[Stein] The NBA will “move quickly” toward putting an @nbagleague franchise in Mexico City, league sources tell the @nytimes

[Stein] The NBA will “move quickly” toward putting an @nbagleague franchise in Mexico City, leagu...

I feel like most people aren't realizing this says G league

First they came with G-league.. then came 31st NBA franchise

Its a gleague franchise

But hey, step in right direction?

I’m all for it, but the Seattle franchise is a lot further along towards establishing an investor base.

G-League or not, I find this to be shitty for the players. Basketball isnt a short season and they're going to spend most of it in a foreign country where they likely can't speak the language. Their travel is going to be brutal too. This doesn't even mention a lot of the other problems with Mexico itself but we don't need to go there.

It would be one thing if australia or something was close enough to get a franchise. Same language, plenty of basketball fans, safe, etc. But this seems pretty shitty for the players

The whole NFL to Mexico makes a lot more sense. Only 10 away games a year not including post season. And you could easily have it so the players are only in Mexico for few days a week and otherwise practice in Texas or something

R.I.P August Ames

We've seen basketball in Seattle...

Portland doesn't have a G-League team, put that one in seattle!

Fuck investors, Mexico City will have the de facto best fans in the NBA.

Can’t wait for the first game when an entire arena is doing sing-song chants in Spanish lol. That shit cracks me up at soccer games.

Know what's also shitty? People complain about the elevation in Denver/Salt Lake City, and those places are about a mile high.

People don't realize that Mexico City is 50% higher in elevation - 7500 feet above sea level. It's devastating for players to play up there when they aren't acclimated. And it's especially bad with modern basketball thanks to how much they god damned run. Nowadays, unless you sprint on every play, you aren't competitive. Mexico City is going to grind up players and spit them out.

I just wish they had put one in Seattle first


the Si-League

Ohh that’s interesting

Yeah, I agree. I also find it bizarre Adam Silver is pushing for a team in Mexico given all of their human rights issues they have going on that no one seems to care about. Silver sure cared a ton about the transgender bathroom bill when it came to the state of North Carolina hosting the All-Star game. Why isn't he taking a political stance on Mexico? (We both know the answer is pure money when it comes to Mexico, but it proves he flip flops for convenience).

One who has a thing for Latina women?

Edit: I actually think the comment I responded to has a point. We can't even convince NBA players to move to Canada very easily.

Yea if you dislike the US government, your in for a surprise of how corrupt ours is.

Interesting way to gauge interest for a full-time franchise in an international city. Still can't believe we're gonna see Basketball in Mexico City before Seattle though.

It should be the nuggets affiliate. Would make sense considering the altitude

If I learned anything from Portlandia, this will make the citizens of Portland VERY happy.

Didn't the last post here show that the proposal isn't that good at least from Seattle natives?

The cartels only exist along the Mexican border for the most part, which is where the US has had to come in and control.



Mexican security forces have been implicated in numerous serious human rights violations—including extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and torture

This conversation is over if you think this is a US problem. Mexico is far worse than the US when it comes to human rights.

Their police have literally massacred people within the last 5 years. Journalists are routinely murdered.

This is no contest.

The NFL just had its second game there and extended its contract through 2020. Im sure the leagues know more than someone on reddit.

The league knows money, thats it. They want more money. Its really that simple. The human rights statistics are a well known fact and have been available for quite sometime. Are you honestly shocked the NFL would ignore this for the sake of money?



Human rights defenders and journalists continued to be threatened, harassed, intimidated, attacked or killed. At least 11 journalists were killed during the year. The federal Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists left human rights defenders and journalists inadequately protected.

Thats just for 2016/2017

I first read it as n bag league. I was confused for a moment.

I think putting a G league team in Seattle would enrage more people here than it would please. I'm not a native Seattlite (lived here for 4 years now), but there's a ton of hate for the league that will only be solved by getting an actual team back. There's also no way they'd embrace a Blazers G League team, since the Blazers and Portland in general is/was Seattle's sports rival.

i just don't see mexico city being able to attract top-tier FAs though

Does the G-League get any (minor league relative) big name FAs?

Just following your lead

I think the problem is that he tagged nbagleague, I usually skip that part subconsciously when reading Reddit titles. It's absolutely my mistake but that might have something to do with it.

I love the league expansion.

the Pacers-Piston brawl

So, , but in reverse.

Gave her the best tribute I could last night

Mexico City getting a team before Seattle. Lol.

Only if you're not named Devin Booker

Really? Police corruption and political corruption is unsolvable? Economic inequality is unsolvable? How does anyone know that for sure?

The Mexican government can't stop kidnapping people? How about just stop doing it?

What human rights violations are you talking about? Cartels? Im sure you know that cartels are in the US as well and they also kill kidnap people in the states right? The NFL just had its second game there and extended its contract through 2020. Im sure the leagues know more than someone on reddit.

Jesus the elevation advantage would be huge for teams who train/live there. Isn't Mexico City like several thousand feet higher than Salt Lake?

Mexico is also far poorer

Mexico City is a global market and typical big city. This isnt an El Chapo village with pack mules and AK-47 gang members strolling the streets. Thats like saying, I dont want to live in Tel Aviv or Dubai because theyre in the third world middle east.

Also typically in these global market cities, English is a given.

good thing you're not in a position of power within a professional sports league, or we'd probably still be throwing a leather ball into a peach basket

Well, thats a step in the direction of expansion I suppose. These 2 games we're playing in Mexico city are going to be sooooo sloppy though. Shooters will probably be so off

N bags are the worst.

I'm not shitting on Mexico City itself, but making a career there as an NBA star? Are you going to fall in love with the city and settle down there after your playing career is over?

The players that would go there would be playing in:

A. A country where they would struggle to communicate (I understand that the NBA is becoming more international, but a small minority of players speak Spanish).

B. A home arena at over 7000 ft with a brutal travel schedule.

C. A 2nd world country. Yes, parts of Mexico City are nice, but that doesn't change the fact that you're in a developing country with significant issues.

I like to think I'm not just ignorantly shitting on Mexico because it's not America. I currently live in a 2nd/3rd world country. There are a lot of good things about it but living in a place where you don't speak the language well and are a cultural outsider can be daunting and alienating.

Obviously they haven't done it for a good reason.

And obviously people's whose career is NBA business development are going to try the market for good reason.

Mexico City is the largest market in North America. The NBA expanded to Toronto on this merit on a 4x smaller scale. Even if interest is low % wise to the population its on such a big scale they'll fill seats at least for a smaller g-league venue compared to Fort Wayne or Sioux Falls or some shit

Do people realize Mexico City is the most populated city in North America? More than NYC or LA...

I mean I can see why some people are downvoting you, but a really good friend of mine went to a soccer game in Mexico and he and his buddies literally got peed on by Mexican fans sitting above them. Also, the Gold Cup last year? The amount of Mexico fans throwing shit at players was a fucking disgrace. But you know, it's racist to point out any faults in countries that aren't European or America.

I feel like you didn't realize it was G-league.

I mean, it's probably a better place to live than a handful of current G-League cities. There's gotta be more for an American basketball player to do in Mexico City than Sioux Falls

RIP Mercedes Grabowski

7,382 feet in the air about 2,000 more than Denver. Gonna be real tough to play out there, having lived in Denver and elsewhere the difference in ability to breathe is crazy. Cant imagine what its like to do physical activities in a place even higher in the air

Get ready for laser pointers in your eyes, every g league player not on Mexico city's team.

Gotta give another eager region a first chance before you give seattle a second one.

I don’t think that’s racism.

mexico city is a dope place to travel, highly recommend it to anyone. you'll feel like a big baller with how ridiculously cheap everything is too

Random but yeah I'm not afraid to admit that I've busted nuts to her