to the story.

Leftists are. Take a look at the Legacy Media right now.

Just ignore them, it's not hard.

Their defense of the Kim regime and flippant comparisons between NK and the Trump Admin.

& Stephen King worked part time as a janitor and was a high school teacher. Yop, real elitists. Winning the lottery would be one book wonder. Dont denigrate their talent and hard work just because you dont agree with their political views

He'll fit in well there, he seems to do a good job of doing what his masters want him to.

Read "The Shining" and tell me.

Russia has about 200 more nuclear warheads than us, but we still have 6800. Source

one has concentration camps, one says we should respect the sanctity of life. to the left, the latter is the worst. shows how fucked up the left is

His books were pretty cool when he was on drugs.

Now he is just some sort of old woman.

I swear, this is exactly how Democrats acted in the 80s.

Trump really is the next Reagan.

All these people do is posture. That and sell out America and the West at every opportunity.

Hi Stephen King! Thanks for stopping by!

Yep, it literally ends with God nuking Satan's new kingdom in Las Vegas or something like that.

Which was too bad because it was decent up until that point.

Very sad that some King lovers are downvoting everyone here.

I totally got that he is saying one of the world's biggest murderers ( even killed his own inner family members)is exactly the same as our current president, what complete fiction , being a businessman and caring about getting jobs back for americans is absolutely where we should be right now as a country !

My god Maddox, that was a long time ago. Funny that people still talk about him.

You had poor taste from the beginning... Sorry bud, that had to be said.

Came from /sub/all. Can't believe I'm doing this but I'm going to agree with you guys. Although I don't like Trump at all and think he is an awful president, to compare him to Kim Jong Un is stupid. That man literally has death camps set up and is a dictator.

Why do you think he is an awful president?

do you realise you just put "good sense" in the same sentence as George Lucas?

....I mean he admitted during one gencon Young Jedi was his fav EU material. He's completely crackers

This is really, really, really easy to grasp. Everyone knows Kim is worse than Trump, by calling them both crazy you are putting them both on even ground. That is, saying Trump is as bad as Kim.

Ironic coming from a guy who had a chapter in one of his books where a bunch of young kids had an orgy after beating an interdimensional demon. He calls Trump crazy?

Never trust a man with a 4 inch philtrum.

Stephen, you have forgotten the face of your father.

Considering he went out for cigarettes and never came back, I'd say you're right.

I believe he said he was so jacked up on cocaine that he doesn't remember doing most of it.

I just remember Jim Carrey being a retard about his "dream" or whatever. These people can't actually believe MSM's garbage; millionaires and billionaires usually have a better understanding of what's going on than lefty sheep do... they are, after all, the herders. So, that begs the question, what stakes do they have in this game?

Establishment propped them up, probably has dirt on them, dirt is probably something disgusting... Look at Shia LeCuck for instance... he's unhinged, but he was formerly pizza, who knows if he ever ordered it though. Or McCaully Caulkin.

Hollyweird needs to go away.

It's one of my fav horror movies. Still creeps me out.

King has been like this for 20 years. The first half of his career was a crusade against social activism, and then he just slipped into New England Liberal default mode at some point.

It's so hard to like his work now. He's such a goddamned cuck.

Fucking exactly

As someone that's researched their political prisoner camps, it's fucked up

You a businessman with a family? Better not say "yknow i think the US is pretty cool"

Or else 3 generations of your family, women and children included, will be taken to a prisoner camp where they will be raped, tortured, treated worse than vermin, killed in some of the most brutal ways, all with no chance at escape or survival

So as long as that's going on to see Kim portrayed as some bumbling idiot whose only work includes wanting to nuke the US and maybe not being able to feed his people really pisses me off

Yea, I'm not sure where he's getting the privileged childhood thing. Stephen king's father was an immigrant who left when he was two. They then moved back in with his grandparents when he was 11. "Stand By Me" is based off a true story when he saw a friend hit by a train. This is all in the opening of his wiki page, definitely not privileged, spoiled or a life free of struggles. Kind of makes you realize why he had such problems with drugs and alcohol in his early years.


Nice, that's a good name for some of these limousine liberals.

It's more about being halfwit racist hatemongers circlejerking about the single worst thing to ever happen to America

settle down brickbot.


Turned out that the worst Stephen King movie ever made!

You obviously haven't seen the langoliers movie

Hey there, i knew what you meant and I think you have a point; sorry you got a bunch of downvotes.

But, to be fair, the point is Stephen King is a Leftist dumb fuck.

And he's got about 100,000 likes from that tweet? That means there're a LOT of leftist dumb fucks out there!

PS - I like movies and TV shows based on his books more than his books. Just my humble opinion.

Night night!

You can hate one thing and have one of them be much worse than the other. So by putting them on the same pedestal by calling them both crazy is doing one of them no favors.

Phew, that was a difficult logic puzzle!!!

Yeah, just look at The Shining by Kubrick versus his shitty miniseries.

There's no comparison.

I love The Dark Tower but it's hard to read his books after hearing the stupid shit he always says. I respect him as an author but not as a person.

It really is terrifying ... AND they only have 8 haircuts to choose from ... none of which are acceptable to any human being

And the concentration camps are just as bad as anything at auschwitz .. ovens... medical experimentation and all of it is familial ... you do wrong and your whole family is locked up , for generations after you're dead and gone .

No wonder the Dark Tower movie flopped.

Now why the fuck do comedians, actors, authors, and other celebrities think they know jack fucking shit about politics? Chelsea handler, if it's not a joke then shut the fuck up. Jim Carrey, just act the way the director tells you how to act, cuz we know your comedy career ended ten years ago and shut the fuck up. JK Rowling and Stephen King, bury your noses back in whatever book you're making and shut the fuck up. Stephen Colbert, just shut the fuck up period because what you're doing and have always done is not journalism, and your buddy that started your career, Jon Stewart was barely any better.

Lol don't know why you got down voted. I'm sure 13 year olds have fapped to stranger things.

Wait wait wait, whose the world's greatest nuclear power??

His version of crazy is not logical, Kim came into power by birth, his father and grandfather both starving their own people to stay in power , Trump was a builder/producer who came into power by his wits and hard work , far more savy at getting results , he came into power by working hard and building/creating jobs for thousands of all races, genders and creeds/....Kims legacy is murder/ dictatorship iron rule

I think he's worried someone will actually use a nuke. And given what they are saying I'd say that is a reasonable concern at the moment

Another out of touch Hollyweirdo.