Stephen Colbert:"I read reddit, which is not as useful as it use to be"

Stephen Colbert:"I read reddit, which is not as useful as it use to be"

I've been a Redditor for over 6 years and at any given point in that time you'll find people complaining about this site going to shit and how it was infinitely better a year earlier.

Nobody has posted it yet, so here's the quote from the podcast. It was very brief.

(On the topic of digesting news for the day) I read reddit in the morning, which is not as useful as it used to be. I used to feel like it was more stories and less memes. Photographic memes. Now it's been kinda consumed by Imgur photographic memes. You can still find it, so I go to the news page or the politics page to find it there.

Basically, he is saying that Reddit has become more centered on talking about images people post rather than a place of thought-provoking discussion on current events. He still identifies going strictly to /sub/news and /sub/politics, but for those saying that he should look for more niche subreddits, he doesn't care about those. He wants to know what is popular in the news so he is better prepared for his show.

We all agree.

It's like the idiot teenagers from Xbox network have taken over Reddit.

I guess i should Edit: Xboxlive + PS net = Xbox Net

It's so infuriating to come upon a really interesting piece of news or article on the front page, then you read the comments and it's just in-jokes repeated ad nauseum, epic maymays, and terrible attempts at being funny. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find any interesting and thoughtful discussion, and it usually has 1 or 2 upvotes and no replies, so I just don't bother.

I can't stress enough how much filtering out subreddits you don't like will help. Most defaults have gone to shit.

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He's correct. These days it is 90% horse shit from/for little kids that makes it to the top of /sub/all or the front page if you don't have an account with personalized subs.

Ask Reddit: who is your favorite high school teacher right now and why

People don't realize that going to is way different than reddit. If someone just decides to look at as opposed to being a registered user, they'll see a bunch of random stuff that seems silly and irrelevant... It's all about subscribing to the subs you like, and filtering out those that are shit. Reddit can be as good as you want it to be, and I suspect Colbert doesn't take the time to do that. He just goes to and says "Wow, this is way different than it used to be."

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word. there need to be more "no jokes" subreddits. puns are fucking boring

Ask Reddit: "I need something for the spank bank. Reddit, what sex was your last sexy sex, preferably in sexy high school?"

Jokes aren't the problem. It's the fucking memes and in-jokes that people reuse incessantly. I don't mind seeing a cleverly placed one liner or some thick sarcasm, but fuck puns, and broken arms, and cumboxes, and every other stupid thing that gets repeated ad nauseum. People only upvote it because they understand the reference, not because it is funny. This in turn rewards the jerkoffs posting this stuff. Mom's Spaghetti

"Girls of reddit, what is anything, literally anything, related to sex that you want to tell me about?"

Puns are the cancer of reddit and imgur

He's probably too busy looking at /sub/gonewild

It is so nice to see that others have noticed this too. . People want to get the best one to two line joke or dig in so it can be upvoted. I love humor and telling jokes but that is all this site has become. There are better sites to go for pure humor if that is what you are after.

Eugh, while we're on the topic of it, anytime someone uploads a picture of their girlfriend or wife

"Is your girlfriend/wife single?"

This is the guaranteed top comment literally every time

Let's hope he reads your comment.

People have been saying this for years. The first ever reddit comment was about how reddit has gone downhill from its better days.

"Guys of reddit, can you please pretend that you're a girl and tell me something sexy for my spank bank?"

/askscience threads are often a "deleted" wasteland because of this rule, but it's still one of the best subs on Reddit.

Everyone wants to be a fucking comedian, but most people are not funny. Reposting a .gif we've all seen a thousand times is not funny. Puns are not funny, especially when you can see them coming and they've been reused for years.

I think this site is as useful as it's ever been, you just need to find the right subreddits.

Because it does get worse over time. As any community becomes more mainstream, it's going to adopt a larger younger audience - especially reddit which has recently been appealing to a younger audience with all its shitposts. So yes, reddit has gone downhill and it will continue to do so. Even subreddits that one would think are very specific and esoteric have gone to shit - I subscribed to /sub/android when it was relatively small. It used to have a lot of in-depth technical discussion, but as it's gained adoption, it has gotten a lot more superficial.

Colbert is right, and the explosion of humour attempts via memes or stupid jokes as comments regarding serious news articles is due to how effed up the reddit point system is.

I originally thought upvoting/downvoting points was to indicate how pertinate the comment was in evolving the discussion further; how impactful the comment was to the original thread.

Now downvoting points is just a way to disagree or insult the other user even though they added to the discussion. People even downvote based upon the other users religious or social views! ("nyanyanya. i hate you! And will downvote what you say because i hate all catholics and you are a catholic" ) People upvote stupid jokes that have no relevance to the original thread hijacking it to a complete tangential, tangled mess of bullshiet, yet if a comment offers a different side a user disagrees with even though it might be very pretinent, its downvoted to hell.

In fact discussing with some redditors i know in real life, these losers go so far as to go into a users profile and downvote all comments by that user on other threads, as a sort of ragevote.

Reddit has loads of people with low self esteem needing some affirmation on a website to feel "popular" by pointwhoring. Id like to give them a hug. These points mean nothing in the real world.

I dont give a shit about reddit points. I came here to see whats up with the world, voice my opinions, hear others opinions, partake in intellectual discourse, and chuckle once in a while.

If the sorry state of affairs continues downhill, Ill simply find interest in other websites. After all, this is only just one tiny frakking website in the entire internet. And life goes on. No big deal. Reddit is a TOOL for me. Its not my life. Anyway lets see what the future of reddit is. Lets go see what the internet version of social darwinism dictates for this website in the future. (Www-darwinism?)

Reddit, what was the weirdest, creepiest sex you had whilst you were weird and creepy in your weird and creepy high school?

Alright, alright, I'll make it...

Edit: Done.

It honestly is very cringeworthy seeing so many top posts on ask reddit about sex. And they all revolve around the same premise: tell me something hot so I can get off on your post or pretend it was me.

USED to be

People will say Reddit has been constantly changing for years now, but there's been such a huge change in the past year that it'd be hard to recognize the Reddit that drew me in. I feel like this place is 90% high schoolers and a bunch a new shitty subreddits.

What's up bro, I have boobies and a vajayjay, true story. I'm like a 7/10 in good light. Uhh sexy...I have a bleached asshole but I don't do anal, it just looks pretty.

This comment has been overwritten by an open source script to protect this user's privacy.

If you would like to do the same, add the browser extension TamperMonkey for Chrome (or GreaseMonkey for Firefox) and add this open source script.

Then simply click on your username on Reddit, go to the comments tab, and hit the new OVERWRITE button at the top.

Or Reddit could stop sitting on its ass and start developing some features.

All that the Reddit dev team has done is purely reactive. Site's down? Better make it more efficient. Not making money? Let's come up with a bullshit pay-to-play analog to raise money.

Post tagging? Nooooo, here's a bullshit explanation of why that would be "bad for Reddit". User blocking? Nah, you have a shitty version of it in the form of RES. Better thread browsing? Nah, what we have hasn't driven users away in droves yet, so why improve it?

Reddit is a pile of shit because it's the absolute minimum that maintains ad view numbers.

To be honest, the huge influx of shitty users have probably never heard of digg.

I had sex with an underage ghost. Ama!

Blaming things that happen here on Digg is so 2010.

I've seen this before. Their will be a controversial topic and you'll see a stream of asinine one liners which attempt to discredit it. In other words, I don't think it's an attempt at humor.

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Redditors always trumpet this every time this comes up, but it's only half true. Many of the smaller subreddits aren't as active as, say, just going to a more focalized website. This is what Colbert is probably referring to when he means it's not as useful as it used to be.

There was a picture of a woman in Turkey being sprayed in the face with a hose by riot police, back when there were protests. Nearly all of the comments were along the lines of, "money shot" and "facial" and nothing having to do with the actual context.

Rarely you'l see a pun that actually has a bit of thought behind it. Most of the time though, they are just really lame. Making a pussy joke in a thread about cats, very clever, thanks for wasting my screen space.

That's entirely accurate. I'm not about to quit using it, but the huge influx of users led to a huge influx of shitty users. Looking at (some of) you, people from digg. Smaller subs are only good until they get the frontpage (or link from a front page) death sentence. Every one one of those askreddit threads "What is the best unknown subreddit" kills a few promising ones.

It's all about taking something that works with a few hundred people who all understand it and then dumping several thousand who don't really get it on top. Signal to noise decreases unless the mods are willing to act with an iron fist which requires a lot of work for them.

back in 2010 it was only 85% horse shit.

And it has been. With the exception of subreddits, the main default areas of reddit have continuously gotten shittier.

We need a new Reddit, just like how Reddit was new Digg.

You dun goofed. RIPD's gonna get you.

Everyone wants to be a fucking comedian, but most people are not funny.

This is actually why I like lurking /sub/standup. Those guys really want to be comedians, but that subreddit is almost entirely serious discussion about comedy.

Oh boy this has potential to be the most circle jerky thread of all time.

yeah but the defaults now are so bad compared to about this time last year. Since I doubt Stephen Colbert has an active account with personalized subedits tailored to him, of course he's gonna have a bad time.

This is the only time that this conversation can come up, but, "The Game" is a wonderful example of perpetuating a tired joke. There is no value in the joke other than the pressure to acknowledge the joke's value to you & to the witnesses.

Mind you, when repeating the joke becomes the joke, it defeats the original intention of the joke: the purpose of, "The Game" was always to avoid at all costs, not to acknowledge, not to encourage: It's always been a test of comedic endurance.

The purpose of the Game becomes: You can only lose The Game if you witness & admit your own defeat. This is the same principal in these threads, the same in life. If you admit that you are a failure, than you are.

Don't lose the Game.

I feel like the main subs are ridiculous. Reddit has become a microcosm for popular culture and the internet in general. If I want to have any sort of meaningful discussion, I look to the smaller subs which I am interested in. Even in those smaller subs, there are established personalities and ideologies (like the group hate of u/ewk at /sub/zen) that tend to dominate threads.

The beauty of reddit lies not in the Large Subs but in the fact that if you want to know about a specific topic, there is likely a small thread for it.

While I don't disagree, I don't see how these things would directly improve the quality of reddit. I see the core problem at the influx of bad posters, i.e people swarming over from sites like 9gag or facebook. That, and that the system is inherently flawed for opinionated discussions.

Fucking pun comments annoy me more than anything.

To be fair though, if by reddit he does in fact mean "," it is true in that case that it is not as good as it used to be.

Honestly, I'm constantly surprised how often dumb animal memes make the very top post on this website. It is sort of unbelievable.

Maybe what needs to be done is a change in the upvote system. Instead of it being just a good comment or a bad comment make a comment able to be upvoted for being informative, or being funny, so people can filter through material and get what they are looking for.

Nothing on Reddit stays useful. Christ, just look at all the new defaults.

90% of the new submissions in /sub/oldschoolcool are vacation photos of people's grandparents.

IAMA is pretty much a PR tool for celebs.

LPT Wet Leaves are slippery. 3000 upvotes right now. That is even dumber than whatever fake example I was going to use to show how bad it is.

and /sub/news and /sub/worldnews while you're at it.

It's gotten hard to tell the difference between /sub/news and /sub/bad_cop_no_donut.

As someone who started redditing while rage comics were still on the default front page, I tend to disagree.

Yes, it has gotten worse. The point was more that 'these days' is completely perspective, because five years ago there were already redditors leaving because the site audience was changing. Sure, it's worse if you want to talk about technology/politics/news/anything that's gotten more popular, but if you're a kid in high school looking to learn more about the world reddit is the place to go. It's no longer a specialist forum, and people should just go to specialist forums instead of complaining if that's what they want.

AMA Question #1: Can I bleach my own asshole at home in the bathtub with a gallon of bleach? And no, I'm not a dumbass, I have a pair of goggles.

Same. As much as I hate to piss on innocent niche subreddits like /creepy or /aww or /mildlyamusing or /showerthoughts, I honestly don't know why they're default in the first place. The front page is now just another colorful ball pit forum for teenager talk.

And the fact that young people boast about going to reddit because it's the best place to "get all my news and information from" is even more sad.

Again, I'm not even blaming the teens, or any upvoters here. I'm mostly blaming the default subreddit selection designated by the admins. There's too many recreational default subreddits this year.

I've tried. The problem is I haven't found anything to replace it.

When I started Redditing in 2007 it looked like this. Front page is a bit different, wouldnt you say?

The defaults have been just as bad for years, the only difference is that you've gotten tired of it.

its the new subs on the front page, i'm too lazy to fix and personalize but I look at the front page (fresh) for exciting new news so that I don't feel alone but now it's just ridden with sex TIFUs that involves my gf this and my gf that and my wife this and my wife that. And then we get oldpics and then dataisbeautiful, like what..? I need the top news man, not a picture of your old grandpa for us to make you feel good

This is a huge issue for Reddit. Whenever there is a controversial topic, both sides will downvote the other, and utter nonsense is left to rise as the top comments.

This is true. It's almost embarrassing.

I've had several different accounts over 4 years on this website, so I've seen many different iterations of 'default'

Throughout that time, I'd tell people about Reddit because I thought it was a great site.

The thing is, I had all of my own personalized subs with very little defaults left.

So, what THEY see when they visit was 100% different than what I was seeing.

I can only imagine what some of those people (coworkers, etc) thought of me when they log in and see advice animals and /sub/funny and stuff..

I can't stress enough that Reddit is what you make it. It can be a great place to learn and be around good, likeminded people,

or it can be the most boring, circlejerky place on the internet if you let it.

It will. They always do.

Look at /sub/wheredidthesodago for example. Sub started off as a place where you post the most absurdly cartoonish examples of people being depicted as utterly incapable at life in an infomercial. Shit like being unable to pour a glass of coke from a 2L bottle, or have a bowl of popcorn in the den without spilling it all over the place.

Now, it's a place where people just post anything slightly funny in any commercial or infomercial...and generally is more like /sub/reactiongifs except the gifs are from a commercial.

I just had a look at the sub's front page. I would qualify 2 of the top 20 posts as being actually true to what the sub was originally. The rest are just random snippets from infomercials without any context.

I'd actually say that /sub/reactiongifs to me is one of the most long-running high quality subreddits whose top posts at any time almost always give me a good laugh. I think the reason for that is how dirt simple the concept a gif of anything with a caption to change its purpose to anything else.

The moment the idea gets any more nuanced than that, the subreddit is guaranteed to fail as it gets bigger unless the moderation is relentless. So with /sub/wheredidthesodago you've got that effect...the idea is too complex for the masses to 'get' and too nuanced for the masses to keep in mind when it's time to hand out upvotes. It's funny because it's not a complicated idea at all; post gifs of people in infomercials failing at very simple everyday it's a good example of how quickly the broken telephone effect can happen, and how little it takes to allow misinterpretation of a sub's core idea.

Finding decent subs is not an easy task though. Also, small subs are slow subs and I can blow through a day's content on a small sub in a few minutes which quickly leads to boredom.

Agreed. Between this problem and the titanic leak that seems to have sprung from /sub/askreddit lately, the site is losing more appeal by the day.

On the other hand, the well moderated subreddits tend to be shining examples of what reddit can be. /sub/askscience and /sub/askhistory typically have a wealth of mature, interesting comments, and creative places like /sub/writingprompts and the great community at /sub/nfl really highlight what good mods can do.

Individually I could find alternative sources for each of these communities, but nowhere else on the internet lets me tie them all together like reddit.

The best explanation I ever heard (and I've long since lost the original comment so sorry to whoever said it) was that with a sufficient amount of traffic, what gets to the top becomes an issue of upvote rate, which is a factor of time. If you have a million users an hour, it's much easier for more of them to upvote an image that takes half a second to parse than a well-thought out actual argument that takes 20 seconds to read. So once a subreddit becomes sufficiently popular, it's screwed.

Soon after: "The goggles, they do nothing!"

/sub/abuseinterrupted is a subreddit I started for myself as a place to stash interesting studies, papers, articles, videos, and quotes I found relating to abuse after I stopped blogging. It's been two years, and the experience has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Before Reddit I had no idea how to find others like myself who were abusers and working to not abuse, and now I am able to engage with people on a regular basis about how to stop the cycle of abuse.

Not to mention that Reddit is basically ad-free and community driven. I unabashedly love Reddit.

I used to love corny jokes and puns. I've seen them spammed so much on every Reddit post that I hate them now. Really, that's how things on Reddit tend to go, especially in the default subs: regurgitate jokes and content until you get banned for them. Oh, and don't forget every Youtube link is spammed by children who think fake accounts and copy-paste Youtube accounts are funny. They don't even TRY to troll either, I might commend them if they did a good job but it's just so...sloppy and obvious.

/sub/adviceanimals isn't a default sub anymore, you must be looking at /sub/all which I agree is usually terrible.

Edit: Gold for this? okay, I don't ask questions I just take the money.

No shit. It's nauseating. The top comment is inevitably a bad pun with a string of followup bad puns after it. It's like watching one person get the last sip of diarrhea then everyone else rushes over to the cup and starts making loud sucking noises with their straws.

The first ever comment on reddit was complaining about how the site is going to shit:

There's nothing like simplicity and not following the crowd. I for one welcome our new comment sp...

From his perspective, it makes sense to read those though; it will tell him what news stories are trending among his show's target demographic, which I can imagine would be GREAT preparation for the show.

TIFU by not wearing underwear to class and then my pants fell down and then like 8 girls saw it and were so amazed i had sex with all of them and the teacher joined in and i got an a and had sex with like 5 more super hot teachers at once and the bully who didn't like me was like wwow hes cool and started crying and everyone laughed at him. +3000 upvotes

Yep. Stuff like LPT is a great idea until everyone starts in on it.

I suggested that they go ahead and make The Red Pill a default, just to watch it get immeasurably worse.

The teeny bopper celebrity obsession makes it feel like Seventeen magazine or Perez Hiltons gossip site. Omg, breaking news: Robert Downey Jr likes sherbet ice cream.

I couldn't agree more. I come to reddit for the comments section, because that's where reddit is unique. I can get the same content from various websites, but the community style of peer-review is something I'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Unfortunately, its become increasingly difficult to find good comments. Either 'floss and masturbate' (or whatever meta is popular tomorrow) gets voted to the top, or some shmuck posts an oversimplification of the issue that's emotive enough to get upvoted, but is a total misrepresentation of what's going on.

I miss the clever banter and insightfully perspective that used to be prevalent on reddit, but now seems banished to the dark corners because if it's not simple enough to please the hivemind it will never see the light of day. For me, these are the major issues reddit needs to address if they want to avoid a digg-style exodus.

Or TIFU which just turned into a bunch of sex /sub/thathappened material. seems every "news" article is something about how the US is in decline, the US is evil for monitoring people, the cops suck, etc etc.

They actually are having 'no sex posts'-week right now because of that. Good decision.

/sub/askhistorians is a notable exception to this rule. But then, they fall under the " mods willing to act with an iron fist " category.

I just want to be able to go into a thread and actually see content and valuable contributions to a conversation. Instead, most of the time I see try-hard puns and comments that just want karma points.

It's unrealistic to believe that reddit can go back to what it was, and it shouldn't. Reddit should be able to cater to different audiences.

What I do think should happen is to allow more filters in threads. If I was able to mark my post as "serious" in a thread, I should be able to minimize all comments that aren't labeled as such. If a joke comment is labeled as serious, downvote it. It will stay in the queue, but it will be represented accordingly.

EDIT: This thread is everything I want reddit to be.

And it was spot on.

Oh I'm fairly certain an astronomical amount of posts are complete fabrications that they either wanted to be true, or just wanted to contribute to the thread or whatever.

I sometimes think it would be nice if some subreddits had two tabs for each post. Basically one would be [Serious]. The other would be [Community]. They could be up where it says, "top 200 comments.. show all ---" The serious tab could be heavily moderated and the community tab could have all the jokes, puns, etc.

The two types of content would still be right there, just one click away. The people who come for the information would have it all right in front of them without wading through community commentary. All other comments could just as easily be made in the Community tab. If possible, mods could maybe move a comment from the Serious tab to the Community tab. That way the comment along with subsequent replies could continue over there.

Person 1 says

"reddit is shit because of x" "reddit is good because of y"

Person 2 says

"reddit is shit because of y" "reddit is good because of x"

Both agree, Reddit is shit.

Maybe the front page should reflect the best of reddit again, instead of being a mindless hive of buzzfeed dribble.

Reddit HAS changed for the worst. It's been a continued downhill spiral for many years and now we've almost hit bottom.

For me Reddit has just become to "internet-y". I used to enjoy a good meme or a silly picture of cute animal every once in awhile, but Reddit just ruined that for me with its over saturation, but I don't want to come off as a hater, because the subs that are active and bring forth fresh content (like the ones you mentioned) truly are splendid. It just makes you wish someone could shepherd the masses into the light, but ahh well.

Despite your confirmation bias in trying to believe that, I strongly suspect that a mega-LOTR nerd like Colbert, who's smarter than a lot of redditors, would know how to pick the subs he wants.

Reddit has largely decreased in usefulness due mainly to the fact that downvotes are no longer used to indicate whether something contributes to the conversation or not, but whether the voter agrees or disagrees with the opinion. It's used more as a censor than anything.

I find /sub/all with RES subreddit filtering is the only good way to find new/interesting subreddits.

As a 6 year vet,

Thank you for your service.

And so slashdot was born.

Fellow Digg émigré here. It wasn't long ago when top comments were insightful/educational little blurbs about the it's mostly a race for who gets to be first with a cynical jab or cliche joke. This isn't a site for smart people anymore.

Reddit is like the History Channel of websites.

Look at the homepage. Look at the bullshit being upvoted. We used to have interesting stuff, now we have a trollfest.

If you're interested you can look it up using the internet archive. Front page from 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012, 2013, and today.