Steph Curry has a career high (Also a league high) efficiency while averaging 28 points per game.

Steph Curry has a career high (Also a league high) efficiency while averaging 28 points per game.

Steph Curry is averaging 28/5.2/6.4 while shooting 67.1 TS%

He's also .8% away in FG% from averaging a 50/40/90

Steph is leading the league in OBPM and RPM on the best team in the league.

Just for the record, I think Curry is playing like the best player in the world right now.

He has been incredible. Improved his ability to get to the line while lowering the amount of turnovers per game.

He has easily been our best player, and the impact stats reflect that.

I've said it before, but Steph could easily net another MVP if the media just gives him a little of the MVP narrative. He is more than deserving, especially with the stretch of play before he got injured

He still gets mauled off ball and on threes with no call, but he's learning to pump fake and get to the line which makes him happy which makes me happy.

looking like the top MVP candidate right now

Tbf you have to look at the competition, the biggest candidates for the MVP are Harden and Lebron, Harden is injured and is currently injured which at the end will leave him in the same ball park of missed games as Steph, and as for Lebron his team has gone to shit in this same stretch and can be counted to a resurgence and another slump later. So I think if Steph comes back today playing like a madman like he is recently i don’t see why his name can’t be in the conversation.

67.1% TS for volume he takes is mad impressive.

I think hes missed too many games. Missed 15 and only played 28

If a player is 0 value when he doesnt play, then Curry has to be more than 1½ times more valueable than the next when he actually plays, to get to the same value, if we try and simplify it (the 1½ changes depending on how many % games he played vs the the other contender)

In the past 39 years, the MVP has only missed more than 6 games once, and that was Iverson who missed 11

The warriors' play is maximized because of Curry.

He put up even stronger numbers in 2016.

I do not believe Lebron is a better player than curry rn.

Almost as if comments like this are totally overdone, not funny, and completely stifle discussion. Love when /sub/nba upvotes this garbage.

It was a bad record for an MVP candidate

You're down voted because it's hard to accept but he's already missed 15 and the most an MVP has missed is 11. This year is kind of a weird year with Harden going down, LeBron's cavs going through maybe their worst January slump, and KD not being the MVP of his own team. It will be interesting to see how the voting plays out and this year is as good as any year to see the games missed for an MVP record broken

So Dirk Nowitzki is better than Lebron?

Anything is possible

Last year we saw a player with a bad record win, so why not a player whos missed games. In Hardens defence, hes only misses 6 games so far (9 less than Curry)

But ye, the race seems messed up atm

He's more efficient than Clint Capella (who's second) who's a dunk/free throw machine. It's incredible.

Since December Curry has 100% been better than Bron this isn't even remotely close to debatable.

Curry averages similar stats regardless of whether he is playing with the bench or with the starters.

His stats and efficiency actually improve when playing without Durant.

He is a rare player who shoots at a higher efficiency when his volume increases.

Considering most teams run off ball action with regularity, I won't be surprised if Curry average similar efficiency elsewhere.'

He’s in the only situation where he is playing next to someone who draws more defensive attention than he does.

This is wrong. KD has been getting single coverage, hence his huge jump in efficiency, after his transition to the Warriors. Watch how defense shadow Curry.. It's insane how strong his gravity is.

IMO, Curry surpassed Kobe as the player with the strongest defensive fixation.

LeBron is definitely not winning it as this point with his horrid +/- and his under-performing team

How has the officiating been on him this season? I know in the past Warrior fans were upset he used to get bounced around a lot

I’d rather point out how shit comments are shit and try to chnage things, thanks

Curry hit 400 threes and averaged 30 a game on 50/45/90 before he was teammates with KD... KD being on the team has made Steph's numbers a lot less gaudy than they should be.

He can't win with those cats. Who did he have on the team? Oladipo? Sabonis? Kanter? Look how horrible they are now that they cannot rely on Russ to lean on.

I will bite

They’ll pay more attention to Curry on the perimeter, but more attention to Durant inside the arc.

This doesn't make sense because teams DENY Curry the ball. However, because of his insanely elite off ball action, he makes tons of cuts and movements in and outside the arc.

Your comment was just wrong.

Haha, can't argue with that.

Technically Walton won the MVP after missing 24 games, but that was so long ago it shouldn't really factor in so I agree with your premise


I thought Chris Paul was the “point god”

that team that we always rape.

Come on dude. Be better.

He's missed too many games to win it and the Warriors did well with him out. Harden or Lebron will win it.


He's gets handled pretty hard off ball, but he's leveraging that attention for team baskets. On ball I think the refs have been better this year.

And teams don’t try and deny Kevin Durant the ball? the 7 footer who shoots 3’s at 40% and can dribble like a guard?

Curry is so great because players have to deny him the ball rather than a player.

Not really too invested in this conversation since there's no possible way KD gets more coverage over Curry. Not even close btw.

Yes. I’d still take current dirk over prime bron

What does that even mean? Can you translate it into old person?

LeBron better though. I'm just a Nike rep stating facts. Also please don't watch highlights from LeBron's last game.

...Except that he goes off even harder when KD isn't playing. He's holding himself back to accommodate one of the best players in the world.

He'll probably miss about 20 games by the end of the season since Kerr likes resting guys and the Warriors have a good record without him.

Not even mentioning how KD and him will take votes from each other. His chances are extremely minimal. There's no way he's the top MVP candidate lol.

No one draws more defensive attention than Steph though? If you watch a lot of our games closely, and this is much more evident when the game is watched in the stadium live, it's incredible to see that the other 9 players on the court all react based on what he does.

There's a reason why the term gravity is used so often when talking about them. Steph commands the most defensive attention on the team, and is still often double teamed from well beyond the three point line despite there being Durant and Klay to look after.

I believe he just means he gets a lot of FTs

The team is 10-5 without him, have the 16th rated offense without him as opposed to first with him. Golden State hasn't lost a game with Curry on the floor since that loss to OKC.

Yes, the team's doing fine without him, but if you're watching the games when he's in/out, you notice a big big difference. It's almost as if when he's out, the team plays like they don't even like Basketball. Like it's a job.

Steph would 100% be just as efficient on any other team.