Stephen Hawking and John Oliver

Stephen Hawking and John Oliver

John Oliver: "Hold on, who is talking to me right now, is it you or is a sentient computer pretending to talk on your behalf?"

Stephen Hawking: "It's me."

John Oliver: "Yeah, but how do I know that professor because if computers had become sentient what better way to convince people they hadn't than by co-opting the voice of the most intelligent man on the planet?"

Stephen Hawking: "You're an idiot."

John Oliver: "Yeah, but who is saying that Stephen, you or the machine?"

Stephen Hawking: "Both of us."

The whole thing is worth a watch and ridiculous


I have seen this picture at three different places in the last 15 minutes, oh god, have I hit a loop?

Yes, you need to change your mass rapidly enough to break the resonance of the gravitational wave-solitons spinning you in a circle in the space-time continuum. Quickly eat some donuts. Lots of them.


You're traveling trough multiple universes